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  1. Nah ye see I'm also trying to finish Alone in the Dark this week so I can trade that against whichever new one I go for. Also, no-one answered about the Jetpacks? Can you fly about over the wasteland?
  2. " Thank you for your information. As an owner of an Xbox 360 Arcade console you are eligible for the following Xbox 360 Memory Upgrade Offer. " Refurbished HD & 3 months live gold membership for 20 dollars or something... This is for my brother who would like a 256MB Card instead as he has subsequently bought a HD but has never bothered with Xbox Live. Can't he take the Mem. Card option instead so he can carry his tag about easily?
  3. Yeah I don't like rushing my RPG/immersive games. I like to inhabit them! I also heartily agree with the idea that it's a good thing the game doesn't "wrap you in cotton wool". Another question, I noticed someone earlier mentioning jetpacks. What's this all about? I really missed the Levitation spell from Morrowind they left out of Oblivion In my mind this game is winning the battle with Fable2 60-40. I also have the Friday and Monday off work when this comes out so could properly get into it. Any chance of some more stories/impressions Hero? No big spoilers please.
  4. Shit Fable 2 out tomorrow and I'm still not sure if I should hold out for this or not. "There can be only one!" Money is a bit tight eh.
  5. dungavin

    Fable 2

    Hehehe if that's true about the Oblivion referencess then that's pretty sweet.
  6. dungavin

    Fable 2

    Can the visiting henchman pick fights with random NPCs in the street for a laugh?
  7. Thrill-Ride stuff like what? Also can anyone answer my question if the dog is a companion as in Fable or just a random mutt walking in a few screenshots?
  8. Oooooh all this sounds great. That little clip at the end of a preview where he is walking with a dog, is that in game footage? Thought it had a great sense of desolation. http://media.canada.com/5bd68867-954f-4ea6...721fallout2.jpg Is the dog a companion as in Fable? Sorry if this has been answered already, gonna drop back and read the thread through now. Yeah I know what you mean, also I have a job now whicjh I didn't have when I was heavily into Oblivion and will need something a bit more sharply paced or I'll be playing for years.
  9. Very well written article here about the cult support this franchise enjoys. http://fallout3.wordpress.com/articles/mr-...-needs-fallout/ I'm having real difficulty deciding between this or Fable II. I really enjoyed Fable but totally loved Morrowind and Oblivion... Can I hear more hands-on feedback from folks please?
  10. dungavin

    Edge 195

    My favourite post of the week.
  11. dungavin

    Fable 2

    Thanks, Rudderless, for your comments. I was torn between this and Fallout 3 but your posts have swung me for this. Cheers.
  12. I think they work brilliantly, running, jumping and combat all feel sweet and satisfying. There's a twist function on the pointer to revolve the camera which I never use though and you have to press 2 to get first person free look which is a tad annoying at times. Mmmm I'm not sure, that's interesting actually because lately I've had trouble getting the Wii to display in widescreen properly. I've put it to widescreen in the settings menu but the AUTO display on my telly still boxes it off with black bands down the sides and I have to toggle the aspect ratio button to make it fill the screen. What's up with that? When I do this though PoP fills the screen but looks a little vertically squashed. As I say though I think something is up with the Wii at the mo. Don't know. I certainly wouldn't prioritise over your Metroid action. Those games are extra special Anyhoo got as far last night to complete the first section where I'm still loving any platform/puzzle sections, and the Wiimote/nunchuck control when you need to stick the dagger in things is proper satisfying. B)
  13. Job's a good 'un! Post in here of your impressions when ye get a few hours under your belt ok?
  14. I hope you didn't order the Xbox version to play on a 360 as it's not backwards compatible! (I made this mistake myself)
  15. Mmmm maybe that was the case with the Xbox version where they may have felt they needed to use all the face buttons but here all the moves seem to be accomplished using up and down movements on pointer/nunchuck. There's also a combo list in the Options menu If you move them in tandem or maybe two strokes with pointer then one stroke with nunchuck it will vary your attacks. Mix this up with a little blocking, rolling about and somersaulting over enemies and you're onto a winner in my opinion. You can also point either straight up in the air, he'll pull back the corresponding weapon and it will rumble to a point when you can unleash a power attack. Quite hard to do in battle though. My favourite at the mo is to move the pointer down while moving nunchuck up and he does a cool spinny move that kills most folks if they don't block. So far anyway, kinda looking forward to some more intelligent enemies tbh. I also like the stealth kills where a mini cut scene happens where you have to swing the appropriate blade at the right time or the enemy will kick you away. I think it's a great example of how the Wii controls have revitalised a somewhat tired movement mechanic if ye know what I mean? I dunno I just feel like venting my enthusiasm for it. Looking forward to doing more tonight now
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