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  1. Just in time for the spiffy new exotics to debut in the paid Warlords of New York expansion. You know, if I were a more suspicious man...
  2. That would make more sense, yes, but the queen does seem to possess her own personality as well as being a voice for all Borg. She also usually travels in her own configuration of ship (the lesser seen ‘diamond’ type), and apparently her consciousness is transferred back to one of these vessels upon death - implying that she can’t just take over a normal drone body.
  3. Yeah, that’s pretty much what happens. Her consciousness is just transferred into a new body elsewhere.
  4. I was a bit confused as to why the queen would care if she was destroyed, let alone need an escape hatch. At most, her death is a mild inconvenience to the Borg.
  5. I think this is why I stopped playing. I ended up spending more time plodding through my inventory, deleting, recycling, and recalibrating than I did actually doing the fun stuff like missions and exploring. I know some people live for all the stat balancing, but for me it’s always been a means to an end.
  6. I can’t pretend to follow half of those changes, but will it still be the case that, say, a level 25 piece of gear can have better stats than a level 27? That’s what really put me off, as it made gaining levels at all feel oddly redundant.
  7. Yep, Voyager’s wasted potential is something I still feel quite keenly. If Starfleet morals and ideals were put to the test in DS9, partly due to the station’s distance from Earth and erratic support, then Voyager should have been under even greater pressure. The perfect ending I envisaged for that show was them reaching Earth but being almost unrecognisable to their loved ones. We’d still be rooting for them as we saw what prompted the changes (which weren’t big at first. Little by little) and what they had to do to survive, but for Starfleet it would be like being reunited with a child that
  8. No, they make all their money through the atom store and Fallout 1st.
  9. I'm also intrigued to know the costs. Obviously they have to pay for servers etc, but the team really is an inexperienced skeleton crew and 'free' content has been pretty thin on the ground over the past year. Tbh, I think Wastelanders is the last, big update we're going to see for FO76 (or the first, for that matter.) It very obviously has content in it that was originally intended to be part of the launch game, but Bethesda were too eager to get the game out and making money so tweaked the storyline to 'oh no, everyone's dead!', launched it, and kept the team working on the cut content in th
  10. Absolutely. I bet it happens all the time, but not too many specifics seem to get out. The last big one I remember was Christian Bale apparently demanding that Terminator Salvation be re-written, as John Connor was originally more of a peripheral character and he felt it wouldn’t be worth his time. Could be the original screenplay was just as wobbly, but I’d love to read it and find out.
  11. Like many PR mouthpieces, Pete Hines has nothing to offer but disingenuous spin. That 'surprised at PVP' comment is exactly like their 'we were surprised how generous you guys were giving gifts to each other.' Neatly ignoring the fact that there's really no other way to interact with other players apart from that or ignoring them. It's like a holiday resort having a pool choked with green algae and saying 'we were surprised so many guests made use of the bar!'
  12. Reading those excerpts again makes me wonder if Picard having his bluff called when he threatens to resign, then basically being told to fuck off when he returns to Starfleet HQ after twenty years isn't a dig at Stewart, and some wish fulfillment on behalf of the writers.
  13. I have no problem with that, but only if the writers can figure out a way to do it which doesn’t necessitate bending character or setting. Picard does both. Turning the supernova into an empire ending event; Starfleet now using synthetics as a matter of course; the Federation containing 14 bigoted races; no other Admiral standing behind Picard when he threatened to resign. It goes on and on. Then we have a man who once said: ‘It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. It is life.’ Yet when we see him again he’s been in a fifteen year pity party, n
  14. People accuse them of being haters, but they obviously love Star Trek and make some good points about Picard. Also saw an online Q&A with one of the writers, where he indirectly laid a lot of the blame for the isolationist Federation, Picard giving up etc at the feet of Patrick Stewart. Said he was fixated on drawing on current issues like Brexit and Trump, and that he wanted it to feel significantly different from TNG or he wasn’t coming back. All I can say to that is don’t have him back then. It has echos to the e-mail exchanges between Stewart and the screen-wr
  15. Me neither, but part of that was due to budgetary issues. The amount of re-used footage in the assault on Cardassia really took the impact out of it.
  16. I can't remember if they were towards the beginning, middle, or end of Voyager's wholesale destruction of the Borg. It's all a big, horrible blur.
  17. Yeah, one part made sense but was undone by the other part. Also regarding the new info about Soji’s origins.. That said, the stuff with Hugh and Picard was great. But the lack of follow-up to last episode’s ‘surely she wouldn’t just get away with...?’ was sloppy.
  18. Star Trek definitely requires an amount of head-canon and hand-waving at this point. Especially given how careless some of the writers have been with continuity over the years.
  19. That gameplay demo is so flavourless compared to the dense detail of previous BG games. Still, a lot of 3D RPGs look that way so I won’t write it off yet. Still think keeping the Baldur’s Gate branding is likely to backfire on them.
  20. Apparently that’s the case. With the massive number of beings the Borg assimilate, I guess they’ve devised a system where the implant is relatively quick to administer but then continues to enmesh with its host’s body over time. So for someone like Seven, she wouldn’t be able to live without them. I think half her brain is supposed to be cybernetic by this point. Of course, this got complicated a bit when First Contact decided to introduce assimilation tubules/nanobots. I think anyone who gets assimilated with those is basically fucked as their body changes on a molecular level. B
  21. For a uniquely selfish reason, then. I felt much the same way as @Dudley about it. It was quite an achievement to have the Collosi be so well realised that I balked at slaying them for my character’s goal. It’s the only game that’s made me stop playing for such a reason. The superb Spec Ops: The Line came close, though!
  22. How many times are they going to try and open this park?
  23. That ST:Online plotline sounds a lot better. Romulans working more with the Federation due to diminished influence makes sense (and it’s something that would be seized upon. Look at how quickly Starfleet was sending Riker back after Nemesis to keep diplomatic channels open.) Unfortunately, they had to take it to illogical extremes because dark.
  24. It depends on how much you go with the Picard series' representation. The destruction of Romulus would be damaging to the Romulans, but not fatal. No more than, say, the destruction of London would turn everyone in the U.K into a refugee. The Romulan Star Empire isn't as big as the Federation, but it's not as though every Romulan in the universe lived on their home world, and being a warp capable civilisation there's no way vital members of the government, and noted scientists/artists/etc were just sitting on Romulus waiting for the Federation transport barges to turn up. True, they were batte
  25. I was enthusiastic for a decent lever-action, but the Diamondback is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of grinding for one to check out a picture first. Looks like it was designed by an edge lord 13 year old.
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