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  1. One thing that pissed me off, and felt like a step back from RE2, was your character’s refusal to use their flashlight outside of select areas. This is mostly a very dark game, and a lot of the time it felt like a cheap way to generate tension.
  2. I found the demo to be godawful. It’s so mundane. Previous Disaster Report games threw you right into it, and did a good job of portraying a city on the brink, this felt like I was stuck at an airport with a load of boring people. A big disappointment considering how much I enjoyed the previous ones.
  3. Finished this in seven and a half hours on hardcore. There were some disappointing aspects, but I can see a replay in the future. Funnily enough, what I liked best about the story was the more nuanced portrayal of Brad Vickers. Even if he wasn’t in it for too long.
  4. Replayed the earlier section to ensure I got the grenade launcher, but still couldn’t find...
  5. Considering how much ammo it takes to kill those creatures in hardcore, it’s not too surprising! I found the key item I needed, saw there was an unexplored path, but by that point was down to two bullets and harsh language so legged it for the exit.
  6. Keep meaning to, as I’ve heard very good things.
  7. Loved Train to Busan so pretty excited for this. I do love a good zombie film, but unfortunately the genre seems to attract lazy/amateur filmmakers like bees to pollen, so we’re overdue another good one.
  8. Hardcore feels about right. Forces you to get an instinct for the dodge move, and you won’t have enough ammo to just steamroll the zombies. It’s exhilarating not being able to kill all of the tougher enemies as well, and having to engage in a bit of cat and mouse.
  9. Well, having just reached a boss fight it’s apparent I missed picking up the grenade launcher earlier in the game. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu... Almost two hours in so don’t want to restart but seeing as there are no checkpoints and just the typewriter method, I may be forced to.
  10. I’m a bit more forgiving of Jeri Ryan, as I expect she was pretty pissed off from the get-go. She only got the first script a few days before filming, said she didn’t recognise the voice of Seven at all in it, and flipped out as to how she was going to make this work when it wasn’t the same character. All of which is correct, of course. It wasn’t a Seven I recognised either, even taking into account twenty years of reacclimatisation in the alpha quadrant. I only wish Patrick Stewart had given a similar level of fucks for his character, being as he could actually see the scripts while they were being written.
  11. Nope. Tarantino’s stuff is a little too stylised and self indulgent for me. The premise of Death Proof was intriguing, then I happened to catch a clip of one of the endless, waffling conversations and it sold me on never giving it a go.
  12. Having never heard Eli Roth talk, that commentary track snippet made me lol as it sounded like a parody.
  13. Fucking hell, so much insincerity and shoulder shrugging. Implying that the most vocal haters are toxic, with some kind of racist/sexist/etc axe to grind, rather than them just thinking Picard was mediocre. Saying ‘the mere fact’ that it was Star Trek made it difficult for people to accept darkness. You massive spanner, Chabon, it was the fact that it was ham-fisted and often unnecessary darkness that made it difficult for people to accept. Still, the site counters some of his points fairly well. For all this standing firm, there’s still an element of pointing at Patrick Stewart and saying ‘he told me to do this.’ Which, I think, is the real crux of it. Chabon is working damage control, but he can’t entirely keep schtum on his real feelings.
  14. I think the servers were in no way prepared for Corona virus levels of players and just keeled over. America didn’t last long either, from all accounts on Reddit. All I could get was a ‘not available’ message on repeated tries last night.
  15. First impressions on playing this were that you can forget looking for a telltale shimmer in the tree line, as the whole bloody game shimmers.
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