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  1. Just watched the first season of this on Disney Plus, and then the first episode of season 2. It's great, but very odd at times. I wasn't entirely sure about the 'Montague' episode from season one. The soundtrack is fantastic, though, and Darius is a hero.
  2. Are you referring to Canyon area near the Free Crow hideout? That bit's optional, just so you know. And yes, it's tough. There's another ice bit in the next area that's not optional, but is thankfully a lot easier to get through. A tip for the optional ice bit is that once you get to the third section, you can stand right next to the pillars and actually shoot all three activation stones from there; you don't have to shoot them while skating past them at speed, which is (I think) what you're supposed to do. Getting to that third platform is tricky enough, though.
  3. Not to sound contrary, but I'm finding this pretty hard work. I completed the first dungeon then stopped to have a go on Death's Door, which pulled me away from this entirely. Coming back to it now, I'm up to the desert area and am having trouble finding the will to keep playing. It's all a bit plodding and a wee bit dull, to be honest. I think the biggest problem is one of my own making, as I only played this for the first time back in 2015, on the Wii U, having missed it when it first came out. I thought that six years would have been long enough for me to have forgotten everything, but playing it now, a lot is coming back to me. Some of the puzzles are quite clever, but very simple and easy to solve, even without Fi literally telling you want to do. The combat feels very scrappy and unsatisfying, too, even now I've switched from motion to button controls. And that fucking beetle thing is sooooo slooooow. I'll keep going with it, but it feels like something to dip in and out of for 20 minutes or so at a time rather than devoting an entire evening's play to. Good thing it's on Switch, then, I guess.
  4. Cheers. I'd quite like to watch something like The Searchers or some Sergio Leone stuff in 4K if it gets remastered, but if it's not that different from the BD, especially with upscaling on 4K players (which, I guess, is a thing?) then I may not bother, especially considering the expense. @Marlew - have you had a chance to watch Ran yet? What's that like?
  5. What's the quality of older films like in 4K generally? Pre-60s stuff, I mean. I've seen a collection of four Hitchcock films, for example, but will there really be that much difference compared with the regular BD?
  6. Just ordered a refurbed UB820 off eBay for £220, which I didn't think was too bad. I've only watched 2 UHD discs so far, but faffing around with the Xbox controller last night watching Dunkirk, as well as the disc reading issues I had before with Parasite, was enough of a justification in my mind to buy a dedicated player, but maybe I'm just addicted to buying gadgets Anyway, Dunkirk looked utterly spectacular, *except* for some of the shots where you saw a dark plane in the distance travelling across a light background (like the sky, for example). There was definitely some kind of ghosting or smudging going on there around and behind the plane as it travelled across the picture. I'm not sure if this is the XSX or my TV (an LG B9), or just something you have to put up with. Once I get the UB820 I'll do a little comparison. It really was incredible to look at, though! Great film, too.
  7. Dunkirk (2017) I watched this when it first came out at the cinema and remember being a little cold on it, for some reason. I just watched it again this evening in 4K and now think it's amazing. Some of the shots are incredible, but the real star is the audio. The constant ticking of the clock, almost literally all the way through the film, along with the Zimmer strings and drones, make the tension palpable. I enjoyed it so much that, once it had finished, I sat and watched all the Making Of features as well, which were longer than the film itself, but still really interesting. Excellent. 5/5
  8. Fair enough. I don't think any of the secrets are particularly obscure, really. They get the balance spot on. I figured it out, so they can't be too tough
  9. 16. Death's Door (2021) - Xbox Series X More screens: I've posted about this extensively in the dedicated thread, so I won't say too much, except to say that this has knocked MH Rise off the top spot for my GOTY 2021. It's the best indie game I've played since Hollow Knight. I was compelled enough to 100% it, and it's to the game's credit that I never once felt like I had to use a guide to do so. A wonderful mash-up of Titan Souls, Dark Souls, Hyper Light Drifter and Zelda that still succeeds in carving out a unique identity for itself. Excellent music, animation, art style, characters and exploration, as well as some of the best level design I've ever encountered. The fact that it's made by a two-man team is seriously impressive. Brilliant! Go and buy it immediately.
  10. Interesting, thanks Is there a good website for keeping track of upcoming releases?
  11. Oh man. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there are some fantastic bits in this post-credits.
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