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  1. Why don't you just go on his profile when he's in bed?
  2. Try going into layout mode first (down on dpad), then into wall mode (+), then select the record from your pocket (x) or from storage (right on dpad).
  3. You can set up parental controls for stuff, I believe. It's a brilliant game.
  4. Anyone open with lilies, mums or roses?
  5. Yup. I'm open to friends. 94 per nip.
  6. I'll open up to friends with turnips at 94 but will be AFK for some of it. If you can leave me some flower seeds of your choice I'd appreciate it - lilies, mums and roses preferred. Help yourself to what's at Nook's. Able sisters open. Haven't harvested my fruit yet so please leave that, and watch the flowers, eh?
  7. 94 at mine Any one with a lower price open? I'll leave a turnip tip!
  8. I've kind of made peace with the eggs. As someone else mentioned, you can craft them into beds for easy money, or use them as gifts for your animals, or as steroids to allow you to move trees. The sky ones can be ignored and I just leave any mid-sized fish shadow alone now. If I'm fishing for something in particular I'll always bring bait anyway, which negates the issue. Anyway, who's going all out on nips in the morning? I've only got 150k in the bank but I'm hoping for a low buying price. The Nook bastards have been offering me sub-80 bell prices all week, so if they're anything higher than that tomorrow then I'm gonna make mittens out of the pair of them.
  9. I'm surprised you all managed to get through so many 2019 games, to be honest. I haven't yet played half the games your were discussing. Is Remnant: From the Ashes that Soulslike with guns? I'd dismissed it before now but may go back to it seeing as it made your shortlist.
  10. Oh, sorry - I thought you meant you were but AFK. Don't worry if you're busy.
  11. Will be along shortly and then over to @NexivRed.
  12. I've got you on my friends list but don't think I've visited before. Can you open up so I can bring bells? After that you should be able mail order the chair to my island
  13. Ooh, yes please! I'll send some money. What's your AC name and island?
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