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  1. Had to bump this when I realised no-one had mentioned the best one.
  2. First FPS Terminator game since Futureshock and it gets handed off to these guys.
  3. Oh god no. Generally, I agree. However, in the case of Death Stranding there were a lot of questions as to what the game actually is. Kojima fans will be content to embrace the ambiguity, but for those of us who’ve been in a one-on one-off loved it/burned by it pattern with his games for a while then any clarification is most welcome.
  4. Ehhh, I gave up midway through season 2. It felt very aimless and self-indulgent, leaping full speed down the pretension rabbit-hole that it had only flirted with in season 1. Not everyone hates it, though. Some find the languorous pace and endless breadcrumb trails to be enticing, and the show can certainly pull off a visual spectacle when it has the mind to.
  5. Yeah, it was a great opportunity for them to win back some community good will (which they desperately need right now), by making the fridge and robot free but having alternative skins for them on the atom store. The game must be haemorrhaging money to pass up such an easy win, or against all odds it’s actually making them some money and they’re just that greedy. Given the direction of Bethesda over the past ten years, I can’t rule out the latter.
  6. Seems like Shadow or the Collosus but missing any stunning Colossi. Isolation can be a great thing in a game, but usually not when it’s down to a largely empty world. Lots of neat little touches and mechanics, that is Kojima’s forte of course, but they don’t seem to draw together into any sort of compelling whole. From early videos, I was expecting the world to be a rather alien one with sustained peril from the dimension breaching creatures. If that were the case, I’d probably feel better about delivering parcels. Yes, Kojima could be holding something major back, but he guards story, not gameplay, so it’d be rather odd if we haven’t seen such a thing in a dedicated gameplay video this close to release.
  7. Then I feel compelled to add my vote. MGS2 has a fantastic beginning, but soon splutters into a convoluted, self-indulgent and tedious mess. It also falls deeply into that age-old MGS curse of not being able to walk ten feet before being interrupted by the shrill ring of your codec, and 75% of them are conversations that you really didn’t need to hear. Metal Gear Scanlon is very funny, though. So I’d recommend that.
  8. Pot. Both him and Kevin Smith swear blind that it enhances their creativity. In reality it just loosens their standards.
  9. The DLC was pretty good, though went off the rails/a bit mad towards the finish line. You’ll be able to remember if you completed it by getting a depressing ending - there are actually two endings, but both are amusingly bleak.
  10. I wish they’d bring back 8T-88 from the old Jedi Knight videogames. If only because his name is rather fun to say. Go on, give it a try. I’ll wait.
  11. True, but it’s done in such an asinine way, and seemingly just to keep the joke going. As Starbreaker says, it would’ve made more sense to... But I guess that’s not toilet humour enough. Preacher has always been gross to some point or another, but as a natural consequence of grimy characters and seedy lives - this part, by comparison, feels like someone jabbing their elbow in your ribs and going ‘Eh? See that? Eh?’
  12. Giant Bomb must’ve been reading the thread, and this is all an elaborate ploy to make Ben seem awesome by comparison before his triumphant return.
  13. It looks ok. Combat is fairly samey, barring a few stylistic flourishes, but by far the weakest part looks to be the gunplay. Iron Man’s repulsors are all wrong, firing projectiles and making a weedy ‘plink, plink’ noise. I’m guessing that’s because they can’t use the sound effect from the movie? Whatever the case, it needs work and made his section look pretty dull. Similarly, Black Widow’s guns have no sense of ‘weight’ to their effects/reaction when an enemy is hit. I suppose it’s tricky to balance because you can’t just have your character ploughing through the enemies, but Thor taking three hammer hits to floor a generic goon was kind of ridiculous. Hulk was the only one that sporadically caught that sense of power and possibility that the game is obviously going for. They need to find a way to make the game more fantastical for the weaker characters as well, though I suspect that would mean going back to the drawing board. Hopefully things ramp up as the game goes on, but if that’s the case then it was a bad decision to show us a more pedestrian early stage.
  14. Indeed. Unfortunately, apologists for a tv show/film/game etc will often say you’re a stick in the mud when all you’ve done is demonstrate critical faculties.
  15. I think the biggest issue for me is that it felt nonsensical. Jessie will use the word when he wants to smoke in an airport, but not to talk down a load of armed psychos? You could argue that he just loves to fight, but when you consider what he wanted to achieve in that situation, choosing to do so was idiotic. I could imagine the writers saying ‘shit. Things have slowed down too much. Let’s throw in an epic fight scene because of reasons!’
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