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  1. Ta-da: Cliffy B on colour:
  2. From the end of the Eurogamer Preview: "Snow-capped peaks" and Locust castration by chainsaw FTW . Having some massive big alien-bug boss pop out of the snow in a blizzard, a la Lost Planet, would be awesome. And I really don't get why people can berate each other so much about colours in a game. The developers are trying to make things look realistic, therefore, if they've created a location full of dirt, rocks and army vehicles, then the environment is going to look grey/brown/black because that's what dirt, rocks and army vehicles look like. The characters are in a mountain range of some sort so the trees are going to be dark evergreens, not cherry blossoms or palm trees. It's misty and, according to the developers, approaching winter; the sky's going to be pale blue. Unless you're walking through a meadow of wildflowers in the summer time, nature tends to stick to it's own limited palette and 'vibrant' colours a largely artificial.
  3. "Grand Theft Biggleswade". I find it scary that I tend to agree with everything he says though.
  4. I think I got 980 from it, the last 20 being for playing it for over 50 hours I believe. 'Hoghurt' looks like a bad ass.
  5. As far as games look, I would much rather prefer a game with no pop-up, framerate issues or screen-tearing that looks decent, rather than one that looks amazing in screenshots but when you play it is a buggy, distracting mess. This was the case immediately in Lost Planet and when I watched the latest Ratchet and Clank game being played on a PS3. A part of me is very cynical when I see beautifully rendered screen shots of upcoming titles that I know are just simply too glossy to run smoothly on current consoles (Banjo 3, Fable 2) unless the developers get it absolutely spot on. Things like people running through furniture and feet going through steps when I just find so annoying and it obstructs hugely from the rest of the game's visuals, no matter how nice they look standing still (re: Assassin's Creed).
  6. Oh yeah, where you had to hit the egg? What made you do that if you hadn't read anything about it before hand and you knew that hitting the eggs with the shovel would destroy the Pinata? The zebra one as well, I seem to remember. You had to feed a horse some really obscure items that normally you would have not incentive to do so. A frog as well I think you had to make ill then hit with a stick or something to turn it into a toad. I think I discovered the firefly one by mysel but by complete accident (it flies through the torch and sets itself on fire).
  7. It was indeed a lovely game. There was a fair bit of trial and error and a few annoying bugs in places, but overall it was gorgeous to look at and raising your animals was pretty wholesome. One thing I do hope they improve is the amount of information they give you about the secret Pinatas. With most of them there was absolutely no way of knowing how to attract them or transform current Pinatas into special ones without coming on here or looking on GameFAQS to find the answers. It's been so long since I played it that I can't think of any specific examples (the unicorn? maybe) but half of what the leaf woman said was just lies and couldn't be depended on. It would have been much more satisfying to breed or attract the special ones through your own intuition through subtle hints that the game gives you than just looking up the answer on the internet, especially seeing as a large chunk of the game's target audience would be under ten years old. Something like closely-reading an encyclopaedia on a long lost Pinata so you could find its attraction requirements would be good. There should definitely be some Dinosaur pinata DLC as well.
  8. It's not your Xbox, it's the game. To be more specific, in between when it freezed and when it didn't I watched about five hours of three different DVD disks. I didn't have to delete my progress or the cache when I booted it back up - it just worked. Try this and if it still doesn't work take it back an explain that yu know it's definitely not the console, just the disk.
  9. I think they're brilliant and always have been.
  10. I practically resonate nostalgia when I watch this clip. Quistis. FUCK YEAH!
  11. I went through a period where I couldn't get five steps from the second safehouse without the game freezing. No DRE, just completely still. I left it for about two days, swapped the disks round at least twice to watch DVDs, before turning it on yesterday and everything being fine. I suggest leaving it well alone for a few days and then when you go on it again change your clothes when inside a safe-house before it freezes. This seemed to help me for some reason. Perhaps the disk just thinks that my brown loafers clash so much with my green trousers that it decides to kill itself at the first opportunity.
  12. *Sigh* My game keeps freezing. There's not a scratch on it and I'm playing on a less than sixth month old Elite.
  13. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.
  14. -The Smiths: bleurgh. -Modest Mouse: 'Good News for people who love Bad News' is a good album, it's not great and it's certainly not anything to rival 'Funeral' by the Arcade Fire. 'Float On' is brilliant, but 'The Moon and Antartica' and their latest album especially are mediocre to poor. -Destroyer: I've listened to 'Destroyer's Rubies' at least ten times and find it pleasant, but that's about it. The guy just talks for forty minutes and I can't remember a single chorus or riff. -The Hold Steady: 'Boys and Girls in America' and 'Seperation Sunday' I both find fairly boring. There's some interesting ones on there but I've never been overawed.
  15. Same here, although I was still cool enough to slide all the way down to the bottom of the ladder. I was wearing a suit with a red tie at the time and felt remarkably Agent 47-ish. Such a great game B).
  16. 1. Where do you shoot the cars to make them blow up instantly? In the previous games it was the petrol cap, but I can never seem to see it on any of the cars. You definitely can blow them up, I've done it randomnly many times. 2. Where the hell are all the hookers?
  17. Park the car in the yellow parking space outside the safe-houses, if that's what you're talking about.
  18. I don't think you can--they must have run out of buttons by the looks of it. Trying to shoot another driver is pretty had a lot of the time anyway, in my experience you're much better off sending a spray of bullets towards the tires and then banging into the car to send it flipping over. Much more satisfying . How does the camera angle infulence your brakes?
  19. Yes! I was wondering when this was going to rear its head. SoT and T2T were two of my favourite last-gen games. I hope they keep the stealth kills.
  20. How do you drive properly? At the moment I'm braking before I turn, as I would in reality, but it's a bit anti-climatic when you're in a bitching high-speed chase and have to slam on the brakes to make a corner. Braking whilst cornering just locks the car up and you can't move at all, you just carry on forward more slowly, into a nearby wall/pedestrian. The Hand-brake button seems to automatically cause my car to perform a 180 turn, putting me face to face with the cops that are pursuing me... Anyway, it's fucking ridiculously awesome, obviously. Best bit so far has easily been One question: who the heck is that I'm now at my second safe-house Fucking ridiculously awesome B)
  21. Oi! Where should I pre-order this from? B)
  22. It's probably been mentioned a fair few times before, but what's the best place to pre-order the standard 360 version from?
  23. Trouble is was that the one I'm on about wasn't even the final dungeon, but the penultimate one, I believe. The last one looked nice and interesting by comparison.
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