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  1. It’s also a great series for cementing Chief O’Brien as the Sisyphus of the Star Trek universe. Doomed to forever push that boulder up the hill while Keiko shrieks at him.
  2. I wasn’t entirely convinced in the beginning, but found myself really enjoying this series as it went on. Final episode had a perfect feeling of being both expansive and claustrophobic
  3. Are we talking ‘GOT attack on Winterfell’ levels?
  4. Two things they got rid of on this console that really irritate me (I’m sure there are others, but these keep jumping to the fore): user reviews on the PSN store, and patch notes. Getting rid of user reviews is, obviously, a move that is in no way intended to benefit the customer, especially with only every one in fiftieth game having a demo anymore. I’m sure Sony will waffle something about review bombing, but honestly I never saw a game with a low rating and didn’t think ‘yeah, probably right,’ after checking out the blurb and the trailer. Patch notes were often a bit half assed on PS4, but certainly gave me an idea as to whether I wanted to seek out further details. Even ‘general bug fixes and performance improvements’ was useful, as often if the bugs were notable then those would otherwise be detailed. Removing this feature when most games subsist on a steady stream of patches, having often been released not quite finished, is unhelpful and unnecessary. Getting rid of the web browser isn’t quite as heinous, though certainly another irritation for me, as they listed it as one of the primary methods via which the console can be hacked.
  5. I found Finch to be slick enough, and Hanks does the best he can as a one man show, but it was all so utterly predictable that I could’ve watched the trailer and had almost the same experience. Even now my brain is struggling to hold onto specific details about it all.
  6. But you saying that means it must be awesome. Stop confusing me!
  7. It bought back a small amount of goodwill from me. I can only agree with the comment made earlier in the thread that everything just feels too safe thus far. I know these are the early stages of the invasion, but just seeing random casualties in a military camp isn’t sufficient. At least the plot strands now show signs of going somewhere interesting, but we’ve taken five episodes to get there.
  8. Season 3 will probably be the sweet spot for you. After that, they drafted in two hacks with little experience who slowly but determinedly turned FTWD into the absolute joke it is today.
  9. From what they’re saying on the reddit sub it’s currently a bit wobbly. PS4/5 in particular had a bug which deleted your saves pretty far into the game. Though it’s apparently now been patched, people are still wary.
  10. Pretty much any Kojima game. I used to have time to waste while he farted out exposition, or bearded me with endless codec screens, but the time between when you start his games and when you actually play them has only gotten worse. I mean, I suppose you’re technically playing MGSV by holding forward on an analogue stick as Big Boss staggers his way through a hospital for forty minutes, but only technically. Which is very frustrating to me as when you do get to the gameplay I often quite enjoy it. Death Stranding’s gameplay loop looks intriguing to me, but I’ll never play it as I know it hits you with several hours of waffle before you even get started. If you can blend story and gameplay then I’m there for it. If you can’t, then ffs have enough self awareness to get out of your own way.
  11. Good to hear that some have enjoyed it but I’m also pleased at the news that sales figures on this are way down from Far Cry 5. As we all know that’s the only thing that might make Ubisoft step back and reassess the formula in a more considered manner - as opposed to just chucking in a load of shit nobody asked for to try and keep things ‘fresh.’
  12. Not too surprising. For a series that took so long to be realised, you might’ve expected a fairly strong script but Y just felt really languid. The pentagon scenes were far less interesting than expected, and all the stuff on the road felt like I’d seen it a million times before. I haven’t read the comic so maybe it was one that would always have problems being made into a TV series. Not implying that would be a fault of said comic, however. I’ve read some excellent, ongoing ones in the past that just wouldn’t have worked as a series for one reason or another.
  13. ‘Working closely with Scott Gimple…’ He’s still employed at AMC? The guy single handedly almost killed TWD and FTWD with his breathtaking ineptitude, yet continues to fail upwards.
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