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  1. Apparently PS3 is just a 12 digit code you enter in the PSN store and that's it you're good to go. At least that's my understanding right now
  2. Its SE have they ever made anything easy? Finally got my code input it gave me a 12 digit code to DL the client from the PSN store, the P4 client works right so i don't have to use this one or? I assume the 20 digit code will be mailed to me
  3. Doesn't seem to work for me, site is slow as hell probably getting massive traffic Error 3 "there was a problem, pleas try again later"
  4. The people is what made 11 such a great experience. One of the things i regret is losing touch with everyone when i quit hopefully you can talk them all into playing 14
  5. Its amazing how badly the seem to have fucked this up i am not holding my breath for early access anymore apparently PS3 users should have gotten a 20 digit code from retailers no idea how i go about getting this now. I got a 18 digit one and now the game is on my profile as a PC game, i give up ugh
  6. "there was a problem pleas try again later" but the game is under my profile now. Only problem it says PC and i ordered the PS3 version and made sure to click PS3 when registering the code. Seriously this is an amazingly poor system even by SE's incredibly low standards
  7. Kinda worried i'm gonna lose my character now i can't make sense of their website or the fact that they seem to have several of them
  8. I'm not seeing where to link the game to the account i already have, It says i started account today when i have had one since P3 is this normal?
  9. I'm in Norway the closest amazon is the UK one and i wasn't sure they could get the game here in time so my options where limited to a online shop here which said you get the codes or overpay at gamestop. I'll give them a few more days as i can always get it at gamestop and cancel my order if they don't cough up my code soon
  10. The shop i preorderd from still hasn't sent me my code starting to worry now
  11. The music in this game is amazing, had to yarr the soundtrack so relaxing
  12. Squeezed as much as humanly possible out of this game this weekend, funny that even when you know it launches next week i still felt the need not to miss anything and played way more then i probably should have. Looking forward to Saturday now and early access, so far it's been more or less redoing things from P3 but after Ifrit and a few more quests everything will be fresh, i am really looking forward to that
  13. Booted as well can't get back on This game should have been tested longer, while the game seems ready bug wise these severs are not at all ready for launch a week from now
  14. How many people actually managed to get on Moogle? I'm seeing like 4 in the LS is that it?
  15. It has already calmed down quite a bit, you should be fine tonight
  16. seems there's a queue to get on now currently #13 and just as it's my turn to get on i get kicked lol
  17. I keep getting kicked out at the end of character creation too
  18. SE was a mess with 11 too but the game worked and was great SE just suck at this kind of stuff and they're proving it again with this. Don't mind so much if they have some problems now but once i pay for the game this shit better be sorted
  19. They took the Galka tails away in 14, they where not worthy
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