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  1. 9 hours ago, Lorfarius said:

    Its lovely. Makes me want to own more :lol:

    You don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole. Trust me. While it is indeed lovely to own a selection of vintage Game & Watches, your wallet will be screaming if you like them boxed and still in decent nick. I’ve resigned myself to probably never completing my modest collection. 

  2. 46 minutes ago, df0 said:

    But Sony have a VR Headset that is compatible with the PS5. It's the current PSVR headset.

    Granted, compared with other more expensive offerings on PC (think of independent finger tracking) it is a bit lacking, but for me and I reckon many other casual users it's fantastic. I for one am happy Sony offers the adapter for free, that tells me they recognise VR as something that's worth supporting.

    Their odd reluctance to say whether PSVR games will be in any way enhanced on PS5 is starting to grate, though. Even just a statement like ‘this is something we’re still finalising the details of,’ would reassure me. 

  3. Yeah, World Beyond is utter cookie cutter banality. Right from the off it bends itself in loops by trying to explain that the stupidity of the kids is actually due to the stupidity of the teachers of this (successful) community. This is a world in which zombies are a perpetual threat, so how are the young prepared to face this menace? Oh, they’re given a spoken presentation, with a few diagrams, on how to kill a walker and that you’re probably best off running away. Just...fucking what? The worst possible way to get those kids to take a threat seriously is by making it theoretical. They should be exposed to restrained walkers; hold the thing back with an animal catch pole, so that it’s still reaching and flailing but stands no risk of biting, and have them show they can kill it. That a community, which lasted through the worst times of this world post outbreak, could be so hilariously shortsighted as to raise a load of complacent idiots that neither take such a fundamental threat seriously, nor know how to handle it in reality, is so insulting to the viewer’s intelligence. 

    I mean, it has other problems, but that doozy killed the show stone dead for me in the second episode. It’s like the writers have acknowledged that they’ve become reliant on characters acting like imbeciles to create peril, but rather than trying harder to avoid such a trope they’ve actively looked for ways to explain it in universe. 

  4. 2 hours ago, BossSaru said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    Perhaps it is because he seems to have cleaned up his act since he 'found religion'. Recreational drugs and alcohol are generally not a great mix for an elite athlete. Also, now that his condition is public knowledge he may have it under control with medication.


    Yeah, I guess. It just seemed very throwaway for something that I thought would define that character for a bit. 

  5. I think they’re being faithful to what they know and are comfortable with. Larian pretty much admitted they have no experience with something like RTWP. Which is fine, but as an old school Baldur’s Gate fan RTWP was a big part of the experience. That, combined with (understandably) losing the extreme visual detail of the originals doesn’t make this look or feel like a BG game at all to me. The branding is vestigial. 

    My argument doesn’t take into account what constitutes a more faithful, D&D experience because tbh I don’t care. Insofar as it didn’t stop the old games from being fantastic RPGs. 

  6. Turn-based combat is exactly the kind of thing I meant when saying that using the Baldur’s Gate name was unnecessary, and could even be detrimental. I don’t associate TB with Baldur’s Gate at all, and the thought of it gives me an odd, skin crawling sensation. 

    I have to think if the game is otherwise good enough then I could get used to it, but still...skin crawling. 

  7. Tempting, but to be honest the last time I fiddled that much to get something working was in the earlier days of P.C gaming. It’s an age I never want to revisit! 

    Do appreciate the offer of a potential shortcut, though. I may take you up on that in the future if I’m feeling braver. 

  8. Looks like they’re trying to end the main series storyline roughly in synch with the comic.


    As the comic ended not too long after they were properly introduced to the Commonwealth, as I recall. 


  9. 13 hours ago, PK said:

    I wonder if it's someone from the


      Reveal hidden contents

    "Scientologists". They killed the guy who was going to replace A-Train, and basically ensured The Seven's continued existence by killing Vogelbaum, meaning both the Deep and A-Train could potentially return to their slots, but now furthering the church's interests?


    One thing I'm not clear on from that episode is


      Reveal hidden contents

    Is Black Noire dead? Because it shows Maeve just casually sitting at the hearing after trying to kill him with an Almond Chew


    Quite possibly. If it was Vought, then it was an act of sheer desperation as they will look highly suspicious right now. 


    I can totally see the church of the collective both saving and somewhat fucking Vought over in the same breath, though. It feels like, as Vought is making inroads into the U.S government, then the church is trying to do the same with Vought by filling the Seven with its ‘flipped’ heroes. I don’t think they’ll be able to hold onto A-Train, though, as he’s just enough of an independent thinker to be hazardous to them. 

    Pretty sure Black Noir isn’t dead, but he could certainly be in a bad way. Depending on how long his anaphylaxis lasted for he could have some organ damage. It’s not clear that he’ll know who did it, though. Maeve choked him from behind and by the time she talked to Starlight he was already in shock. Any memories of the event could be shot to shit. Tbh, I think from a writing stand-point it was decided he’d had enough screen time this season, but we needed a reason for him to be absent from whatever ruck will be kicking off next episode. Would be surprised if we never see him again.


  10. On 27/09/2020 at 21:38, Mike1812 said:

    I just watched the salamander episode. I actually remember it being much worse than this. The only think that really bugged me was they were down on the planet of the salamanders, then two seconds later they were back on the ship and everything was fine again. And then, iirc, there's no mention of warp 10 again, no more attempts, even though they were so close?

    Especially considering that, even if they couldn’t stop being salamandered, they’d learned how to reverse it. So they could just take the ship back to the alpha quadrant, via warp 10, and have the doctor turn the crew back to normal. Heck, it wouldn’t even be that difficult as the transformation wasn’t immediate so they could turn up on Starfleet’s doorstep and ask to be taken into immediate medical supervision, with the doctor briefing a more than adequate support crew on what was about to occur. 

    The later episode that followed up on ‘slipstream drive’ showed that at least some of the writers were bothered by these tantalising solutions being dangled then never logically followed up on. 

  11. 11 hours ago, squirtle said:

    Or perhaps she has no reason to fear him, and the fearful bits are just an act to keep him thinking he's got the upper hand.

    Makes sense. Homelander is a massive chauvinist so he probably likes women to show fear when he flexes. It’s been repeatedly demonstrated that if you pump up his ego then he loses any ability to think rationally. Take the end of the episode as an example. 


    Homelander thinks himself superior to normal people, but still showed quiet doubts at how to handle Stormfront’s Nazi confessions until she named him the leader. There is some vestige of a conscience inside him, but it yields easily to flattery or any perceived assault. 


  12. So I’m guessing that...





    Vought knows full well that Homelander killed Stillwell. Stormfront was being kept in reserve as a nuclear option, but Homelander both losing Stillwell AND finding out Vought had been hiding a son from him would make him dangerously unstable, and so Edgar decided to have her play a more active role. Plus given her durability, which shocked even Homelander, she’s a handler that can’t easily be killed when he has a strop. 

    Hopefully, Butcher realises that the ‘we’ve got shit on Homelander’s kid,’ card will probably only work once. If allowed to stay in play then it effectively makes Butcher immune, so I bet Edgar is taking steps to nullify it right now - even if that means introducing Homelander’s kid to the world on Vought’s terms.


  13. 37” 1080p Panasonic. It’s a great set and I’ve got a good few years use out of it, but haven’t made the jump to 4K as I’d need a bigger tv and don’t want it to be the main focus of the living room. 37” is just about teetering on the edge of an acceptable size (f’nar.) 

  14. So, Kimiko’s power has yet to be revealed, and I’m guessing that it’s something to do with...



    Her voice. As we learnt in episode 3 that she can speak, but stopped doing so when her parents were killed.


    You could argue that it’s her healing, but they all seem to have that. Starlight was shot twice in the chest with a .50 sniper rifle, one round of which would literally rip a normal person in half, and was only winded. Maybe there are a lot of supes who ‘just’ get the healing and strength but nothing else. 


  15. Finished it last night. Overall, a lot of fun. The writing was especially interesting to me as I attempt the same balance of goofiness and drama in my own. For me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here, most of the time it does, which is testament to the writers. I like the sense that many people have lost their minds, some just a little bit, some an awful lot, and that's why the daftness never feels too out of place. Puns can follow, or precede, a firefight because fuck it. How else would you deal with living in this horrible, dystopian future? It's easy to dismiss the Payaso's philosophy of 'everything is a joke' the first time you hear it, before you realise you've made your way through the game cracking wise at psychopaths, mocking deranged cultists, and having sex with a robot. Every time an actual moral quandary comes up, it's like everyone who's gone crazy had the best idea; because in this world, it's a really shitty feeling to be the responsible one.


    Story aside, I didn't care for the streamlining of some combat mechanics. In Wasteland 2, when one of your team members got downed, it had to be a trained medic who revived them but here anyone can do it. That made a lot of the fights feel more trivial as a result. I think there was also a change regarding getting the first shot in during a fight. I can't explain the mechanics, but it was something to do with initiative, and Wasteland 2 measured your character's skills to see if you had that initiative. In Wasteland 3 if you just take the first shot outside of combat then you're golden. Also I think the APC just being able to drive over enemies is unbalanced. I was certainly grateful for it in certain situations, but it did seem overpowered. 


    It does feel like the game was truncated, whether because the developers ran out of time or for future DLC, and kind of belly flops the final 1/3. It's difficult to measure it against Wasteland 2, because that game had you traversing quite a lot of empty space on the main map, but I do think this game was hurt by not having another, smaller map to transition to like W2 did with L.A. Also, there are locations on the map that look intriguing but can't be interacted with. Most particularly, the cluster of geodesic domes in one corner. Dataminers have said that they found a lot of cut content in the code, but it may well just be the building blocks for future DLC. Two factions which weren't in the game, references to a 'Steeltown' and the 'Cheyenne Mountain Complex' which is a military bunker and backup for NORAD. It's also implied that the Patriarch was trying to re-unite his family due to an impending, greater threat.


    Hearing that the development team is only around seventy people explains a lot of the jank, and it's a credit to the game that most players have persevered despite it. I just hope that InExile don't go the way of Bethesda, where they get too comfortable with running smaller teams and don't like hiring new people because it takes too long to get them up to speed. Of course, InExile do have one advantage there, in that they're not tied to one engine like Bethesda are with their Frankenstein's monster, and Unity has just about reached the end of its life. Hopefully some of that MS money is used to expand, and find a suitable new engine. If they can shore up the kind of technical weaknesses that make Wasteland 3 stumble and trip, then InExile's future looks pretty bright. I absolutely want Wasteland 4.  



  16. Angela Deth is mad as a box of frogs. Yeah, she had an uncompromising personality in the previous games, but her shift in this one feels a little weird. 

    Why is she so willing to say ‘ah, fuck em!’ to the rangers back in Arizona, especially when her old team-mate, Vargas, gave his life to that cause. Is it ego? In some twisted way, is she jealous of how Vargas went out? Making such a sizeable difference to the world? I don’t think so. Deth never really cared about command, or plaudits, but she was fiercely loyal to the rangers. 


    So, some kind of PTSD or guilt at having survived Cochise not once, but twice? I think that’s closer to it. So many of her old team-mates are dead now. She needs her life to mean something seismic, to justify just being alive, but not being accustomed to living that way means her plans are ill thought through. 

    Or, maybe she is just as simplistic a person as the General says, and sees things in black and white with no willingness to compromise. I’d like to think there was a little more to it, though.

  17. It does kind of annoy me how useless assault rifles are in this game. I’m using the best one from standard merchants and it’s barely ok. Easily outclassed by my pistoleer group member who’s using a hand cannon. Especially now I’m at the point where enemies are getting well armoured. There’s a better one available from rare encounters on the world map, but I never have the cash to get everything I want from those merchants. 

  18. On 06/09/2020 at 18:50, Doctor Shark said:

    So, who is everyone’s favourite character and why is it homelander? 

    One detail I enjoyed about him from the first episode....



    He can be very precise with his powers, but most often just chooses not to be. Such as the level of force needed to rupture Blind-Spot’s eardrums and not turn their head into pulp. Similarly, he used his laser-vision to gently heat a small plastic bottle of milk. It just makes his character all the more selfish and sinister. 

     I do still believe what he said about not being able to help the airliner, though. Not that he really gave a fuck either way.


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