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  1. I guess we could debate on the definition of remaster vs remake. For me, a remake adds significant new systems or areas to a game, whereas a remaster is largely focussed on cosmetic and technical changes. With that in mind, they could’ve done more than resolution and frame rate for such an aging game, but I guess that’s been acknowledged in the £25 price tag.
  2. Can only echo the sentiment that given how many years this remaster has been spinning in the rumour mill, it’s very underwhelming to see them targeting nothing beyond better resolution and frame rate. Long enough has passed since I completed it on 360 that I would’ve been tempted by a remaster with bells and whistles, but this? Nah.
  3. S2 feels very much like the writers had their desert first, then said ‘better get this “hand” crap over with.’
  4. 2-3 was tough with human players! I played with bots a few times and they’re good for just laying down fire and taking care of themselves, but forget any strategy more involved than that.
  5. Yeah, 2-3’s end battle is very tough, definitely requires complimenting player classes. I can’t imagine how insane it gets above standard difficulty. The flamethrower is certainly a lot of fun, especially its heavy weapon version, but with friendly fire enabled in higher difficulties I can image flambéing my team-mates in a matter of minutes.
  6. Enjoying it so far. Second campaign has been great, introducing a new enemy type resulting in some interesting three way battles with your marines caught in the middle. Liking the variety of weapons, though still trying to get used to the pulse rifle as a modular design (here it’s a sniper rifle; now it’s a burst rifle!) and thought that was the devs trying to stretch an iconic design but apparently it is lore in the expanded universe. Hopefully the devs can act quickly in addressing issues (they have a discord scheduled for tomorrow, which bodes well) such as matchmaking and get busy with rebalancing and QOL changes as there’s a lot of potential here. The Doc class in particular doesn’t really make sense right now. Your med station uses med kits, fair enough, but if you’re already carrying one and find another then you can’t load that directly into the med station - you have to use up the one you already have. I think I see what they were going for, as in trying to encourage players to look to the Doc for healing so the Doc can then free up space to recharge the med station. In practise, however, most other players don’t understand how the mechanic works (or don’t give a shit) so they run to grab a first-aid kit and heal themselves. It’s clunky and unintuitive as it stands, making the class almost an irrelevance, so hopefully that changes soon.
  7. It’s true that there are still great Dredd stories coming out, but I think the thing that finally stopped me reading a few years ago was a sense that Dredd was winding up but would never actually be ‘done.’ I can only take so many poignant storylines about successors, age, and regrets before it starts to feel like a bluff. That’s the quandary that Rebellion face, of course. Dredd’s timeline must advance, but they won’t retire him as he’s so integral to their brand. Which eventually leads to the unintentional comedy of a judge in their sixties still hitting the mean streets.
  8. These best of the worst videos have become too long for me. An hour and forty minutes?! Now, you might say that more show is a good deal, but I think things definitely lose momentum when you slide past an hour. Just under that is the sweet spot, and the point at which I turned this one off.
  9. Two episodes in and enjoying it thusfar. I like that the focus isn’t on the big two as the original cartoon always seemed like their show, and it’s more interesting to get into some of the lesser characters. Barring a pretty skilled writer, which despite his best intentions Kevin Smith is not (at least, not anymore), is there really much more to be said about He-Man and Skeletor? I think it would’ve been a case of people clamouring for that and saying ‘well, this is a bit pants’ if given exactly what they expected.
  10. Did make me chuckle. If he released an ‘Editor’s Cut’ then I’d be fully onboard.
  11. I couldn’t get all the way through it. Some amusing moments but I do agree with Mike when he half-jokingly said that they’re running out of quality ‘good-bad’ tapes and are down to the dregs. Their nostalgic mention of the glorious travesty that was Rem Lazar only seemed to hammer it home to me.
  12. He is? Oh god. I’m really not a fan. Ah well, gives me a good excuse to put off buying until the next-gen upgrade comes out.
  13. ‘Wait long enough by the river and you will see the body of your enemy float by every franchise in the world shoe-horned into Fortnite.’
  14. Just as long as it doesn’t include him weeping at any moment that’s even slightly emotional.
  15. That’s the one. I guess I said editor because, to my mind, Blaustein was at least as much of an editor as a translator. The amount of work he put in sounds immense. It was a shitty move for them to just roll it all back for Twin Snakes.
  16. It was interesting to read the account of the editor for MGS’s western release, regarding what it was like working with Kojima. He changed certain lines because they seemed too verbose and poetic for a western release. Apparently Kojima loved the new script, until it was pointed out to him just how much had been tweaked then he and the editor had a falling out. Which would certainly explain why the (relatively) taut script of MGS was followed by the convoluted nonsense of MGS2. It’s unfortunate that, like David Cage, Kojima seems to insist that his ‘vision’ not be diluted. Success has been both the best and worst thing that could’ve happened to him in terms of being a creative.
  17. Certainly sounds like he’s having a ball here. I can’t wait for him to call one of his henchmen a ‘bumbling boob’ or a ‘nincompoop.’
  18. I did really enjoy the 2003 prison series ‘Buried’ with Lennie James, so shall have to check this one out. Sounds like a similar premise.
  19. If it makes him feel fulfilled then I’m all for it. That and me not being able to fathom why he would do it are not mutually exclusive, however.
  20. I just hope they bring some of the QOL changes from Below Zero over to the original Subnautica. I’ve learned to tolerate the oddities, but having them finally removed would be blissful. Apparently the devs say there are plans to do so, but they’ve yet to fix errors with the PS5 upgrade so this could be a while coming.
  21. Sad to see such restoration effort being expended on a colossal turkey like this.
  22. After watching this film I never want Snyder anywhere near a script again. It hits the familiar markers, and cliches, so consistently that the only elements which show it wasn’t written by computer are a couple of unintentionally amusing moments of pretension (character you don’t care about being killed by zombies, in slow motion, while somber classical music plays.) Is it all bad? No. Snyder is a capable action director. The beginning montage of Vegas falling was pretty well realised. There was one good scene where a character is fighting zombies in close quarters and it felt fluid, satisfying, and…well…pretty cool. It’s just those moments get choked out by everything else in the script. Snyder feels like someone twiddling his thumbs until he gets to the next set of explosions, so I’m unsure why he doesn’t stick to direction and let someone else handle the writing. It could only make his films stronger.
  23. Ah ok. Apparently a few people are disappointed in the PS5 update, saying it doesn’t run properly (stuck at 1080p no matter which mode you choose) so shall have to see if there’s an update. I love the game but it is a bit of a dog on base PS4. I yearn to zip around in the Seamoth but often end up slamming my face into still materialising scenery!
  24. That sounds a bit worrying about the saves. I’m now so far into my hardcore run that I couldn’t countenance starting over! Regarding playing it on PS5, how’s the pop-in? As it seems the more higher my hours invested get, the worse it becomes. Gets to the point where I’ve followed a scanner location to a certain mineral and have to stand there for ten seconds before it appears. Immersion takes a bit of a hit, sorry to say.
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