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  1. I've played this for about two hours on PS4 but I'm not convinced so far. It's seriously overwhelming, both in terms of its systems and number of useless objects to interact with onscreen, and has very obviously been designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. The combat feels very static as well. I really want to like it and I've read only good things, but I've not really played this type of game before, and I don't have either PS+ or friends with the game who I can play with, so I'll be playing entirely solo. I've gone for the female jester character, just for something a bit different. Am I likely to fall in love with it anytime soon?
  2. Hmm. Are you doing a handstand jump from the top of the tree? You should just sail up and over it.
  3. I just checked my profile and discovered I've played this game for "85 hours or more" over the last 17 days. Heh.
  4. Here we are, my opus! Mario of the Colossus (T8M-P67-5VF) Journey to a forbidden realm and slay three sacred beings. SotC is probably my game of all time, so I'd thought I'd have a go at doing a Mario version. I've included three colossi, various secrets and as many nods to the original game as I feasibly could. It's taken my fupping hours to finish and test, and at this point I'm pretty sure I'm all Mario'd out, for the time being anyway. Let me know what you think!
  5. Is this the rumoured Switch Pro, then? Guess we're going to have to wait for Switch 2 before we get Bluetooth support. I think I'll just buy an adapter.
  6. Glad you're all enjoying it! It was enough for me to just clear the bloody thing.
  7. This game should come with a "High salt content" warning on the box.
  8. Well done. Glad you liked it! I just checked the rankings and my Goomba course has made the top 100! This has made me extremely happy. GOTY.
  9. I was noodling about last night and ended up making a 20 second speedrun course. It's pretty simple and just focuses on jumping with good timing without any gimmicks, but I put a "Don't touch the ground" clear condition on to make it a bit more tasty. It took me quite a few attempts to clear, but I imagine for the likes of @David Heath, @Darhkwing and @joffocakes it'll be pretty easy. Try it out! Simple Stomp Speedrun [20 secs] (3FT-6HQ-4XG)
  10. Blimey. How did you find DoH without it?
  11. See previous page.
  12. The umbrella in pretty damn indispensable for some of the late game stuff.
  13. You tend to use them more strategically rather than offensively. The shuriken, for example, don't do much damage (at the start of the game, anyway) but you can use them to interrupt enemy attacks and pull down enemies who jump about a lot (which will be very useful with certain enemy types she'll encounter later). You can also learn a combat art early on that allows you to throw one and immediately follow with a homing slice, which is a great opening move that covers lots of ground and deals a decent amount of damage to unaware enemies. The flame vent is useful against mini-bosses who are susceptible to burn and is best used with oil urns. The axe is useful against shielded enemies and for braking posture. The loaded spear is useful against groups, etc. All the prosthetics have their uses, but you'll definitely use some more than others. Technically you could get through the entire game without them, though. It would just be harder.
  14. Woke up this morning to find my Goomba level (almost) in the EU top 100: It might actually have been in the top 100 at some point. Pity that there's nothing to tell you how high your level has been.
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