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  1. Through the castle and really getting into this now. I hope I get there chance to go back there as there were a few treasures I missed. Sometimes a room will be red on the map and yet I've combed every inch of it.
  2. I can't say I remember that bit from the 7 catch up you can watch at the beginning
  3. That bit in the castle where lol wut?
  4. I had my second session this evening and am enjoying it more now that there's some actual gameplay to get my teeth into, even if, as @Moz describes, it still feels very on rails in places. The lighting effects are very impressive, and I'm enjoying the silly story. Although the amount of times Ethan has been impaled, severed and mutilated within the first two hours is pretty comical. And for those people who have bought this physical and are disappointed with the 10hr run-time, what's to stop you from selling it on once you're done with it for a £10-20 less than you paid? That's wha
  5. Sporadically, in big lumps, or smoothly and consistently, like a loose slurry? What consistency are we talking here?
  6. I think I only watched the one trailer. I know about Lady D,
  7. I played the first hour last night. Thought it was ok, but I'm itching to get into it properly. The shooting feels a bit weightless at the moment, but I am only using the handgun. I keep pressing R1 and accidentally healing myself. And for a bloke whose
  8. I watched The Phantom Menace last night for the first time in what must be at least 15 years. What a bizarre film it is. It's a kids' movie, but its opening premise centres on a political conflict between a trade federation and a lesser-known planet. The acting is pretty much uniformly terrible, especially from the little boy who plays Anakin, who's given far too many lines for someone of his ability, bless him, and from a script that has all the subtlety and nuance of a lightsaber to the groin. Jar Jar really is just rubbish, not to mention racially problematic, especially in 2021
  9. Did we? I've been busy with work recently so I haven't been online as much as usual. Apologies if I missed it!
  10. The Xbox Series X and S are half a year old on Monday, the PS5 on 19th May, so I'm a touch premature here, but I was interested to know what people's impressions have been of the new generation of consoles six months (ish) after their UK release dates. Speaking for myself, I got my XSX just before Christmas. I bought it with the intention of having it as my main games playing device, but to date I've only actually played through one game on the console, Ori and the Will O the Wisps, which I thought was great, although not really 'next gen', seeing as it was an Xbox One game. Thanks
  11. Thanks for this. I've got my 599 Senns, which are only 50 ohm, or my Steelseries 7 headset, which is probably even lower, so I'll try both.
  12. What difficulty does everyone recommend? I've heard the default is quite easy.
  13. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I currently listen to my PS5 via stereo headphones that are plugged into my headphone DAC amp, which is, in turn, connected to my TV via optical. Will that give me this fancy 3D audio, or do I have to connect my headphones to the PS5 controller?
  14. I've just ordered this for PS5 from Tesco for £35! Collecting tomorrow
  15. Just seen this SW chat on the previous page. I've currently got in my basket: Star Wars: Legacy (Vol 1) KOTOR (Vols 1-3) Star Wars Omnibus, EPs I-VI Star Wars Omnibus, Emissaries and Assassins All for £6.34. Are there any others you'd recommend to a Star Wars noob? Preferably 90s or later, as opposed to the 70s stuff. Also, it I buy something on Comixology, does anyone know if I can read it on the Kindle app?
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