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  1. Garibaldi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Looks like Capcom have realised (rightly) that this will be their biggest release for quite some time, and how better to rebuild their profits by milking the ever loving shit out of it. Then again, they do have form in this area. There was a version of RE6 with Leon’s leather jacket that was hundreds of dollars.
  2. Garibaldi

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    A good point on Insurrection and Nemesis; I now remember an interview where he mentioned putting the weird buggy bit in because he wanted to drive one. However, 77 year old Patrick Stewart still behaving like an action hero stud? I don't see it. Look at how willing and eager he was to play a broken Professor X in Logan, because it was a poignant send-off for the character.
  3. Bit confused with the New Orleans plotline:
  4. Garibaldi

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    He did his best in all of them, but let’s face it Insurrection and Nemesis were absolute stinkers. You can bet he knows that, too. I think, like Harrison Ford, Stewart sees the appeal of wrapping up his characters in a classy and definitive way before he pops his clogs. What’s good about that is that he’s become very comfortable with trying new things (compare the ‘we’re not here to have fun!’ Patrick Stewart with the American Dad one of recent years) and without the Enterprise and crew hung around his neck there’s a shitload of potential for Picard’s character.
  5. Garibaldi

    No Man's Sky

    So I was pottering about on the space station, and came across an enthusiastic little gek who said he could be my overseer/foreman, I said ‘sure!’ and accepted his offer. I was then informed that he’d gone to man the construction terminal at my base. A sense of guilt overwhelmed me as that ‘base’ was a few systems back and consisted of a single room, empty apart from a construction terminal. I can see him there now, alone in a featureless hub on a loathesome toxic planet, enthusiasm slowly ebbing as he marks time by the endless clatter of acid rain on the roof. Not even a window to look out of in anticipation of my ship landing nearby, a ship that will never arrive.
  6. Garibaldi

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    While I did enjoy Infinity War a lot, I feel unenthusiastic for the second part - as it feels like all the meaty, exciting stuff has already been done. Just my take, anyway. It feels a bit like waiting around to watch the cleaners after a huge party.
  7. Garibaldi

    No Man's Sky

    So I was being attacked by pirates earlier, and flew close to my freighter for some cover fire, but it seems the freighters don’t actually do any damage to enemy ships? I can only imagine this is so that it looks exciting when you go to save a freighter being attacked, but that they don’t wipe out the pirates before you can...but even so! Looking at Reddit, it’s been a reported problem since 2017, with additional complaints that fighter frigates will jump in to support you then sit there and do nothing. Obviously something Hello Games know about so I can only assume it’s too far down the list/time consuming for a small team to fix.
  8. Garibaldi

    PS+ August 2018 - Mafia 3 & Dad by Daylight

    I’d be a little more impressed if both games hadn’t been on offer within the past few months. Won’t be renewing my sub until The Division 2, but Dead by Daylight is a surprisingly fun multiplayer game as I picked it up after the free trial a while back. Lots of nice little mechanics and tricks to learn when playing as the killer or a survivor.
  9. Garibaldi

    No Man's Sky

    Haven’t played this for ages, but decided to give it another go with all the updates. I’m quite impressed, as it’s far closer to the game we were promised at launch, and fair play to Hello Games for focusing on making amends with free content. Got my first Freighter last night and tbh I was expecting more options for customising it. Maybe I just haven’t unlocked them yet, but the only options seem to be to build more empty rooms and corridors. Well, apart from the Command Room which made me lol; was expecting an impressive and well appointed space, but it’s like a command console crammed into someone’s pokey spare bedroom.
  10. Garibaldi


    I feel much the same. It’s certainly possible they can pull off a satisfying conclusion, given good enough writers, but a movie format does feel kind of antithetical to Deadwood.
  11. Garibaldi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    That’ll be a ‘prototype’ statue, a concept that anyone who collects statues or 1/6 figures will likely recognise and have been bitten in the arse by. Often a prototype doesn’t match reality as reality is mass produced, whereas the prototype has had careful and superior paint work for the purposes of drumming up pre-orders.
  12. Garibaldi

    Star Trek Discovery

    Pike feels too similar to Abrams universe Kirk in that trailer: perpetual, smug smile, ‘let’s try to have some fun’, and his own unique variation of engaging warp drive ‘Punch I-...I mean, hit it!’
  13. Garibaldi

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot

    Yeah, this wasn’t a weak series that could easily be improved upon, but one that was surprisingly strong for most of its run. Existing fans of Buffy will likely regard it as radioactive, especially as Fox never bothered to release a Blu-Ray of the series that wasn’t complete shite.
  14. Garibaldi

    Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

    I’ve completed Prey twice, so obviously enjoy it, but you’re not wrong. The basic, spidery mimics who disguise themselves as objects are a fantastic gameplay mechanic, but other enemies are largely homogenous. Contrast your sense of dread when exploring a System Shock 2 level to one of Prey’s and it’s like night and day, largely because SS2’s enemies were so creepy and menacing. Similarly, hull breeches aside, a lot of Prey’s environments look like someone’s had a bit of a party but hasn’t cleaned up yet - they still maintain a corporate sterility which, combined with the shadow monster enemy pool, can easily inflict exactly the wrong kind of one-two punch on a player.
  15. Garibaldi

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    ‘There are dozens of us! Dozens!’

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