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  1. I dug out my old pair of gen 1 AirPods and the BT works fine - no crackling like with my Sonys. Odd that the much newer, more expensive buds have that issue. Hopefully it'll get patched, but I don't hold out much hope.
  2. Yep, I'm using the same ones. They're pretty new, so I imagine they're using the latest BT codecs. Maybe the Switch can't keep up? Edit: there are a few Reddit threads with people complaining about the same thing - static crackling sound through the WF-1000XM4s. Sigh. Back to wired, then.
  3. Also, is anyone using their Switch OLED with Bluetooth headphones? Mine connect without a problem and play fine...for about five minutes, then I get a micro-pause and after that I can hear a constant sort of crackling, popping sound in the background which remains until I disconnect and reconnect them. Very annoying.
  4. Ah, sorry - it's the Amazon app share link. Try this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09CMCZMPF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_D4SCQQ06JZA948WEV4XV
  5. I've got them already, and yes, they are very comfy, but I've gone back to the Joy-cons since getting the OLED and it's reminded me how much I've missed the rumble. Plus, they're fugly AF, and I don't want them tarnishing my pretty new console.
  6. There's also this knock-off Satisfye one from Amazon. Hmm. Edit: I've taken a punt on this one for £18. It's not quite as tacky-looking as the one above, and it's not got the Satisfye's asymmetric design, which I still find uncomfortable. I'll give it a whirl and if it's still crap then send it back.
  7. I may have to invest in some of these. As much as I like the new white Joy-Cons, my hands just start to cramp up after about half an hour of using them. I want to use the console more in handheld mode, but this is seriously limiting my ability to play it for longer periods. I had a Satisfye grip about two years ago and it still gave me pins and needles, although not as quickly as the basic Joy-Cons did.
  8. Just killed the first proper boss Anime as fuck. Loved it.
  9. @grungekid has two and will be selling one, I think.
  10. It's £22 on the Polish eshop. If you've never played it then it's an absolute must-have. I've played it on the Quest and via Game Pass and I'm tempted to pick it up again. Perfect handheld game.
  11. Lots of spoilers shooting around this thread! Tag that shit, yo.
  12. Haven't heard of them, no, but if you find anything out then let us know, as they look decent.
  13. Nothing has been announced so far, but it's on Steam, which suggests Microsoft don't have exclusivity. I imagine you'll just have to wait for it to be ported elsewhere, as it's only a very small team. It's received a very positive reception, however, so I imagine a port is in the works. Titan Souls, their previous game, came out on multiple platforms.
  14. I will say that, having gone back to the Joycons now, I do miss the rumble they provide. It definitely adds to the experience, especially in Dread. I might see about getting the Satisfye OLED grip, but it doesn't ship until the end of November, unfortunately.
  15. Played this for about an hour or so and enjoying it a lot so far. It feels much more old-school to me, in a good way, than Samus Returns did, despite that being a remake of 2. The EMMIs definitely create a certain amount of...dread when they're chasing you. Good stuff. Early days yet, but I'm hoping I can 100% this without a guide
  16. Just checked and the Horis fit the dock fine. Charging as normal. Purchase justified!
  17. With Ratchet and Clank, I think it helps if you think of it as a shooter rather than a 3D platformer with a mascot. It has those elements, obviously, but the more enjoyable gameplay comes from mucking about with all the weapons, swapping them frequently, chaining their effects together, and generally causing complete carnage. It's a very pretty, very solid 8/10 game, I think.
  18. Why? You didn't have to with the original Switch.
  19. Took me 3 attempts to get the bastard screen protector on properly But anyway, at least it's on now. And yes, as others have said, the new screen is lovely. I imagine I'll do a lot more handheld play now, despite also owning an OLED TV. The smaller resolution makes everything pin sharp. Shame the Joy-cons are as uncomfortable as ever, but the new white ones do look lovely. Anyway, back to Metroid!
  20. At the risk of sounding like a shill for the Back Pack Pod, today's was hilarious. The abysmal Michael Caine impressions especially
  21. There are at least a few still ahead of you, IIRC. Some of them are fiendishly hidden. I would get to the end of the mountain area, then have a go at doing one final clean-up before the last boss (which will be pretty obvious). You can use a guide at this point, if you want to, but I found it was more fun to do it without. You can always come back to mop up anything you missed after the credits, too, and there are some things you can't do until you've finished the game.
  22. Probably a stupid question, but is it any more comfortable to hold? I'd really like to just use the white Joycons, but if they're as uncomfortable to hold as the regular ones after five minutes then I'll be forced to swap them out for my ugly ass (but much more comfortable) Hori Pad Split Pros.
  23. It'll be interesting to see the response to this from the Japanese gaming press, seeing as DQ is a religion over there.
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