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  1. I've downloaded it, although when I'll play it, who knows.
  2. I like that the trophies in this aren't tied to the difficulty settings. God of War did the same thing and it actually spurred me on to go for the platinum and get everything out of the game that I could. More of this, please, game developers.
  3. Loved this game on the 360. Is the PC remaster 60fps, 4k and all the trimmings? Might be due a replay.
  4. Positive preview from GameSpot:
  5. Can you buy me one of those if I pretend to be your son for a bit?
  6. Furi (Switch) I beat the first two bosses but the third one is deeply tedious and you have to start from the very beginning if you die to him. No ta. I think the multi-stage boss battles in general are just too long, but the entire game is built around these, so I doubt I'd have gone on to suddenly start enjoying it more than I did. Performance on the Switch is pretty choppy, too. Next!
  7. Oh, I see. Well, in that case, do it afterwards. Can you go back to the main game after killing the final boss, then? I really can't remember. Could Harry still do the optional area I mentioned after defeating SoC?
  8. You'll get a 'perceptibly better' upgrade compared with consoles just from the boost 60 FPS gives you over 30 - it genuinely does make a difference, and once you've played at 60, it's difficult not to notice a game running at anything less. But, if you want something that can run everything on Ultra, in 4K and at 60FPS or more then, as a rough estimate, you'll need to spend at least £2000, likely more: a 2080, maybe even a 2080 Super, GPU will be £750+, then the same again for a Ryzen 9 chip, or the Intel equivalent, 32GB of RAM will be around £150, fans, PSU, case, SSD, etc. - all of that stuff will drive you up to £2K and beyond pretty quickly, then you'll need a 4K monitor or OLED TV to get the best out of it, which is another grand at least, so you're looking at £3-4K all in. If you want ray tracing turned on as well then that will hit your performance pretty hard, so to mainain a high FPS you'll have to spend more on a more powerful GPU - the 2080 Ti is pretty much your only option at this level. £20,000 is silly money, though, and overkill.
  9. Hey! I liked Gears 5. Anyway, turns out that even if you choose to download one of the standalone games it actually downloads the entire MCC. Oh well. I wanted to play Reach again as it is.
  10. It might be different with this game, but with DaS1 at least you had to replay a big chunk of the game again after defeating the final boss to be able to access the DLC content, and even then it's a late game area so you need to be levelled up. The DLC bosses in this are harder than anything in the base game, so you want to be going in on a high level, I'd say at least 80. I'm not sure whether the game lets you access the DLC after beating the base game's final boss, however, or whether you have to go almost all the way through NG+ again.
  11. Why on Earth is the standalone version of Halo: CE Anniversary 85GB?! That's more than Gears 5.
  12. Yeah - I didn't think about this stuff at all at the time. It's only since completing the game that it's occurred to me, so I guess it doesn't matter unless it takes you out of the moment. I always thought Bloaters where what you got when a really big fat bloke became infected.
  13. Man, he looks...different from how he looked when he composed for the first game:
  14. I played and enjoyed this on PS4 and then sold it on, but I might have to get the PC version for dem graphics. Still a fantastically good looking game.
  15. @skittles - definitely get yourself a decent chair if you're going to be playing for any length of time. That wooden (looks like) dining chair in the pic there will break your arse.
  16. I don't understand how the infected haven't all died out yet from starvation, like the infected do at the end of 28 Days Later. That bit with the infected in the snow still being alive after being frozen didn't make a huge amount of sense, either - they're not undead, like zombies are, so why haven't they all died of hypothermia? The fungus might take over their brains, but I don't see how it prevents them from being susceptible to things that would otherwise kill a person. It's the same when you blow one up and they can still drag themselves around, despite losing a huge amount of blood, not to mention everything else from the waist down. I guess you just have to suspend your disbelief, but they seemed almost completely synonymous with zombies in this game, whereas the first made them seem distinct.
  17. @robdood - if you look at your video compared with Harry's, she does a shit tonne of damage against him and his relatively massively health bar, but comparatively a lot less damage against you. The armour you're wearing doesn't look much heavier than Harry's, so how come you're taking so little damage? If you watch Harry's video, more or less every attack she lands against him takes off a chunk of health that it bigger than your health bar, yet it still takes 2 or more of her hits to kill you.
  18. Nice invinci-rolling @HarryBizzle in that vid against the Dancer! You've come a long way from that vid you made against the Abyss Watchers. Before you get to the end (and you'll know when you are), I'd definitely recommend both playing the DLC chapters as well as looking at a guide to see how to access a very obscure, but brilliant, optional area that you're very unlikely to stumble across by accident.
  19. A bit of a bulk update from me: Two Point Hospital (PC Game Pass) I played this for about 2 hours but ultimately just found it boring. I seemed to spend large amounts of time sitting about, waiting for things to happen, and the novelty of the different quirky diseases wore off almost immediately. Dull. F.E.A.R. (PC) I came to this one too late, I think. The shooting is quite good fun, but I couldn't deal with the cardboard corridors and dated graphics, and the M & K controls felt very clunky. Resogun (PS4) Despite not really being into shooters or chasing high scores, I enjoyed Nex Machina a lot, perhaps because each stage only lasted for a minute or so, if that, and because there was a lot of variety. Assault Android Cactus, which is very similar to Nex Machina in a lot of ways, I also really liked. This, by comparison, is more static and less smooth somehow, and I could never really get used to the way the stage wraps around on itself as it makes it difficult to see what's in the distance, so to speak. Good soundtrack, though. Alien: Isolation (PC Game Pass) I was very disappointed by this, after all the good things I've heard, and, like F.E.A.R., I think I've come to it too late after release. I played it for about three hours but just didn't find it scary and instead thought it was a bit tedious, spending a lot of time peeking round corners and waiting for big nasty to bugger off so I could get on and make progress. Maybe I played it too soon after Amnesia, as it borrows a lot from that game. Additionally, although the sound effects and ambient audio is very good, the voice-acting and writing is baaaaaaad, man. I think TLOU2 might have ruined a lot of games for me in this regard. Nioh (PS4) I haven't officially added this to my abandoned list, yet, although I'm not relishing the thought of going back to it. I played it a couple of months ago, completing the pretty rubbish tutorial level in the prison and doing half of the next level after that in the fishing village, but then dropped it after I got a new PC. I've now forgotten how to play it completely, however, what with the three different stances to learn, special attacks, rage meters, and all of the rest of it, so I know that I'll have to start over if I do go back to it, and I can't be arsed. I just know it won't be as good as Sekiro. Plus, I don't like how flagrantly it ripped off Souls. In fact, sod it - it's officially on my abandoned games list. Sorry, Nioh!
  20. It's good spec, though can't say I've heard of the brand. Your system will struggle to hit 144Fps at that (ultra-wide) 1440p resolution, however, on more modern games at high settings. If you're planning on playing lots of Overwatch on medium or high then that looks like a nice monitor, but otherwise I think you'd be better saving your money and buying a monitor at the same res but with a lower refresh rate.
  21. Unless you plan to play lots of competitive FPS games then 100hz is more than adequate. You may want to buy a 1440p, or QHD, as it's sometimes called, monitor in future, though. Your system will more than be able to handle it at 60FPS+ and, as you tend to sit closer to monitors than you do TVs, you'll definitely notice the improvement in res. I'm not sure what the deal is where you live, but in the UK you can get 27-32" 1440p monitors for around £200 at 75Hz. Higher Hz cost more, as ever. Don't worry about it for now, though. Enjoy your weekend!
  22. Is there a difference between the standalone version of Halo: CE Anniversary and the one in the Master Chief Collection? Which is the best version of the game to play?
  23. @Down by Law, nice. Do you have a capture card, or did you just stitch together loads of videos from using the share button?
  24. Yup, those incendiary rounds saved my bacon. There was a moment where I ran out and had to craft some as a clicker running towards me. I just managed to make them, load the shotgun and shoot from point-blank range before it got me. That felt good. I was like Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men:
  25. If a third game is as good as 1 and 2, then obviously it'd be great to have one, but I'd prefer to see a new IP from Naughty Dog first. They should do a PS5 'Remaster' of this for Christmas, then start working on a new IP for release in a few years' time, then TLOU Part III at the end of the PS5 gen, with maybe an Uncharted game in between. Easy
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