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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought. I've read a few things about MS not being especially worried about their hardware sales next gen and will focus more on their software and services through X-Cloud and Games Pass, so this lack of Xbox exclusives seems to coincide with that.
  2. Hmm. I think I'll just keep imagining him as Jay. I enjoyed your most recent Sekiro Sunday video, by the way, even if you didn't seem to . I found that the best tactic for his third phase was to bait his lightning attack, as it's relatively easy to counter and deals a lot of damage. Not that you were asking for any advice...
  3. Ok, I see. Assuming you've got the space, money and expertise to buy and put together a good gaming PC, however, is there any reason for choosing a Scarlett instead? I'm not trying to be contrary; I'm genuinely thinking about what I'm going to buy next gen.
  4. Do you mean £500 is an underestimate?
  5. I think I'm right in saying that you can build a PC nowadays for £500 that will run everything you can throw at it in ultra settings, so I think they'll be fairly comparable.
  6. Apologies if this question has been asked previously: what arguments are there for getting a Scarlett over a gaming PC, given that Microsoft said earlier in the year that all future exclusives will be 'Microsoft' exclusives, available on Windows and Xbox, as opposed to Xbox only? Apart from the usual reasons for choosing a console over PC, are there any other major reasons? I imagine they'll both be a similar price for the same amount of power, you can use a Xbox pad with a PC, Gamepass is now on PC, and if you opt for a PC then obviously you have access to PC exclusives as well as the Xbox exclusives, plus the PC is a lot more upgradeable. The only other reason I can think to opt for Scarlett over PC is if you're tied to the Xbox for social reasons. Having said that, am in right in thinking that there's lots of crossplay now between Xbone and PC games anyway? My reason for asking is that this gen I've opted for PS4 and Switch and have missed out on some exclusives (the handful that haven't been ported elsewhere, anyway), but next gen I'm thinking PS5 and PC so I can cover all bases.
  7. Which one are you? Good work, by the way! Does Dave look like Jay from the Inbetweeners? That's who I see in my head when I listen to him, probably because of the accent.
  8. TCGS has become a staple of my commute, so thanks once again for all the recommendations. They talk over each other a bit sometimes, but their discussions are always interesting and occasionally very funny, even if I don't agree with all they say. I'm looking forward to the GOTY show. I've also listened to a few more Cane and Rinse episodes for games that I've enjoyed and continue to be impressed. I also learn something new and interesting from each episode I listen to, which is a bonus. I tried one of the Bonfire Chat episodes that @Stanshall mentioned, the one on Painted World of Ariamis, but, despite enjoying Souls a lot, I didn't really get on with it, mostly because it just felt a bit waffly. I might give it another go, however. Good stuff
  9. I'm going to try to get through Astral Chain over the next few weeks, then I'll be posting my votes and comments. I've actually managed to play more games from the current year this year than I have in previous years, if that makes sense. Probably not. It's going to be very interesting this time around. Whereas in the last two or three years we've had one or two absolute certs, I think it's really hard to tell this year. At the start of 2019 I would have put money on Sekiro taking it, but although it's a very good game, lots of people have either not played it due to the difficulty or have found it too hard and abandoned it.
  10. Cheers. I managed it shortly after posting that, typically, then did the same on the last track after a few goes. I think I'll leave it there, though. Apart from paring down my lap times, which doesn't really appeal to me, there doesn't seem to be much else to do, unfortunately. Grand Prix mode feels like a bit of a slog, especially against the infallible AI opponents, and I tried a few times last night to get an online game but there was nothing going. I imagine the simplicity of it will make it a decent couch multi game, so I'll save it for when I've got mates round. I've had my £2.50's worth, so I'm not too bothered, although I do think that this is another case of nostalgia fuelling the hype.
  11. I don't really understand this game. I've come 1st place on the beginner's track playing on normal and am top of the (in-game leaderboard). I'm trying to do the same thing on the intermediate track, however, and am learning the course, but I haven't yet been able to actually complete a full 5 lap race because midway through the final lap I typically run out of time and get the game over screen. Am I racing the other cars or the clock? Is it possible to beat the clock in any position less than first? Normally when I run out of time I'm in third or fourth place.
  12. I haven't checked in on this thread since the controversy that surrounded the launch of the game. Is it good? Does it do anything to separate it from just any other Pokémon game?
  13. Yeah, that was my first impression too. Surely, as an arcade game, it would be blasting out tunes constantly to draw attention from the other cabs?
  14. Is there a way to have the background music playing continuously so that it doesn't just come on for a few seconds then fade out every time you cross a checkpoint? It's probably a quirk of the original game, but it's a bit jarring. I might just listen to music while I'm playing it with the sound off altogether.
  15. I've finished the game now and posted my full impressions in the completed games thread, but I just wanted to emphasise that I think this is definitely the case as well.
  16. 30. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch) Initially, I absolutely adored this and was convinced it was going to be the best Nintendo game since Odyssey. I’ve made the comparison in the dedicated thread already, but to me the focus on uncovering secrets coupled with the diorama-like, densely-packed rooms put me very much in mind of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, a game I really enjoyed (and, somewhat appropriately, one I remember comparing to the original Luigi’s Mansion when I first played it). As I carried on, I continued to be impressed by the diversity of the different levels and the creativity on show, especially when it came to the boss fights, each of which felt unique. Tracking down the hidden collectibles, for the most part, was a fun challenge, and the developers managed to wrestle everything they could out of Luigi and Gooigi’s limited movesets to make finding them varied and interesting. The game looked wonderful from start to finish, too, with the stellar animation and facial expressions we’ve come to expect from these games throughout, and although my Switch started audibly whirring at points, the performance seemed, to me, consistently solid. Unfortunately, however, having now finished the game, there are a couple of issues which have been significant enough to dampen my overall enjoyment of it, the biggest being the controls. While he’s not supposed to be as lithe or as acrobatic as his older brother, Luigi feels cumbersome to handle and overly-slow to react to what you want him to do. When you’re guiding him around rooms and tentatively exploring, generally this isn’t an issue. As the game wears on and enemy encounters become both more frequent and crowded, however, his sluggishness often becomes frustrating; his need to spend a few seconds getting up to speed each time you want him to run somewhere is particularly irritating. The ungainliness of the controls becomes especially apparent in boss battles - repeatedly getting hit as you run around trying to figure out which combination of hoovering, flashing, plunging and ground-pounding is the correct one for the particular enemy you’re facing just isn’t much fun. When combined with the fixed camera, which can often feel markedly restrictive in these scenarios, it ends up taking a lot of the sheen away from the otherwise spectacular boss encounters. I’d recommend stocking up on the golden bones (that essentially give you extra lives) if you want to avoid some exceptionally aggravating fights later on. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record (because I feel like it’s a criticism I seem to be levelling at a lot of games recently), the game is also too long. My playthrough took me nearly 17 hours, which seems fairly standard nowadays, but the game still felt over-worn by the end, especially the notorious Polterkitty sections, which constitute probably the boldest demonstration of padding I’ve witnessed in a Nintendo game since the Triforce collectathon at the end of Wind Waker. Admittedly, in those 17 hours I collected most (but not all) of the collectible gems and spent a large amount of time sniffing out every cash-filled nook and coin-stuffed cranny I could find, but by about floor 12 of 15 I was more than ready for the game to end. As a result, I ended up rushing through the last few levels and didn’t feel at all compelled to go back before the final boss to find the handful of gems I’d missed, whereas when I’d started the game I was enjoying myself so much that I was convinced I was definitely going to 100% it. I appreciate all that probably sounds like I didn’t enjoy the game, because I did, but ultimately the fact that it’s not as special as I initially thought it was going to be has left me with a sour taste. It’s a better game than the second one, and from what I’ve heard and read I think it’s actually at its best when played in co-op, especially with one of your kids if they're of an age for it. But all in all I think the fundamental gameplay loop has had its day. I hope Nintendo leave it at a trilogy, but seeing as they’ve got a track record for milking their IPs for all they’re worth, I highly doubt this will be the last game in the series. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see a Luigi’s Ghost Ship or Theme Park in the future, especially seeing as this often felt like it was becoming the latter anyway. 7/10 Playing next: As ever, I'm spoilt for choice but I'm trying to get through as many 2019 games as I can before the GOTY deadline. Virtua Racing is next. I've never played it before so here's hoping it lives up to the nostalgia-fuelled hype. Previous:
  17. Monster Boy is down to £13.50 on the Norwegian eshop, apparently. I played the demo and decided it wasn't for me, but it gets a lot of praise round these here parts from others.
  18. I agree with Bojangle up to a point, but while some of the more esoteric stuff in the game is fun to uncover for yourself, things which are required to progress but which aee still very obscure, such as the ring that Hylian mentions, are frustrating, especially if you get all the way to the bit where you need it and then can't move on because you repeatedly die. I'd be very surprised if anyone got all the way through the first game without using a guide at least once. Moreover, certain entire areas in the game, such as the aforementioned PWoA and the fantastic DLC areas can be missed very easily and all but require a walkthrough to access. There's a fine line between good design which allows the player to figure things out for themselves by encouraging experimentation and bad design which frustrates the player and forces them to default to looking the answer up online.
  19. The way to get in is a bit obscure. Well worth it though!
  20. Have you done the Painted World? Best level in the game, if you ask me! But you're right: the latter half pales in comparison to the first.
  21. Aye, I've bought it! I got some cheap PSN credit from Shopto so it ended up slightly cheaper. God alone knows when I'll get round to it, though. Onto the pile it goes.
  22. What did you play it on? If I do get it then it'll be the PS4 version so I hope the performance is up to snuff.
  23. Thanks for posting that. The bloke certainly sounds passionate about the game, but, by his own admission, he is very personally invested in it at the same time. For the money, I'm tempted to just download it and give it a go, but I still can't figure out if it'll be worth my time.
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