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  1. Oh yeah, the use of Ah-Ha’s ‘take on me’ would just perplex/mildly amuse anyone not familiar with the games. This was markedly better than the teaser, as Bella actually seems to have an accent now. I’m glad they’re not going the route of slavishly following the game’s plot but are, by the looks of it, taking TWD’s approach of hitting source material mileposts while introducing new characters/content.
  2. I suppose Mass Effect might be of interest, but not if it still has all the tedious Mako padding. Biomutant didn’t review well but certainly worth a try for free. Divine Knockout I know nothing about.
  3. Yeah, jamming the trailers in at the end was tacky, especially considering the episode was too weak to earn the goodwill needed for you to say 'eh. I'll allow it.' As a season ender, this episode would've just been ok. As the ending to a series that's been going for more than a decade it was astonishingly poor. I'm still annoyed at the intelligent zombies being reintroduced from season one, when Darabont obviously had plans for them going forward, after being forgotten about for much of the show's run. Not only that, they didn't really do anything with them. It's an intriguing plot-point totally squandered. Frankly, I'm amazed Norman Reedus is up for more of it, but maybe he just realises he's been thoroughly typecast by now and the safest career route is to ride this train until the wheels fall off.
  4. The writing in TWD improved in general once they prised Gimple’s inept hands from the reigns, but throughout its entire run there’s always been a problem with plot manipulating characters rather than vice versa; specifically, characters behaving stupidly because the plot requires it. There’s been so many examples of this by now I’d be hard pressed to list them all.
  5. Well, that’s me told. Thank you for taking the time to explain it all. I should’ve expected interference from those who don’t understand narrative was a key factor.
  6. With how much games cost to create now, they simply don’t want to go the expense of hiring a proper writer. I remember Dreamweb, waaaay back when, actually came with a mini novella which was written as if it was your character’s journal. That was a great touch and really helped immerse me in the game. Thing is, writing for games is a very niche skill set. As in, to do it properly you’d need to have someone who was closer to a screenwriter. I remember Crytek hired a sci-fi novelist to write Crysis 2, but the result was still a nonsensical hodgepodge of narrative. I think for most developers it’s not worth stressing over for something that, unless they’re a high-tier ‘story’ studio like Naughty Dog, they believe most people just pay cursory attention to.
  7. Apparently quite a few teams are working on upgrades of their PSVR titles. After The Fall has been announced as one of the free upgrades, but that could be to try and generate some good press following that game’s wobbly launch. Even 50% of them offered for free would be a good result.
  8. The decidedly odd own goal of not offering BC makes me suspect it really wasn’t possible. It makes no sense to do so otherwise, as why would you deny a peripheral access to a huge, already existing library of games that could help it over the usual launch drought? Of course, we’ll have to wait until some dedicated nerd gets hold of a PSVR2 and analyses the tech, in comparison to its predecessor, to have a better idea.
  9. It feels like a filler season which they had sitting around, waiting to go, and could be slotted in anywhere.
  10. I used to invariably spend ages trying to make a character that resembled myself, only for them to end up ‘sort-of’ doing so. These days I still put a bit of effort in but nothing anywhere near as exhaustive. I could probably see myself creating a fit female character for an action game or suchlike, but never for an RPG. There just wouldn’t be any sense of attachment.
  11. True. I think it’s the first film where Patrick Stewart really became emboldened by writers and directors acquiescing to his requirements as well. It was just pure luck that, in this instance, they made First Contact a better film (it was originally supposed to be Riker fighting the Borg on the Enterprise. Which would’ve been less interesting conflict wise.)
  12. Yes, I know. I meant quite a trick as in his current status in universe. Facetiousness aside, I was pretty half and half on this. I don’t like the air of it being a new Nemesis, because Christ knows we don’t need that, but there are some intriguing threads. Mainly, the appearance of Moriarty. In universe books have no doubt touched on what happened to the Federation when Starfleet reverse engineered the Doctor’s mobile emitter, but there hasn’t been a show recent enough, in the right time period, to address it yet. The appearance of Lore just made me sigh, though. If he has a good reason for being there, then fine, but it felt very much like ‘throw everything we’ve got left at the wall.’ Sorry, I meant ‘fire everything we’ve got!’
  13. Ah yes, seems you’re right. It was left open ended. Though arguably he was still on the Enterprise D when that was largely destroyed.
  14. Lore returning would be quite a trick, as he was destroyed entirely in TNG. They’ll probably monkey up some cloned from a positron bollocks.
  15. I wish you could skip the entire heist early in the game tbh. It puts me off doing a replay.
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