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  1. I presumed arrows as well because of the pots but didn't actually have the bow when I fought him. I guess the way I did it was for if you ran out of arrows. I'm up to Eagle Tower now as well. It's a far cry from the first dungeons in terms of intricacy!
  2. Was it not a pain in the arse getting up and down from the floor each time?
  3. Yeah, looks quite comfy. I think it'd have to be real leather, though, or fabric failing that as PVC tends to degrade and flake after a couple of years. Proper leather drives the price up, though. I feel like I should do some more research. Whenever I've done posture safety training at work we've always been told to have both feet flat on the floor and back straight, but that position never seems right for me if I'm in couch potato mode with a couple of beers. Then again, slouching back might be the reason I get uncomfortable in the first place.
  4. Thanks for this. I hadn't really considered getting one of these office-style chairs as I didn't think that sitting so up right would be comfortable, but I suppose it's better for my back. I worried about the wheels causing it to move round a lot as well, but I suppose once your weight is on it then it's not an issue.
  5. Do you sit at a desk with it or do you have in front of the TV with a footstool or something?
  6. Is that what you've got, Pockets? I seem to remember someone having one in the Gaming Setup thread recently.
  7. Ok, my bad. I happened upon the technique that makes it very easy, although the game doesn't drop any hints about this at all. It reminds me of A Link to the Past, although a lot weirder, sort of like what Majora's Mask was like to Ocarina of Time. I've not played Minish Cap, but compared with Phantom Hourglass it's a lot more obscure and less linear, which is both a good and a bad thing. Although they've obviously upgraded the graphics, the game design still feels very SNES-era in places and doesn't make many concessions to the player's time, certainly when compared modern games, which, again, you may or may not think is a negative.
  8. Man the dream shrine is some tedious shit. Think I'm going to stop playing for now.
  9. Cheers. That's the one thing I hadn't tried. Although if that works then I don't understand why bombing the shit out of him doesn't.
  10. I'm up to the fifth dungeon now and some of the 30 year old design 'quirks' are starting to piss me off. Why can I perform a running jump over some three-block-wide gaps and not others? Why can I move some wooden blocks and not others? Why doesn't my sword break pots? Why can enemies hit me through walls? Why does the game lock me in rooms against enemies who require bombs to kill and then not provide me with any bombs? It's good looking game (when the frame-rate isn't chugging) but aspects of the design are definitely showing their age.
  11. I thought Gone Girl was a great thriller, myself. Why didn't you like it?
  12. Seeing as we've made a thread for all of their other articles, I thought it wouldn't do to leave out books. Link. To my shame, I've only read about a dozen of them, though I own about quite a few that I've yet to read. The Road would probably be my number one, with the Amber Spyglass a close second. I've tried Wolf Hall a couple of times but never been able to get into it properly, so I'll suppose I'll have to try it again now.
  13. The water in this is gorgeous. So inviting. It's a shame Link just drowns every time he goes near it.
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