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  1. The GB sub is actively censored as regards negative comments. The mods there were questioned on it once and just said they ‘like to try and maintain a positive atmosphere.’ Probably the worst place to go to get a sense of how GB fans feel in general.
  2. I think it’s probably because most long-term Star Trek fans have given up by now, and don’t want to even think about Discovery let alone keep discussing it like you masochistic weirdos.
  3. The Star Wars prequels and Jumper are the only films I’ve seen him in, so they could be misfires, but he just washed over me in both. No real sense of presence or emotional range. To be fair, all of the actors suffered from having to chew their way through some terrible dialogue in the prequels.
  4. Well, he certainly couldn’t be any worse than he was in the prequels.
  5. Why has Adam Driver been voiced by Keanu Reeves?
  6. You don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole. Trust me. While it is indeed lovely to own a selection of vintage Game & Watches, your wallet will be screaming if you like them boxed and still in decent nick. I’ve resigned myself to probably never completing my modest collection.
  7. Their odd reluctance to say whether PSVR games will be in any way enhanced on PS5 is starting to grate, though. Even just a statement like ‘this is something we’re still finalising the details of,’ would reassure me.
  8. Yeah, World Beyond is utter cookie cutter banality. Right from the off it bends itself in loops by trying to explain that the stupidity of the kids is actually due to the stupidity of the teachers of this (successful) community. This is a world in which zombies are a perpetual threat, so how are the young prepared to face this menace? Oh, they’re given a spoken presentation, with a few diagrams, on how to kill a walker and that you’re probably best off running away. Just...fucking what? The worst possible way to get those kids to take a threat seriously is by making it theoretical. They should
  9. It is a bit difficult to tell. His choice of film roles were kind of all over the place even in his heyday.
  10. Yeah, I guess. It just seemed very throwaway for something that I thought would define that character for a bit.
  11. I think they’re being faithful to what they know and are comfortable with. Larian pretty much admitted they have no experience with something like RTWP. Which is fine, but as an old school Baldur’s Gate fan RTWP was a big part of the experience. That, combined with (understandably) losing the extreme visual detail of the originals doesn’t make this look or feel like a BG game at all to me. The branding is vestigial. My argument doesn’t take into account what constitutes a more faithful, D&D experience because tbh I don’t care. Insofar as it didn’t stop the old games from being fa
  12. Turn-based combat is exactly the kind of thing I meant when saying that using the Baldur’s Gate name was unnecessary, and could even be detrimental. I don’t associate TB with Baldur’s Gate at all, and the thought of it gives me an odd, skin crawling sensation. I have to think if the game is otherwise good enough then I could get used to it, but still...skin crawling.
  13. Tempting, but to be honest the last time I fiddled that much to get something working was in the earlier days of P.C gaming. It’s an age I never want to revisit! Do appreciate the offer of a potential shortcut, though. I may take you up on that in the future if I’m feeling braver.
  14. Looks like they’re trying to end the main series storyline roughly in synch with the comic.
  15. Quite possibly. If it was Vought, then it was an act of sheer desperation as they will look highly suspicious right now.
  16. Especially considering that, even if they couldn’t stop being salamandered, they’d learned how to reverse it. So they could just take the ship back to the alpha quadrant, via warp 10, and have the doctor turn the crew back to normal. Heck, it wouldn’t even be that difficult as the transformation wasn’t immediate so they could turn up on Starfleet’s doorstep and ask to be taken into immediate medical supervision, with the doctor briefing a more than adequate support crew on what was about to occur. The later episode that followed up on ‘slipstream drive’ showed that at least some of t
  17. Makes sense. Homelander is a massive chauvinist so he probably likes women to show fear when he flexes. It’s been repeatedly demonstrated that if you pump up his ego then he loses any ability to think rationally. Take the end of the episode as an example.
  18. Nice touch that when Stormfront gets riled she gets a little sloppy, and an old-fashioned expression can slip out. Like the one about ‘a teddy-bear’s picnic.’
  19. I remember this! Never did pick it up. It sort of fizzled out for me, as it sounded like the english language patch support never got there and the game was pretty buggy anyway. Shall be most interested to hear how it fares now.
  20. Yeah, I’m still peeved about this being cancelled. It had a pretty unique feel to it. Especially galling when utter tosh like Smallville and Supernatural get into double figures with their number of seasons.
  21. 37” 1080p Panasonic. It’s a great set and I’ve got a good few years use out of it, but haven’t made the jump to 4K as I’d need a bigger tv and don’t want it to be the main focus of the living room. 37” is just about teetering on the edge of an acceptable size (f’nar.)
  22. Ever since the Nightingale episode, where he tried to be a Captain and bricked it, I think he’s probably ok with that.
  23. So, Kimiko’s power has yet to be revealed, and I’m guessing that it’s something to do with... You could argue that it’s her healing, but they all seem to have that. Starlight was shot twice in the chest with a .50 sniper rifle, one round of which would literally rip a normal person in half, and was only winded. Maybe there are a lot of supes who ‘just’ get the healing and strength but nothing else.
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