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  1. I'm pretty convinced now that the larger part of the film is in fact Quaid's Rekall dream, as there are a number of hints which I never really paid attention to before; 1. When his friend advises him not to go to Rekall as they almost lobotomized someone, and it turns out this is true ( he wasn't just making stuff up to keep Quaid away ). 2. When the Assistant Scientist is loading up the various parts of Quaid's experience he says 'blue sky on Mars? That's original', which is precisely what happens at the end of the movie after the alien reactor is activated. 3. When the Scientist says to Quaid 'want to take a look at some images?' and when we see the t.v screen in one shot it clearly displays the alien reactor at the end of the movie, she says 'we're even doing alien stuff now'. 4. When Dr Edgemar is trying to convince Quaid that he's suffering from a Schtizoid Embolysm ( or whatever ), he predicts the latter part of the movie very succintly - "One moment you'll be the saviour of the Rebel cause, and the next Cohagan's busom buddy. You'll even have fantasies about alien technology, as you requested, but in the end you'll be lobotomized". 5. When the film ends, originally the image faded to white rather than to black, which would suggest that the 'whiting out' was Quaid's mind finally giving out under the weight of these dellusions.
  2. Garibaldi


    Yeah, I'm more dissapointed than I expected too, I think it's because driving games so often leave me cold but the first Driver felt like a series of great movie chases, now it sounds like they're trying to match the GTA series in an area where they cannot possibly win. Oh well, plenty of other good games coming out this year.
  3. It is a good game, but I see from your comments that you class the 'hitches' of the first game as the Skills menu and RPG elements, which I was dismayed to see the back of as it meant you had to put some thought into your ability choices as you knew that it would, in turn, impact the way you played. Real choices? Difficult to believe you can say that after the half-arsed twist which reveals all your choices made siding with one alliance or another in the first part of the game utterly pointless, the only real decisions which impact the game itself ( as opposed to one of the faction heads going 'oh, you bast!' and sending a few soldiers against you which, when you kill them off, that's the end of that ) are made in the last level, which guffaws in the face of Spector's claim that choices made throughout the game would have real impacts. Mmm, just going back over my review here, I'll link you, it's quicker - Click here
  4. After too much time spent playing Pandora Tommorow Multiplayer I'd walk round town, looking at nearby buildings and seeing how far up the pipes went, and wondering if they'd support my weight if I tried to shimmy up them. Plus I recently heard an unrelated whirring noise and started looking around for a Sticky Camera ready to gas me.
  5. I never thought I would say this, but, Silent Hill. No, wait, hear me out. I absolutly adored both Silent Hill 1&2, but this series has rapidly transformed into something it doesn't deserve; a franchise. In order for SH to advance in the manner that the first two games deserve, further installments should have been put aside for next-gen consoles; as Konami have already proven that the PS2 isn't capable of more visceral or stark images than we saw in SH2, the third installment was merely a super-buffed version of that game, and SH4 looks to continue this trend. SH3 weakly tried to tie the storyline up with links to 1&2, but it all just felt forced in a way which previous games didn't ( to me, anyway ). Silent Hill is rapidly turning into another Resident Evil and it pains me to see it, the clunky combat either needs to be knocked up a notch or removed totally, surprise us with something other than reliance on the radio and flashlight for tension ( I know they're series staples, but that's little excuse ), and wait until you can do justice to the next installment rather than trying to cash in on how profitable all the others were ( not exactly a realistic buisness plan, but I am somewhat of a dreamer ).
  6. Quite a few recent titles I haven't 'got', but these are the prime offenders; Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - By this time I had promised myself I wouldn't follow online reviews or others opinions like they were gospel, I'd been burned too badly that way with FFX, but so many people loved this game, naturally I caved. Nice, colourful graphics, nothing wrong there, but the 'hilarity' of it failed to surface after a dozen "Hey green guy, get over here" puns, it just felt like an average game with the Mario licence tacked on ( perhaps the worst part for me, it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it just.....was). Skies of Arcadia, GC - RPGs and me are usually a sure thing, but the setting of this one was so unbearably twee and the beginning so bland and unentertaining that I threw it in after two hours. Final Fantasy X - Looked nice enough but so painfully linear I never felt I had any choice in character development or guiding the storyline at all, there's not even a bloody world map ( there is apparently one near the end, but I didn't get that far ). Cliche characters, boring battles, basically run your character from point A to point B on the screen and trigger a random battle, and some dialogue if you're (un)lucky. This wasn't a game by any qualities I could measure. Devil May Cry - run from room to room, kill yet more bloody marionettes in a vaguely cool fashion before solving extremely simple puzzle, rinse and repeat, one or two of the boss battles were kind of fun but this is massivly overrated IMO.
  7. Review up at Gamespot now, recieved an 8.5 I believe. Suffers from the problems I was sort of expecting; choppy framerate from trying to squeeze too much out of the XBox, loading times which break up the action and a city environment which would be better described as 'town'. I'm really in two minds whether to pick it up or not, confirmed worries such as how the 'climbing gloves' pale in comparison to rope arrows, and that the third-person view is arguably superflous, have me on the defensive, but then I am very much a Thief purist.
  8. I think Joe Pesci does great comic roles ( My Cousin Vinny & The Super ) but his range is perhaps somewhat limited. As for DeNiro, he seems to be typecast now and only making half-hearted efforts to break that stigma ( Meet The Parents ), although his role in A Bronx Tale was understated and dignified, most enjoyable.
  9. Sounds good Syntax, no doubt my skills with unravel as the night draws on but...er...bring it! I believe you're already on my friends list DoubleO, I am the hapless Inspector Clouseu esque 'TehGari'.
  10. I'm confused, there was a Syntax organized game for 18:30 tonight with a spare spot which I just put my name in for. Did I..er..do wrong?
  11. I quite liked the first part of The Langoliers, it built tension and intrigue to the extent that I was encouraging others to watch the second part, sure it would contain more of the same. Needless to say I actually tried to dissapear into the Sofa when horrible CGI beach-balls with fangs chased after a disturbed buisnessman who crooned 'no, Daddy! Don't let them get me!', it was even more a collosal fuck-up than the utterly out of place CGI at the end of House on Haunted Hill. As for The Shining, ironically for a film loved by so many King complained that it was nothing like what he wanted.
  12. I loved Thirteen Days apart from the scenes that featured Costner, his painfully forced Texas accent and utter lack of screen prescence dragged on the film for me. Give him any moment that could, in more skilled hands, contain pathos and he transforms it into a prime chunk of American cheese. As for the Postman, overlong and dull IMO. I think the film was summed up best in that cringe-worthy scene where Costner ( on horse-back ) gallops past a small, rural home and a little girl runs out ( she's too late! ) holding an envelope for him to take. He's already passed the house, but somehow he senses her there, turns the horse round in slo-mo, and charges past whilst snatching the letter out of her hand. If I wasn't a Diabetic before that scene, I am now.
  13. *Tries desperatly to determine whether this thread is a biting satire or if opinions contained herein are actually serious* Best not comment till I figure this one out.
  14. I only played the demo of this but it failed to grab me, all the scares seemed too orchestrated and, as a result, not really frightening at all. When something blurred past my cell in the beginning and ripped the door from it's hinges I was ready for an involving and tense experience, but all of that pretty much dissolved once you got your hands on the first firearm. All just felt really generic to me, particularly the monsters ( blades for arms and legs? Zzzzzz.... ), and while games like Silent Hill try to get under your skin this one just grabs you, shakes you back and forth while blaring 'be scared, damnit!', which doesn't really work for me. I appreciate the final game may be different, but I didn't feel compelled to play it on the basis of the demo.
  15. Had some good games with Manicman tonight, we were whipped consistently by a lvl1 and lvl0, so organized were their tactics we suspected they made a habit of quiting games or playing just free games most of the time - this reasoning spared the larger part of our dignity. It was a frightening glimpse at what random games will be like once the ranking system is reset, is that level 1 actually a level 11 uber Ninja? You won't know until he starts pwning you in a most emasculating fashion. I'm really hoping Ubi introduce a penalty for snapping necks soon, as although I favour the use of this when I'm running out of time, and there's no other way of getting a Merc to shift from the ND, more and more people seem to just go straight for the Mercs and engage in a neck-snapping frenzy. The Merc's tazer is good for detering them, and has saved my life more than a few times, but as Manicman observed it is reaching the point now where Mercs are afraid to go after Spies rather than the other way round.
  16. Sounds good to me, is the win/loss record deleted as well, as mine is pretty hideous right now? As for my games with Manicman, they were most satisfying ( not that ours weren't Stroker, but you must admit we were having a pretty bad night ), you only realise how important great teamwork is, and how it's been missing from the majority of your games, when you play with someone who volunteers to cover you while you defuse the MD - as opposed to someone who just mumbles a response when you ask where they're headed ( the vast majority of Live players, if they talk at all ), it's like playing two entirely different games. Yeah, the update does seem to have screwed things up a little, I did enjoy the microphone symbol in the lobby though, plus the bitch in me gave an evil cackle when it became evident Syntax Error had abruptly lost two levels ( he'd been pwning me so consistently I became most vindictive ).
  17. Another vote for Keanu Reeves; an actor needs to be flexible by definition to become a different character for every one of his current and future roles, but Reeves plays the same bloody character in every movie - I could easily mistake his Johnathan Harker for Neo.
  18. Garibaldi


    Now buy Splinter Cell damn your eyes! Or possibly Rainbow Six, you can be almost guaranteed a victory against me as I don't even know how to throw grenades.
  19. But then again Penny Arcade didn't like Halo, either. I have a sneaking suspicion they're comparing Killzone's multiplayer to Halo2's masterful effort, which would pretty much be a forgone conclusion as KZ's MP at the moment is reported as being 'very basic'. The game itself looks alright, the visuals are impressive but I find them somewhat drab ( I appreciate a warzone doesn't usually have lots of bright colours though ), and the gameplay looks to be very scripted ala Medal of Honour, they'd do themselves more of a favour if Sony didn't keep hyping it as a Halo killer.
  20. Ah, it was false after all, although it may be useful to keep this going just to see how many people would pay such a fee if it were confirmed. I'm only really just getting into online gaming so why the negative views of Clans, Kapowza? Some form of elitism from the members ( just throwing things out here )?
  21. I look forward to the rumoured '2 second recovery time when getting up after being knocked out' for a Merc, as the number of times I've had a spy knock me out, wait until I got back up then knock me out again or break my neck before I could do....well...anything isn't even funny.
  22. http://microsoft.gamerfeed.com/gf/news/6638/ $50 a year to be a member of a Clan? If true I honestly don't think people are that mad for Halo2, and it shows a pretty blood-thirsty desire to suck any and all cash out of fans of the series. Nasty rumour or quite possible, what do you think?
  23. http://microsoft.gamerfeed.com/gf/news/6638/ Just spotted this on Gamerfeed. It seems you may have to pay up to $50 a year to be a member of a Clan, seeing as how reasonable the ammount for a 12 month subscription is to XBox Live as a whole this makes little sense ( or a lot of sense from a money-grabbing perspective off the back of Halo2 ) if true.
  24. Yep, this mission is a complete bastard. I tried every strategy I could think of; errr......hanging back or attacking, but neither worked, if I rushed in I got wiped out by the superior forces, if I stayed put and tried to build my own forces I got pounded by 'meteor strikes'. I never did complete it either.
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