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  1. Garibaldi


    That bit was comical. I was sat there going ‘broken jaw, broken skull, broken sternum, punctured lungs...’
  2. Garibaldi

    The Good Place

    Wow, episode 3 was a lot better, they got rid of the character that wasn’t working and had the group back to their old dynamic. More interesting and, crucially, funnier. It’s almost like a new person took control of the writers’ room to steer things back in the right direction.
  3. Garibaldi

    The Walking Dead!

    This did have the lowest ratings for any premiere in the season so far, so there’s that. However, considering how many viewers TWD had at its height, such ratings are probably still pretty good for AMC.
  4. Garibaldi

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    I know that’s Bethesda’s line, but it’s one hell of a big map to rely on twenty four people to build it up.
  5. Garibaldi

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    It's a question of degrees. I can't remember there being any direct comparisons to Rust from Bethesda, but we didn't learn immediately that there wouldn't be any human NPCs, and even when we did there was still scope for memorable characters - until the hands-on impressions confirmed that, yeah, they're pretty much just robots that dole out quests and man the cash registers. I don't care if there's a plausible lore example for the devs to hide behind as to why there are no people, you just set your game at a time when there would be a more populated world. So that leaves incidental storytelling to take up the slack, which is a bit like reasoning that you have a spare leg, getting it removed, then wondering why you can't walk. How is listening to a sombre holotape going to work when you're on a team's voice-chat? See also the four times larger map than FO4 (Bethesda always insisting on their maps being bigger and bigger, I swear to christ..) being mostly empty, which is kind of ironic when they've made the design of it look like a theme park.
  6. Garibaldi

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    A smart purchase indeed. It's been frustrating in the past to see Obsidian's games hampered, to one degree or another, by limited budget and resources. Then again, more of those don't automatically equal a better game - Undead Labs failed to improve SOD2 over its predecessor in quite a few respects, despite having gained MS's support.
  7. Garibaldi

    The Good Place

    I feel much the same. There’s less spontaneity and possibility with the Earth setting, and much less energy too. Hopefully they can pull it back together.
  8. Garibaldi

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Sure, but Rust wasn’t the latest in a series known for its single-player experiences, dialogue trees, etc. If you’re happy just having the Fallout aesthetic over an MMO frame then more power to you, but a fair number of others are expecting a bit more of the usual Fallout and it doesn’t look like it’s there yet. Of course, I’d go as far as saying 76 isn’t really for existing Fallout fans. Sure, some will be along for the ride, but it’s continuing the trend of whittling down that started quietly in Fallout 3 but was loud as a klaxon by Fallout 4. Bethesda is after a more mainstream audience, the kind of people who Fallout Shelter might’ve introduced to the world, and Fallout 4 was more concerned with being a trial for 76’s systems than a great game in and of itself (the simplified SPECIAL system, reduced dialogue trees with voice acting, and of course settlement building.)
  9. Garibaldi

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    I’d avoid Concord altogether tbh. Never trigger Preston Garvey or the Minutemen questline and you can avoid the tedium of being caught in a ‘this settlement needs your help’ loop later in the game.
  10. Garibaldi

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    They’d never announce that, but certain things have got folk wary as to the depth of any story. Most specifically, there are no human NPCs, all quests are either handed out by a robot or the disembodied voice of the Overseer. It’s regrettably true that a lot of side-quests/main story in Fallout 4 boiled down to either fetch this/kill that, so there won’t be too much difference in that regard, but removing any kind of ‘human’ element will make those limited choices even more apparent. Bethesda defended this by saying that they wanted humans in the game to be entirely represented by real people, which sounds good but ignores the number of them who’ll be doing stupid shit for the sake of it. You need a backbone of NPC characters that act like this is all happening, and the stakes are real for them, otherwise the game’s atmosphere becomes distinctly wobbly. That job can’t be done entirely by robot NPCs, IMO.
  11. Garibaldi

    The Man in the High Castle

    Finished S3 last night. Thought it was excellent, and looks like lessons have been learned as it was largely free of the bloat of previous seasons as well. Some great character moments, but most compelling was John Smith rising in rank as he’s drawn deeper into the Nazi machine. What he justified twenty years ago, as doing to protect his family, grows more ambiguous when his higher station leads to greater scrutiny on them all. Smith’s slowly mounting despair is really palpable this season, and you’re never sure whether to feel sympathy for him as he carries out Himmler’s increasingly reckless orders.
  12. Garibaldi

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    It’s no coincidence that particular weapon only surfaced when Bethesda took the reins!
  13. Garibaldi

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    I don’t rate season 3 as highly as a lot of people, but it was a vast improvement on the execrable season 2 and its end provided an intriguing jumping off point for season 4. In comes Scott Gimple and his team, to mangle the storyline by jumping ahead a few months and lobbing the characters into a new location. All so they could meet up with Morgan, whose character has added nothing but tedium and pushed Lennie James into a quiet funk of despair. The worst part - they never bother to explain what happened after the dam explosion, or to tell us where Daniel is, or explain the weird swings in character motivation we now see after the fact. To go into everything wrong with S4 would honestly take too long, but suffice it to say the season had two defining factors: laziness from the writers and contempt for the viewer. Everything was built on convenience. Fuck following the rules of the world, where a car’s battery would be long dead and the petrol evaporated in its tank. Where a chubby English teacher wouldn’t last five minutes against a group of hardened survivors. Where the chances of said group of hardened survivors, after being split up across the map, would all come into walkie-talkie range simultaneously as they headed for the same place, is more than zero. Where....christ, best stop myself there, as I could honestly go on all day. Characters bent to the plot, every time, and often it made no sense when compared to what we knew of them after three seasons. FTWD’s ‘Rick’ was killed, for seemingly no reason apart from attempted shock value, and to allow Morgan to become leader. The whole thing was just so slapdash and nonsensical that it’s led to viewers wondering if this was a deliberate attempt from AMC to sink the series, for whatever reason. Yeah, wasn’t a fan.
  14. Garibaldi

    Holmes and Watson - Ferrell and Reilly

    Looks excruciating. Selfie with Queen Victoria, LOL!!!!
  15. Garibaldi

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The next Edge 10

    I never said there was. Originally said I thought Rockstar would actually make good/valid use of the size, but it would encourage others to get sloppy (such as publishers ever increasing pressure on devs, in general, making it a corner they could cut to try and keep up.) Still, @Mr. Gerbik makes some valid points, so I’m going to walk back my alarmist trumpeting.

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