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  1. Apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but has it been confirmed that PS4 games will actually run better on PS5? Any reports of higher frame rates/resolutions?
  2. Got a link? Can't see anything on the official Twitter.
  3. I was thinking this, too. Square really need to get some better voice actors.
  4. Check out GOG Galaxy. It keeps all of your libraries together and works pretty well, in my experience.
  5. Looks like Final May Cry of Thrones.
  6. If I didn't already own a gaming PC then I reckon I'd plump for the XSS at £250, but as it is, I do have a gaming PC, so I don't see the need to own either console until at least mid-way through next year.
  7. I think it looks great, myself, although the PC release has thrown a spanner in the works. I currently have no reason whatsoever to get a PS5.
  8. I've put two and half hours into this so far and I can't say I'm terribly excited at the prospect of going back to it. To my mind, at least, it regularly invites comparisons to The Last of Us, as has been pointed out by pretty much everyone (including me in the title of this thread), but also to Red Dead Redemption 2, and it just doesn't match up to either game in more or less every respect, whether it's the world, the combat, the voice acting or the mechanics. I'm also surprised at how not good looking it is, after lots of people have carped on about the graphics. Maybe I've been spoilt by recent bouts of PC gaming, but I've noticed lots of clipping issues, pop-in, low-res textures and horrible vaseline smear, especially when riding your bike, and I'm playing on a PS4 Pro. Anyway, I've read that it takes a while to get going, but I'm only managing to eke out 30-45 minutes of gaming each evening at the moment and if this needs you to lay ten hours of groundwork before it starts to get interesting then I think I might quit while I'm ahead. When does it get good?
  9. Have Sony secured a timed exclusive for this, then, compared to the other consoles, at least? Has it been confirmed that it's Switch-bound at some point in the future? I'm still surprised that the first game was never ported.
  10. 29. Botanicula (PC) Botanicula is a surrealist point-and-click-lite from 2012 developed by the same Czech studio who created Machinarium (which I loved) and the recently-released Creaks (which I've yet to play but is high up on my list). In it, you play as a group of five seed/bug creatures who are on a quest to descend the tree that they live in so that they can plant a seed in the ground, which will hopefully kill the spider-like beings who have begun to take over their home. Like Machinarium, it's entirely dialogue-free and is made up of a string of self-contained puzzles that don't rely so much on Lucas Arts-esque adventure game mechanics (whereby you collect a repertoire of eccentric items that you have to figure out how to use in specific ways) but rather on clicking upon and manipulating things you can see on the screen, often in a particular order. As a result, the puzzles themselves are pretty easy (I only had to use a guide once as I'd missed something) and don't require you to make the twisted leaps of logic that the likes of Monkey Island, et al, require, but are nonetheless quietly satisfying and lead to a more or less fustration-free experience. What elevates the game, however, is the striking art style, the blurriness of which succeeds in making you feel like you're watching the antics of a race of quirky little creatures under a microscope, in addition to the sound design, which is excellent throughout, all of the 100+ Flanimal-like organisms you encounter being lent their own, distinct personalities by the wonderfully squeaky, chirpy, farty noises that they all make. Overall, I'm not sure how memorable this will prove to be, but I thought it was a charming and oddly wholesome little game that made me smile. I finished it in two sittings today and got to the credits in about three and a half hours. Recommended if you've enjoyed the rest of the developer's output, or like weird games in general. 7/10 Completed this year:
  11. This game's fantastic, and not too long, either - I 100 percented it in less than 10 hours.
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