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  1. I'm happy to move if they offer a server transfer and everyone goes, i don't want to start over again though
  2. The issues hasn't been and won't really be addressed, i honestly think the problem is way to much traffic and their servers just can't handle it. Unless they upgrade or people start quitting which isn't going to happen the first 30 days i can't see this being fixed any time soon
  3. what a joke this weekend has become this game was not ready to launch P4 should have lasted 2 weeks not 2 days and maybe they would have caught some of this
  4. doubt they fix anything it's the same issue they've had since yesterday, 1000gilz says they take them down again around midnight
  5. Not even a queue now just full pleas try later Edit: guessing the queues cap at 200 or something, queued for moogle now 176, hopefully i stay connected long enough to get trough it
  6. Glorified demo by the looks of things. I was wondering last week why it was so short when they clearly needed more time to make it run smooth but
  7. 3 hours maintenance, on the bright side the Japanese seem to be having a smooth launch
  8. i don't even get the start option on the main menu Edit: Wooohooo now i did 91th in queue
  9. They actually managed to make it even worse then last week
  10. can't even make the launcher load without some server error this game should have been in beta longer to iron this crap out
  11. 1 hours left, looks like they're expecting login issues like in p4
  12. If you want to be invaded make sure you are in a area where you haven't killed the boss, once the boss is dead you can't be invaded. At 47 Anor Londo is a great place to be, Painted world is also good around 50-60 lots of people farm there so it attracts invaders, when ever i farm there in human form i get invaded both on PS3 and 360. The very best place for PVP is the DLC areas though make your way there and you'll see plenty of action
  13. That's a bad cough you have there, maybe you should consider taking it easy this weekend
  14. I can't remember being this impatient about something since maybe Christmas as a kid, i'm counting down hours at this point
  15. I won't be buying any of the new systems at launch this time, if Dark souls 2 is anything like Dark souls i won't touch another game for ages once it comes out so what's the point
  16. We got to do some ifrit runs this weekend to quite a lot of us are just about ready to do that fight
  17. Put that 12 digit code into the PSN store and you have early access if you check your PSN services list
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