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  1. A good way to avoid getting grabbed is to either jump or duck when a Spy is in close proximity and, inevitably, trying to get behind you - they can't neck grab you if you do either of these things. I also find the Merc's quick turn to be quite invaluable in catching them out, although it can be tricky to pull off in a tight spot.
  2. Well, the online community over at Ntsc-Uk is pretty much flatline atm, so I think I shall take more of a part in this spiffing PT group if you'll tolerate me. Had a marvellous session on this last night, hosted my own game so I could set the mode to 'revenge', it was either that or go into someone else's game and squabble over who gets to be a Spy ( this was my fifth game so far, and I had yet to play a Spy at all, it would be amusing if it wasn't so irritating ). Was fortunate enough to have my server attended by a good group of folk, got some decent communications going and, despite my te
  3. If nobody minds I'm eager to add a few of the regular players here to my Friends list, I thought I'd try to keep it to just a few people I knew well but those I chose are either playing PGR2 all the time or hardly ever online at all. Haven't really had any 'real' matches yet, but have spent a fair bit of time going round the maps and getting a feel for them as well as reading up on tactics online, so hopefully I shouldn't suck too badly.
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    Deus Ex 2

    It was a pretty painful experience for me, so much potential and moments where it does shine through, yet the whole experience is just a case of unecessary dumbing down. The skills system is gone, replaced with near bloody endless cannisters of biomods ( which can be overwritten ), the maps are agonizingly small and claustrophobic compared to, say, Liberty Island in the first game, and the physics engine astonishes one moment then fatally embarasses itself the next when an item which was 'too heavy' for you to lift flies and bounces across the screen as you run into it. And yes, the lack of c
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