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  1. Nice to see another PSVR game after a long haitus, but would rather it was one you didn’t need a niche peripheral to play properly*. *Going to head off this particular joke at the pass: ‘It’s one you need a niche peripheral to be capable of playing at all!’
  2. Gentle and touching final episode, with a perfect final moment.
  3. That was the first one that sprang to my mind, though I do wonder how it could be pulled off. Would have to be a one season and done kind of deal, I think. Even if you go for a slow burn to the rise of Shodan, it would take some skilled writers to maintain System Shock’s brand of tension for any length of time without burning out the viewer.
  4. His meta review in a review in a review of Death Stranding was excruciating.
  5. Not well. The creature is realised as a comical, lumbering Frankenstein’s monster kind of deal. It’s one of those few originals that genuinely deserved a remake to best realise the concept.
  6. You were the only one who made a drive-by shitpost about them being sexist. Which I’m sure steered things in a constructive direction. Everyone else was discussing what they actually said.
  7. Think I remember parts of this. Did it have numerous back and forths between Patrick Stewart and the screenwriters where he wanted to be more of an action hero?
  8. Oh, cease clutching your pearls. You know very well there’s no way to discuss this without derailing the entire thread, and we already have a RLM one. Take it there.
  9. Pretty sure John de Lancie is a lock for Picard, though I bet they’re saving ideas with him in for later seasons. Plus they’d only need to CGI his initial appearance, have him say ‘oh! We’re old now!’ when he looks at Picard, then finger-flash himself into an elderly state.
  10. Ridiculous decision. Frozen Hell is a fun curiousity for fans of Who Goes There, but also an inferior first draft; adding little but unnecessary flab. There’s a reason Campbell left it unsubmitted in a box.
  11. Second episode was an improvement but still quite hit and miss for me. Still has time to get into its groove as there’s certainly some potential.
  12. Most Romulans had evacuated and it was just the right-wing, fake news lot left.
  13. LaForge could be the Captain. He had command of a different starship in that future Voyager episode, but that was before Janeway fucked around with the timeline and transformed all the TNG Romulans into ones that had giant raised eyebrows.
  14. Oh yeah. Tbh I’d forgotten a lot about that garbled mess of a film. I guess the supernova plotline checks out then. Still niggles that they ditched the TNG Romulans, through.
  15. Surprisingly good, as others have said. Though it did niggle to see 2009 Star Trek Romulans as opposed to TNG ones. Just felt distracting and unnecessary. Also... Either make this 100% the prime timeline or set it elsewhere.
  16. Having already watched a couple dozen videos, I feel qualified to say that I won't. Makes me want to lean in and fucking strangle the guy.
  17. Ran into a game-breaking bug in this. I was respawned at a checkpoint, but the game gave me an extra gun, so now I'm carrying five and have to do a climbing section to proceed. Which has obviously been made impossible because I can't drop any weapons. I mean, I can't even restart the level. I remember from the dev's reddit AMA that they said they tried to implement a 'skip cutscene' option but it produced a load of weird bugs. How?!? What kind of bicycle made of bananas coding is going on where they can't do that or even give me a mission restart option? It had never even occurred to me before
  18. Took me a good, long while to actually watch any of RLM's stuff in depth. Some of their Half in the Bag videos got into my recommended feed a few years ago and I watched a few minutes but the whole concept seemed pure cringe - so these guys are playing VCR repairmen who get drunk while they review movies? Yikes. Wasn't until some of the Wheel of the Worst videos were suggested to me that I thought 'that looks kinda fun,' and ended up watching loads of them in a row. I previously enjoyed a youtuber called GoodBadFlicks and this is like his stuff dialed up to 11. Somehow both immature and smart,
  19. 2016 Doom was ace, though it did feel a bit like a Resident Evil 4 moment for the series. I certainly don’t mind another game in that vein, but hopefully in the future they can re-discover the balance between action and creepiness. RE2 Remake showed that it’s quite possible.
  20. That’s the one. Why am I thinking of Lindlehoff? Stupid brain. Kurtzman and all his Discovery co-conspirators that made the jump.
  21. You think we haven’t? We’re just intensely wary that Lindlehoff is the one who’s taking us there.
  22. They’re not running out of books yet, but the one S4 is based on is acknowledged by fans to be the poorest in the series. Apparently the next is rather good, though, so there’s that to console you/me.
  23. At the time, it was pretty tasty graphically, but beyond that there really wasn’t much to the story or gameplay; which makes a proposed re-release all the more odd.
  24. This didn’t grab me like I expected. I love the aesthetic, and it certainly has charm, but there was nothing to keep me coming back to it. Stirring shit up was fun the first few times but then it all just feels one note, even if I can see that the devs did their best to vary your mayhem making.
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