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  1. 6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) - Switch I played this back on the DS years and years ago and have been plugging away at it again on the Switch as part of the Ace Attorney Trilogy over the last couple of months. I picked it up after listening to the Back Page Pod's Phoenix Wright special. It's still great: the twists, the turns, the drama, the silliness, the music, the ridiculous characters. The meltdowns the baddies have when you eventually call them out are all excellent fun. Some aspects are a bit dated now (the representation of women and effeminate men leaves something to be desired, and the mechanic where you have to restart an entire trial from the beginning if you balls it up too much can get in the fucking sea, especially when you're trying to second guess the game's, at times, distorted logic - why they decided to keep that feature when they ported it, I'm not sure), but, despite that, overall this holds up really well, even more so when you remember it's over two decades old. Plus, the art and colours look gorgeous on dat Switch OLED screen. If you haven't played it before, or even for a while, then there's nothing quite like it. The question now, though, is do I go onto the second one, which lots of people say isn't much cop, or just skip the story stuff and move straight to Trials and Tribulations? Unless there's no objection (), I think I'll probably do the latter. 8/10 Played this year:
  2. Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008) - PC I picked this up for about 60p, or something similarly silly, after Matt Castle said it was was one of the games of 2008 on the Back Page Pod. It was only once I'd started it that I remembered I'd already played and finished it, which my 360 achievements appear to confirm. Regardless, I've always had a soft spot for the Tomb Raider series, and for half an hour or so I was enjoying pootling about completing the platforming sections, solving the simple puzzles and generally, y'know, raiding tombs, which is something that the franchise appears to have forgotten about since the combat-heavy, blood-soaked 2013 reboot. Unfortunately, however, the camera, controls, clipping and collision detection in this are janky as old balls, so I had to stop playing. Maybe it's because I'm playing the PC version, or (more likely) it's because this game is now fourteen years old and I'm expecting it to be as polished as Uncharted 4, but I couldn't see myself finishing this so I decided to nip it in the bud. (Also, talking recently of embarrassing games, Lara spends the first level in a skimpy diving outfit with the camera wedge assertively up her backside.) Still, if you can see past that then I'd imagine this would still interest anyone looking to experience the final incarnation of Eidos' version of Tomb Raider before they were subsumed into Square Enix a year later. An interesting nugget of gaming history if nothing else.
  3. @sandman It's challenging, for sure, but I never found it frustrating: the checkpointing is generous (far more so than Dark Souls) and the bosses are all just pattern recognition. Moreover, a big part of what makes the game special is the satisfaction you derive from overcoming the challenges it throws at you. I'd definitely give it a go, at the very least. Nothing worth doing was ever easy.
  4. Right, I need to play my Quest 2 more as it's been gathering dust for months. I only really get to play VR quite late at night, once the living room is free and I've got some space to spread out, by which time I'm normally knackered and can't be arsed with the faff of putting it on. I got Asgard's Wrath for free at the end of 2020. It's a Rift game so I'd have to stream it from my PC to my headset, which is another layer of faff. HLTB also reckons it's nearly 30 hours long, which sounds uncomfortably long for a VR game. Has anyone here finished it? Is it worth it? The only thing stopping me from just deleting it is the fact that it got some excellent reviews when it first came out. Apart from that, I've got the following untouched: Shadowpoint Red Matter Resi 4 Until You Fall The Walking Dead: Saint's and Sinners I also need to decide if I'm going to finish the single-player stuff in Beat Saber, and whether I can be bothered to get to the credits on Rez Infinite.
  5. And done. Very, very good I've just read back through the thread. I definitely agree with some of the comments that have been made already: @Retroid - yep, definite Undertale vibes. @Alan Stock - yes to everything you've said about the ending: Separately, I've got the Epic Games Store version so I don't think I can install Kaycee's Mod, but I take it the fundamental card game is quite similar to Slay the Spire's? I've had that on Switch for three years now and have never properly checked it out, and seeing as I loved the the card game in this, I should probably rectify that...
  6. 5. Inscryption (2021) - PC I enjoyed this a great deal, but it's absolutely one of those games where to say too much about it would immediately spoil it. Suffice to say, if you own a PC that can run it (and the requirements are pretty modest) then it's definitely a game to check out, even if you don't typically enjoy games of this type; I'm not normally one for rogue-like card games, but once I got into this I found I couldn't stop playing. Compelling, disturbing, very clever and entirely unique. A definite recommend from me, and the best game I've finished so far in 2022. 9/10 Played this year:
  7. Do you rate those speakers? I keep seeing them popping up. They're very cute. Also, how come you've got a Series S with a PC? Very nice set up, btw. Super clean!
  8. Where's best to start with Hitman? I played 2 on the PlayStation 4, did the opening level by the beach and the race track level, but I always found it a bit overwhelming and craved some more direction. I never really got how to play the game and sold it on in the end, but now it's on GP I'll give it another go and will try to see what the fuss is all about.
  9. Are you actually going to play those games as soon as you buy them, though? Horizon and Elden Ring, for example - are you going to play both of those massive open world games simultaneously? Why not get one, play it, then get the other one? By that time the hype will have died down and you might feel less inclined to make the impulse purchase.
  10. I've not played NStW, but it sounds like a pretty different game from DD, and DD is brilliant. Whynotboth.jpg I imagine NStW would be good to play when you get to the bits in DD that you find difficult, but it's definitely not as hard as Dark Souls was the first time around. The checkpoints are a lot more generous, for one.
  11. The Back Page read out my question about CUBE magazine in their latest mailbag episode . CUBE was how I found this forum in the first place, I think.
  12. Fair enough - I didn't get far enough into it to see! I distinctly remember there being a focus on a girl's clevage in one of the opening cutscenes, though, so that rang alarm bells straight away, and the bits where you can take them out for tea were...weird. Definitely wouldn't want the wife walking in on me playing those bits. This sort of shit: It's a shame, because I loved the 3DS FE games and don't remember anything quite so overt in those, but that could be rose-tinted specs. Edit: Actually, the character in the pic above is supposed to be older, IIRC, so that undermines my point some what, but there were definitely lots of very thirsty young ladies in that game (thirsty for tea and other things). It was all a bit much.
  13. Inscryption blog #369 I only get a couple of hours to myself in the evenings, and that's if I'm lucky, but this has completed monopolised my leisure time. It's 'triffic. Can anyone give me a non-spoilery indication of how much more I've got left to go? It feels like I've been playing for a while now and things are coming to a head a bit more, but then again
  14. Me too. The worse captcha of all time. I couldn't believe it once I'd done 5 of them and then it said '5/20'. It even threw this at me, making the mouse the same colour as the cheese, just to keep me on my toes: Then, when I finally got access to my account, despite have 2 step verification on, I'm met with: Rubbish.
  15. I can't remember, to be honest, although I do seem to recall how the game essentially confronted the player character for being a perv.
  16. I don't know if "embarrass" is the right word, but there's definitely games which make me cringe, mostly Japanese games which feature perving on underaged girls: Yakuza, Persona, even Phoenix Wright. These are all games I've enjoyed but ones where I have to try to ignore the perviness. The Switch Fire Emblem game, where you're encouraged to seduce your students, was a step too far for me, and a big part of why I ultimately abandoned it. I've never really understood the justification for that, particularly in Japanese games with a certain aesthetic. I know some people try to hand wave it away by muttering about how the sexualisation of young women is so woven into anime culture that to try to remove it is akin to cultural appropriation, or some such bollocks, but I can't say that argument has ever really held much water with me. Interestingly, I know a lot of people were repelled by Catherine when it first came out, but in that game the sexualisation was actually a theme that the narrative confronted, as opposed to just being there for some incidental titillation, like it is in the above-mentioned games.
  17. B-B-B-B-BOOM! Wordle 215 2/6 Today's gonna be a good day.
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