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  1. Nope. Tarantino’s stuff is a little too stylised and self indulgent for me. The premise of Death Proof was intriguing, then I happened to catch a clip of one of the endless, waffling conversations and it sold me on never giving it a go.
  2. Having never heard Eli Roth talk, that commentary track snippet made me lol as it sounded like a parody.
  3. Fucking hell, so much insincerity and shoulder shrugging. Implying that the most vocal haters are toxic, with some kind of racist/sexist/etc axe to grind, rather than them just thinking Picard was mediocre. Saying ‘the mere fact’ that it was Star Trek made it difficult for people to accept darkness. You massive spanner, Chabon, it was the fact that it was ham-fisted and often unnecessary darkness that made it difficult for people to accept. Still, the site counters some of his points fairly well. For all this standing firm, there’s still an element of pointing at Patrick Stewart a
  4. I think the servers were in no way prepared for Corona virus levels of players and just keeled over. America didn’t last long either, from all accounts on Reddit. All I could get was a ‘not available’ message on repeated tries last night.
  5. First impressions on playing this were that you can forget looking for a telltale shimmer in the tree line, as the whole bloody game shimmers.
  6. Having seen the pics of the Romulan and Starfleet ships, I guess that’s what all the kerfuffle was about when Picard hit delays because Kurtzman was arguing about his ‘vision’ for Discovery being diluted with TNG designs. So as a compromise, where a gathering of Starfleet ships was once an intriguing blend of Akira, Nebula, Intrepid and Galaxy classes, to show that Starfleet was not a military unit, we now have one design copy and pasted 124 times. Similarly, a total lack of Romulan D’deridex ships. The future is so bleakly homogenous. The garbled mess that Picard has wrought make
  7. Apparently Chabon said that they wanted to put more information in regarding the state of The Federation and the Romulan Star Empire following the Dominion War, but were told that 'new viewers might not understand it.' Of course he didn't specify who told them that. Maybe one of the twenty-seven producers.
  8. Pretty much how I felt. Like going from RE4 to RE5. Enjoyable enough, but with a sense of 'well, yeah. Not sure what I was expecting.'
  9. Been playing this a bit more since the gear system update. Ran into something confusing when trying to upgrade my exotic pistol, Liberty, though. Currently at 500 gear score with it, but if I use the materials to go to 515 then it’s listed it’ll do lower damage than current? Apparently, according to the division reddit, it’s a re-roll that has a chance of coming up with lower damage. Where is the fucking logic behind this? It’s not too easy to source the parts needed for this re-roll, so why would I ever do it if there’s a chance of being worse off? As if taking away all of the gun’s unique ta
  10. Pithy, but also disingenuous. I certainly wasn’t arguing that, anyway. Very little is original in sci-fi anymore, but there’s a difference between unwittingly replicating older works, and sharing chunky similarities to a big gaming trilogy that only concluded eight years ago.
  11. Thanks for the info. Definitely a reach for me! As you say, Maddox had already established that the only way to really find out how Data ticked would be to disassemble him. So obviously he wouldn’t relish being examined by anyone else. The Romulan cyberneticists/Nazi doctors comparison feels like shutting down the conversation with a striking/slightly upsetting mental image that nobody would want to poke at any further. To do so almost seems in bad taste. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure cyberneticists don’t swear a Hippocratic oath. As to ‘nit-picking’, I don’t see
  12. Yeah, it makes little sense that they didn't deface them.
  13. Well, Picard’s housekeeper mentions how Romulan society in general doesn’t use A.I or synthetics, so there must’ve been an effort to indoctrinate the population into believing that they’re bad things. You could try to tell people that A.I and synthetics are unnecessary, but Romulans in general are technologically advanced enough to easily be able to see the utility in adopting either or both. [EDIT] For that matter, why aren't the Zhat Vash worried about holograms? It's been established that if you leave a hologram on for long enough then it can become sentient, and the Doctor's m
  14. It was so exasperating trying to discuss this wrinkle in the retcon on reddit. I knew that official show subreddits often become echo chambers, and won’t brook criticism, but the startrek reddit is exactly the same. Setal spent time with Data in TNG’s ‘The Defector’ and never showed any dislike or contempt, but wasn’t shy when it came to insulting Worf in Klingon. Similarly, none of the Romulans who encounter Data, once him and Picard have been discovered in ‘Reunification’, show any notable reactions either. Setal even mentions that he knows a dozen Romulan cyberneticists who would ‘give anyt
  15. It did feel a bit like misery porn toward the end! Also struck me as odd (plot convenient) that...
  16. Indeed. You’d be telling as many people, as loudly, as possible. The Romulans always struck me as pragmatic, at least until now. Far more powerful empires than theirs, with greater resources, wouldn’t be able to police the entire fucking universe. It has to be a combined effort by many different races to stand any chance of success.
  17. I shall check back with you in a year.
  18. Well, from this week’s episode, it seems obvious that they’ve nicked big chunks of their ‘mind breaking secret’ from the Mass Effect trilogy’s plot. I’m kind of glad, as I was being dragged along, waiting for things to come together, but such developments give me the ‘well, that’ll do it,’ excuse I’ve been waiting for to stop watching. I knew the writers were slapdash, but this is shameless.
  19. There were a few slapdash oversights in that episode that could’ve easily been avoided. Another was... From what Jeri Ryan said about receiving her script only a few days before filming, it sounds like they were cutting it very close writing/re-writing. Probably why daft stuff like this slipped through.
  20. Now I want a post episode discussion/dissection show like Game of Thrones had. Would be hilarious watching Kurtzman and Chabon spinning in circles; trying to justify it all and unwittingly contradicting lore left and right.
  21. I suspected that was it. The Federation’s inexplicable lean towards populism continues apace, I guess. That line made me chuckle as well. At least one person in the writers’ room realised that you can only give so many characters a tragic past before it becomes vaguely comical.
  22. This was a weird combination of the best and worst writing in the series so far. Obviously, it was lovely to see certain people return, but the plot holes and contrivances are getting breathtakingly lazy, and from the perspective of an amateur writer who tries hard to avoid anything similar, really annoyed me. Picard feels like a first draft. From killing off characters whom you’ve barely gotten to know, to try and generate stakes, to gems like finding the location of Soji’s home-world. That was the kind of thing a writer would put in, on a bad day, when they were stuck and wanted
  23. @footle Thanks, but my issue was more of...
  24. Can someone tell me, via spoiler, what the in-universe justification for having Poe back is? I just want to know if it’s something that would overly annoy me, as between that and Anthony Mackie being the lead (I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I don’t rate him as an actor), I’ve been procrastinating on starting S2.
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