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  1. Have you tried watching YT vids? That'll probably be more effective than a guide. And if I'm stuck on a boss in any game I'llg ive it a few runs where I just try to survive for as long as possible without attacking whatsoever. It's a good way to learn the moveset and the tells. Then, once you're confident, you can start slowly, patiently attacking once more. That's what got me through Hollow Knight, Sekiro and Cuphead.
  2. Possibly. Didn't get the invasion message, however. I'm not sure where his invisible control panel is, either.
  3. Yeah, it was very odd. Seemed like a bug, to be honest. I hacked one of the turrets, so maybe that killed him but the game wasn't ready for me to do that yet, which is why nothing reacted.
  4. In the Complex area: Similar to the Dishonored games, I find this pretty damn confusing at times. Still enjoying it, though, but it often feels like there's a bit too much to keep track of at once. There are a lot of proper nouns to keep track of. Is there a way to re-read the summarised versions of the notes you find? I often find these more useful than the notes themselves, but they don't stay on the screen for very long.
  5. Thanks for this. Does residium disappear at the end of each time period, or the end of each day? There was a tool-tip about it, but I can't remember, probably because it was one of ten different tooltips I was being shown in quick succession.
  6. I'm a few hours into this now and enjoying it, but definitely finding it all overwhelming. I've got my head around infusions, just about (though I never seem to have enough residium), but I get the feeling that I'm not really playing the game the way it's meant to be played: instead of killing the visionaries in elaborately nefarious, Hitman-like ways, for example, I'm mostly just sneaking up behind them and shooting them in the back of the head, which is effective, but a bit boring. Like with Charlie Montague, for example - I read a note suggesting there was something I could do with his computer AI robot thing, but I wasn't sure what, really, so in the end I just ended up shooting him. The time before that I shot Harriet through a window, and that was her done. Same with the scientist woman (or women) before her - there was something about depressurising one of the rooms, I think, but I just ended up brute-forcing my way through with turrets and grenades. It feels like I'm missing opportunities to do cool things, but then I guess I'll be killing these same targets over and over again before the end of the game, so I'll have lots of opportunities to experiment. Anyway, I've picked up and infused two slabs so far. Is the general idea just to get all the slabs you can at this point, then figure out ways to kill two visionaries at once per time period? I'm guessing that's what the game will get you to do, anyway, seeing as there are eight visionaries and four time slots throughout each loop. I also made the mistake of turning off subtitles originally, but they're all but required, really, if you're going to be able to figure out what's going on. Oh, and I'm loving the Dualsense feedback in this!
  7. I'm very tempted to pick up this EXCELLENT FUCKING VIDEOGAME for my shiny new Switch OLED, but the £36 price tag is making me hesitate, especially as I already own it on PC (where I paid about £9 for it, or something). I know it's the same price on Xbox and PS5, but still... Are pre-orders for the physical Switch version live anywhere? It's due 'Early 2022', apparently, but I can't find anywhere to pre-order it from.
  8. I've not played it myself, but I've been hearing lots of good things about Grime, which is a Soulslike Metroidvania. The Bonfireside Chat guys really like it. It's on my list, anyway.
  9. I watched all of this today and last night and thought it was very enjoyable. Reminded me a lot of a Stephen King story. I thought some of the episodes went on for a bit too long, but the cinematography was great, as were some of the performances. The priest's especially. Definitely recommended, and it's great that it's a self-contained thing you can watch over a weekend.
  10. It's not especially Hades-like because the runs take so long, and there's not so much of a focus on story and engaging with NPCs. It's quite unique in a lot of ways, really. It feels like Nex Machina in the hands - your avatar is very nimble and quick, and the shooting is pretty fast, too - but obviously it's from a behind-the-shoulder third-person perspective. The atmosphere is also different from Housemarque's other stuff: you really do feel like you've been plunged into a hostile, alien world with no means of escape. It's reminiscent of Metroid Prime in that respect. The movement and shooting also reminded me of the old Lost Planet games that came out a few gens ago now, if you ever played those. It's great!
  11. The delay is disappointing, but to be expected. If anything, I was thinking they'd put it back a bit longer. I'm hoping we don't end up in a Cyberpunk situation where they put it back repeatedly. I've got both this and HZD pre-ordered, though, so if it's a toss up between the two then I'll off Horizon for a month or three.
  12. Haven't these rumours about a remaster/patch been churning about forever and a day? Don't tease me!
  13. Yeah, I agree - by the time you get to the final boss, you've already fought several which require you to finish them off with the counter move, so it didn't come as a shock, and it's a pretty generous window.
  14. It's very good, and very Prime-esque in a lot of ways. Once I'd finished it, however, I can't say I had any urge to play back through it again and track down the stuff I'd missed, unlike with this.
  15. @HarryBizzle - I'd recommend leaving the exploration stuff until last; the game funnels you along fairly linearly, and if you go off the critical path you'll just get annoyed when you come across a block you can't break yet, or a door you can't open, then you'll have to backtrack to where you were. Obviously, if you see a pickup you can reach then go for it, but you might find the game less frustrating if you go with its flow. I agree, however, that you pick up items a bit too quickly in this, especially towards the end. It makes each one seem incidental, as opposed to meaningful, because there are only a handful of situations where you need each one. Like the Ice Missile, for instance - I think I used it's freezing properties for one particular section, and then never again, and forgot I had it. Because upgrades come so thick and fast, you're also not given that much of an opportunity to practise with them, either. I didn't properly get the rhythm down for the continuous jumping, for example, until quite late in the game. That said, I still don't think I've had my fill of this quite yet. Going to start up a hard mode run later and see how far I get before I've had enough, I think.
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