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  1. You almost sound surprised. People practically clamber over each other to say that whenever a much anticipated, AAA game is delayed.
  2. I think that best sums up how I feel. It’s never equalled the heights of S1, but I do admire the writing and the fundamental issues of being, well, human, that it addresses in a light but considered way.
  3. Do you guys even kegel? Helps out a lot with such first world problems.
  4. I guess a ‘big’ improvement may have been too optimistic, when I consider the oomph that gaming P.Cs need to do justice to VR. Honestly though, from what I’ve read about super sampling, that would be pretty fab. Blanket SSAA would be a most welcome improvement.
  5. Having recently purchased a PSVR, I was pleased to hear that PS5 will support it. What I'd love to hear, though, is that PS5 will support the maximum resolution of the current headset with added bells and whistles. That would push back the need for a PSVR V2 (technically a V3, I know, but the current V2 is really more of a V1.5) for at least a couple more years, and probably tip me into going Sony again in the next gen.
  6. Could be they hoped it would gain some social media traction with gamers showing off their pimp lightsabers. That’s a depressing thought, though, so I hope you’re right and it was just something trimmed for the sake of time/balance.
  7. Damn, this game is a real ball buster. I must've restarted about five times so far, with my furthest play-through lasting nineteen days. It feels like whenever you almost have the resources to invest in something, then those resources need to be diverted somewhere else. Very difficult to make progress. Getting a scouting party out combing the frozen wastes as soon as possible seems integral to success, as they can bring back much needed supplies/survivors. I think one play-through my reactor just exploded because I'd stuck it on overdrive then needed to put my attention elsewhere,
  8. Looks better than I expected. Hopefully they don’t bounce around in the timelines too much. Also nice to see Cillian Murphy again. Feels like it’s been a while. I liked how he regards the baby with incomprehension, mirroring the thoughts of 99% of people who watched the first film.
  9. Tried the demo of Nathan Drake Collection a little while back and was unimpressed, as it felt too much like a PS3 game (not too big a surprise, you might say.)
  10. Yeah, this has really stuck out to me as well. I will gladly return to MS next generation if they don’t have as terrible an E3 as the effort that defined XBox One.
  11. Digital Foundry definitely suffers when it steps outside the video template of having a tech bod balanced out by someone who asks Everyman questions and reframes the worst of the jargon. Even that first paragraph lands like a lead pelican.
  12. Nah. I can see why you might think so, given my earlier posts, but I thought I’d give it a fair shake by watching the whole season (as it’s such a short one!) Barring a pretty major change in direction, there’s no reason for me to return for season two. Some shows are fun to watch and dislike because they take it to daft extremes, but this one I just find dispiriting.
  13. Somewhat unsurprisingly, I cannot add to the positive praise. It's funny that all the negative things Gerbik lists about the prequels or Disney movies are ones I find broadly present in The Mandalorian. This season as a whole has felt weirdly paced, and suffering from small universe syndrome with it's desperation to pander to fans of both the new and old films. Similarly, Moz finds a series that's restrained, focused, and meaningful, whereas I see one that meanders all over the map and makes reverent noises around the lore while actually telling us very little. I went in wanting to love it,
  14. Twice, I think. Bought Darkwood once on P.C then again on PS4 as I’d got it for such a cheap (Kickstarter) price on P.C and wanted to give the devs their full due. I’m sure there have been others, but I don’t do it for many games.
  15. I thought you might. Having been filled in on what happened in those episodes, and given the turgid pace and characters of the rest of the season, I genuinely don’t feel I missed out on anything of substance; though I recognise we’re never going to see eye to eye on this one.
  16. Might have to give this a look then. The concept of it intrigued me, but I'm not a big fan of RTS games and it had the appearance of one. Was also a huge fan of TWOM.
  17. Leads to some superb black humour. Wish I could remember the thread that had a long list of condolences along with smiling and grinning emoticons.
  18. Finished this earlier. Overall very good, but all the timeline jumping is a problem for a first season where viewers are still finding their feet. I actually like that there weren’t too many monster scenes, as when they did appear it felt more memorable. Also seems to play into the game/books’ themes of both Witchers and monsters dying out. Cavill was great as Geralt, but there was a bit too much of the Bard Jaskier for me, he was fun and novel at first but toward the end I just wished someone would punch him. Can see why they immediately commissioned a new season as with just eig
  19. I expect they went 100mph with it in episode one just to demonstrate this isn’t typical DC fare, as the way it eases down from then on in feels too deliberate to be anything less than a strategy. But yeah, this is pretty great. Most I’ve laughed in ages. It’s daft but not dumb. Would certainly recommend anyone who’s on the fence to give it a shot.
  20. Has performance improved on PS4/PS4 Pro at all, or are stutters still prevalent? Drives me a bit mad to browse the subreddit and see droves of posts asking for a NG+ mode, but none touching on a fast-travel option, or more importantly general performance improvements. I still want to play the game but it doesn't seem to be getting fixed at a breakneck pace.
  21. Enjoyed the first film, but still struggling to find a reason for this to exist. Did it’s predecessor have an ending where you were like ‘wow, I wish I knew what happens next!’? No. All seemed pretty well tied up from what I could see. They say it’s going to go more into the origins of the creatures, but those were already established with a slow crawl over newspaper articles in the first film. In short, who is this film for?
  22. Have only seen the trailer so far, but what’s this weird trend in movies or tv shows of the past few years to have sword fighters go into battle with a sword held pommel up, blade pointing behind the person wielding it, then sweeping it up to counter a blow? It’s been kind of entertaining for how insane it drives fencers who see it online, as the move makes no fucking sense whatsoever, but has left me dying to know how this baffling manoeuvre became fashionable.
  23. Ok, all finished. While the last two episodes are an improvement, they don't exonerate the others. I'm sure some will argue that my skipping three episodes shows a certain impatience, but I'm not averse to a slow burn (The Wire is probably my favourite TV series.) That is, I'm not averse to a slow burn when there's material to justify one, and that wasn't the case here. Admittedly, it must've been difficult to follow the previous three seasons having lost some of the original writers (and focusing on what is, apparently, the most mundane book in the series), but the difference betw
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