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  1. These are the SE servers we all know and love from 11, i have a 100/10mb Internet connection and i'm updating at 0.11Mb/s
  2. Can log into PS3 launcher too now, just tried. There's a 1.8GB update once you log inn good to get that out of the way now
  3. Don't think you can actually use that shortcut unless you are rank 2 chaos servant.
  4. This might be the funniest Dark souls video i've seen on youtube Reminds me of my first time playing this game
  5. I got my EU promo code yesterday i found it in my spam folder so they have started sending those out
  6. Just found mine in the spam folder no idea why this stuff always ends up there, looking forward to this weekend now
  7. New moon theme from the game
  8. 4.5 from gamespot complaining about stuff like having to redo the levels if you lose all your lives and the shippable story cutscenes being shit
  9. I use a chat pad, it takes some getting used to but it works great and you don't have to put the controller down to type
  10. Browns preseason always delivers http://deadspin.com/bernie-kosar-turns-pope-story-into-chance-to-destroy-ke-1074015728 Kosar delivers every year
  11. 17th to 19th (16th start for those who where in phase 3) is phase 4 seems awfully short. 24th for early access Level 20 cap on phase 4
  12. One thing i hate about this is i can't use the "picked it for the stats" excuse for going cat girl since they put cat dudes inn, Was really tempted to go lalafel but i'll probably go cat girl again THM and cooking i guess maybe some others too at least enough to put materia on my stuff. I can't wait for phase 4 to start hopefully tomorrow we get a starting date for it
  13. I could see 3 teams making it from this division, just look at the AFC right now. The East is the Pats and that's it, North is the Bengals i guess, the Steelers could make it but they are a team on the decline, the Ravens have lost to many players, AFC west who's gonna even go 8-8 in that division besides the Broncos?
  14. preseason starts on Sunday it's gonna suck cause preseason always does, but at least the NFL is back
  15. My birthday is the 27th so unless there a delay i'll get mine
  16. It climbs walls too, at first when i got it i thought "meh, that was a waste of time" but if you play around with it a bit it's actually pretty good. You can take down 4-5 of the tree people things in the DLC areas with 1 spell for example if you make a bunch of them chase you
  17. Ren

    Kerbal Space Program

    Picked this up earlier in the week on a steam sale and i'm loving it even though barely been able to get into orbit
  18. I've been kinda tempted to make a lalafel called beef supreme it's such a perfect fit
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