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  1. I enjoyed some of The Orville, but for me it was always a struggle to get past Seth McFarlane as the captain. Every role he plays feels marginally less jarring than a Tarantino appearance, and here he has about as much screen presence and gravitas as Scott Bakula did in Enterprise. And yes, I know that part of the plot is that earth has so many ships that not all of them are going to be filled with Picard 2.0, but you have to have some kind of bearing in a command role. He just looks like a guy cos-playing.
  2. Garibaldi

    Saw 9

  3. The T2 book series by S.M Sterling might be worth a look. It’s pretty lightweight fare, and does suffer from anyone, who’s not one of the three main characters, being a Star Trek red shirt, but if you’re a fan of the films you’ll probably get some enjoyment out of it. The original Terminator comics by Dark Horse are pretty fun. Hugely sexist by today’s standards, with near every woman having huge tits to entice horny teenage readers, but shoots along at a demented pace and the art is fantastic.
  4. Wastelanders is probably when I’ll pick it up again. The most maddening thing about FO76 isn’t even the terrible launch, but rather the glacial responses of its developers. Not just to bugs and QOL fixes, more that they’re still sitting on a shitload of assets, building and otherwise, from FO4 and its expansions but the settlement mechanic hasn’t seen any new structures since launch! Admittedly something in which they might have little choice, but they’re going to get the flak. You’d think it was standard on games like this to have at least two teams, one for bug fixing and the other for new content, but in a recent interview the project head talked about having to do ‘triage’ where they have to ‘work out a balance of producing new things or fixing existing issues.’ It’s like the team is so small and badly funded they might as well be three interns and a labrador named Colin. Or, equally likely, no arm of Bethesda has ever had to fix its own bugs, let alone provide ongoing bug fixing, and the task is simply beyond them.
  5. Gazorra’s TNG edits are superb. I’d seen parody Star Trek mashups before but his level of timing, attention, and use of different shows/films is on another level. Naturally, there’s one or two duff entries, but the majority of them had me on the floor laughing. A shame he stopped, but the amount of time and effort involved must’ve not been worth it long term.
  6. What a pleasant surprise. Detroit: Become Human is more like it. Hope Sony keep it up. Narrator’s voice: ‘They didn’t.’
  7. S4 would’ve been terrible with or without Morgan, as it had a huge, clunking disconnect from the end of the excellent S3, and character motivations changed almost entirely. Zombie fiction often seems to fall back on people behaving like idiots to generate peril, but here it was dialled up to 11. The villains were illogical and annoying. Offing two major characters, one of whom was the heart of FTWD, just to try and generate drama, was inexcusable. From any dimension, it was a deeply awful season and one I doubt the show can recover from.
  8. Nice to see a partially built (rebuilt?) Samuel Hayden in that trailer. I was hoping he'd make a return.
  9. Of course he probably said it like 'I went right from her jeffries tube to her turbolift.'
  10. Always surprises me to hear the stories about Stewart needing to be reigned in regarding his character. Being a classic actor, you’d think he’d have loved it, but maybe he’d spent too long on the stage, and thought TNG was more of the same with its philosophical speeches and musings on the human condition. I bet they tried to placate him every now and then with scenes like the one where Picard bests two Klingon assassins or picks a fight with Naussicans. One of the integral points about Picard’s character is that he can fight but considers it a last resort/failure of diplomacy. Even Worf respected his capabilities.
  11. Then she was probably a bit drunk. Obviously, future directors should adopt the Mitchell and Webb strategy of giving her slightly less than two drinks before any performance.
  12. My favourite part was using your lightsaber as a torch while walking across a wet, slippery log. No wonder the Jedi got wiped out. I did like the quick piss-take of Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith as well, with two troopers discussing the rebel attack and one finishing by saying ‘well, at least we have the high ground.’
  13. Yeah, it had great and hilarious scenes/moments, but as a whole it felt like someone was writing the script on the fly. That works sometimes as it just adds to the manic energy, but in S1 it felt like things were being driven forward by that momentum, in S2 it feels like the plot is hiding behind it. Conflicted as to whether I’d want a S3.
  14. Agreed. While I was never less than entertained by the main stories of Baldur’s Gate 1&2, the world they were set within felt very generic swords and sorcery - dragons, dwarves, elves, the undead, etc. Personally I feel they should let the series die as the Baldur’s Gate name (in video games at least) is so tied in with the ‘bhaalspawn’ storyline that it seems wrong to go on without it. I’m sure there will be more than a few references to the bhaalspawn war, but even so.
  15. I think that was more in reference to the burgeoning back catalogue of disingenuously idiotic things he says, unrelated to politics, seemingly in an effort to wind others up while he goes ‘what? I really did! What?!?’ Such as when he claimed that he didn’t know pirates actually robbed people, and thought they just sailed around drinking and singing.
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