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  1. As do I, which makes it all the more irritating that he’s being wasted on this.
  2. I was one of those who thought season 2 largely disappeared up its own arse, with the timelines stuff feeling self-indulgent and overused, but season 3 has swung a bit too far in the opposite direction. Really, as we get further in, it feels more and more like Westworld should’ve been a series with a single classic season. The very beginning of the host rebellion being the last thing we see would’ve felt pretty fitting. There’s been moments of brilliance since, certainly, but mostly it’s felt like a show in search of a further point.
  3. Yeah, I totally get that. Wastelanders has helped it, but there’s still a lot wrong with FO76. When I stand it next to a free to play game like The Division 2 it feels like comparing a finger painting to a Van Gogh. Certainly a guilty pleasure!
  4. Lead is always a problem. There are three farming spots I know of for it. At the top of the monorail elevator, the fire department, and the motel on the outskirts of Flatwoods. Those places have sets of weights which supply a lot of lead, but they are also very heavy so plan your waddle to the nearest crafting bench accordingly. Oftentimes they’ve already been nabbed, but if you want to get a bit cheesy about it you can stay in the same place and server hop until you find some that haven’t been.
  5. Like Fallout 4, you need to get into the habit of just hoovering up every resource you come across. Adhesive is often a problem early on, but you can farm your own once you learn the plans for corn, mutfruit, and tatos. Combine those three with purified water at a cooking station and you create vegetable starch, which can be scrapped to make adhesive. Really, you’re just limited early on by how many plans you have to learn to make your base more than a box hut. @moosegrinder if there’s any stuff you’re desperate for, and am on PS4, I may well have a spare plan for it. I’m not one o
  6. Don’t think this one has been linked to yet.
  7. A lot of the weapon balance in the game is still quite bad. Shotguns are unfortunately rather crap atm. Though with perks like shotgun surgeon you can disable the legs of tougher enemies, which is pretty useful. Other perks will also help with your damage, and higher level weapons are always the best option. If you go big guns don’t bother with the fat man or missile launcher as they’re terrible. Mini-gun and Gatling guns are good. But the former eats ammo like nobody’s business. Similarly, laser and plasma weapons are largely rubbish, but good against some robotic enemies.
  8. Mostly it is just the perk cards, yeah. There are some nebulous definitions of what different stat levels do. Strength lets you hit harder in melee, endurance run a bit further, intelligence helps you gain more exp, etc. None of it really tilts the scales much.
  9. Wastelanders is actually pretty good. There’s a hefty portion of fetch quests in there, but also some much needed flavour from NPCs. It’s welcome to see stat checks return, but as a result of how the new SPECIAL system functions all skills are comically crammed under each stat. As an example, a high intelligence means you can be astute, but you’re also a scientist and a robotocist (and I’m sure others that I haven’t seen yet), likewise perception means you’re a doctor, agility that you’re good with guns. It’s Bethesda’s ‘you da man!’ approach to RPGs in a nutshell. You
  10. Both games that have been on PS+ in the past, but nice to own them free and clear I guess.
  11. I reckon you’ve succinctly nailed Capcom’s main concern there! Dino Crisis was an obvious attempt to tap into all the enthusiasm for Jurassic Park, and it paid off. Jurassic Park films are still being made, so there’s a market, but is it enough of one to justify the comparative risk of reviving the series? The RE2 Remake was a slightly risky project, RE3 less so, and the rumoured RE4 is firmly in the ‘this has always done well for us,’ camp. So, regrettably I don’t think Capcom will be taking any more chances for a while.
  12. That would be great, but I don’t think it’ll happen. The Resident Evil series has had some bumpy areas, but still carries more cachet than Dino Crisis. You can bet Capcom have mulled it over, though. Dino Crisis 1&2 were both commercial successes.
  13. I fear you’re right. I suspect Capcom feel they can pull it off due to the goodwill earned from the RE2 remake. Of course, that goodwill took a knock with RE3’s slender new campaign, and will have largely evaporated by 2022, but never mind! Full speed ahead!
  14. Not really. I can’t see this benefiting in a significant way from any remake. Code Veronica is a far more logical choice.
  15. One thing that pissed me off, and felt like a step back from RE2, was your character’s refusal to use their flashlight outside of select areas. This is mostly a very dark game, and a lot of the time it felt like a cheap way to generate tension.
  16. I found the demo to be godawful. It’s so mundane. Previous Disaster Report games threw you right into it, and did a good job of portraying a city on the brink, this felt like I was stuck at an airport with a load of boring people. A big disappointment considering how much I enjoyed the previous ones.
  17. Finished this in seven and a half hours on hardcore. There were some disappointing aspects, but I can see a replay in the future. Funnily enough, what I liked best about the story was the more nuanced portrayal of Brad Vickers. Even if he wasn’t in it for too long.
  18. Replayed the earlier section to ensure I got the grenade launcher, but still couldn’t find...
  19. Considering how much ammo it takes to kill those creatures in hardcore, it’s not too surprising! I found the key item I needed, saw there was an unexplored path, but by that point was down to two bullets and harsh language so legged it for the exit.
  20. Keep meaning to, as I’ve heard very good things.
  21. Loved Train to Busan so pretty excited for this. I do love a good zombie film, but unfortunately the genre seems to attract lazy/amateur filmmakers like bees to pollen, so we’re overdue another good one.
  22. Hardcore feels about right. Forces you to get an instinct for the dodge move, and you won’t have enough ammo to just steamroll the zombies. It’s exhilarating not being able to kill all of the tougher enemies as well, and having to engage in a bit of cat and mouse.
  23. Well, having just reached a boss fight it’s apparent I missed picking up the grenade launcher earlier in the game. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu... Almost two hours in so don’t want to restart but seeing as there are no checkpoints and just the typewriter method, I may be forced to.
  24. I’m a bit more forgiving of Jeri Ryan, as I expect she was pretty pissed off from the get-go. She only got the first script a few days before filming, said she didn’t recognise the voice of Seven at all in it, and flipped out as to how she was going to make this work when it wasn’t the same character. All of which is correct, of course. It wasn’t a Seven I recognised either, even taking into account twenty years of reacclimatisation in the alpha quadrant. I only wish Patrick Stewart had given a similar level of fucks for his character, being as he could actually see the scripts while they were
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