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  1. Do you actually though? I don't. As has been pointed out, Souls is at its best when it places you in claustrophobic, tightly-constructed levels. The more open areas are often the weakest in the game (motherfucking swamps especially). I want this to be an entirely new IP. Dark Souls is brilliant, but it's done now.
  2. Well, not something entirely different, but I don't just want Dark Souls 4: Open World Souls.
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it doesn't look that impressive to me. Granted, it's some grainy footage of a video with lots of watermarks over it and a baby crying in the background (unless that's the game?), but I can't really see anything there to justify some of hype that has been posted in response to it. It looks...ok, but I'm worried by the fact that the combat looks more or less identical to DeS and DaS 1-3, right down to the weapon animations, as @Marlew highlighted, but also things like Magic Weapon and Homing Soulmass. It could almost be from the same univers
  4. Well it definitely looks like Souls.
  5. VERY happy with Blasphemous. That's been on my wishlist for a while. This sort of fits in with the thread I made the other day, though - by waiting for this to be free the indie devs of that game are not going to see a penny of my money...
  6. The second one only appears after about a minute and a half, or once the first is down to 20%, so your priority should be killing the first as quickly as possible - two-handing your weapons, using your biggest spells, applying pine resin to your sword, etc. Once the first one's down you can kite the second to the central brazier and just bait him into pouncing, after which you can get some attacks in. You can also target and chop off their tails, which prevent them from powering up or doing the poison spit attack, but the powering up animation gives you an opportunity to get some big hits in e
  7. Is this pegged for a XB1/PS4 release as well as current gen? If it is an MS exclusive I'd be surprised if From manage to make it look as good as the PS5 DeS Remake does, especially if it needs to be compatible with the XSS and the XB1.
  8. @Marlew I was thinking that I'd sell this on as soon as I finished it and then buy it again in a couple of years' time, but I might give a magic build a go for NG+ as I haven't touched it at all in this run. Another thing I've noticed compared with other games is that spells and miracles aren't really found in the open world at all; you have to get all of them through the merchants. I've only just discovered Saint Urbain, so that probably accounts for a large part of the reason why I haven't been using miracles much at all.
  9. What was the trick to OH? Does he only hear you if you run? I tried to walk around the arena as much as possible and just shot him from afar, and it didn't appear that he could sense me that much. I will say that this game would have been a lot more difficult without the bow. I started off not wanting to use one as I always tend to default to a bow build in Souls and went for a STR/FTH build instead, but if I hadn't got one then lots of encounters would have been a massive ball ache. I get the impression that the game almost expects you to have some sort of ranged option.
  10. I tend to stay up until about 12.30-1am on a Friday and Saturday night playing, but I can't say I switch to a particular game after a certain time - I just carry on playing the game I started playing at about 9/10pm. ... Yep, that's about all I've got to contribute to this thread.
  11. And that's SK done as well, also first time! These bitches ain't shit.
  12. And now OH in 4-3. Also first time. Equipped the Thief Ring then just pelted him with arrows Without wanting to sound like I'm humble bragging, I get the feeling that I'm a bit OP after getting so far in Boletaria and now going back to these other areas. I'm sure I'll hit a wall at some point, but the bosses in this haven't caused me much trouble at all so far. The routes to them, and the lack of shortcuts, on the other hand are what present the real challenge.
  13. And that's MoA done as well. That was an odd fight.
  14. Dirty boi at the end of 5-2 is down. First time, too. Maggot gun ain't got nothing on me, yo.
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