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  1. We saw this today, cinema was packed. I'll be honest I was expecting it to be shit as the trailer I saw was terrible, I know nothing of the character (don't read comics and I've never seen him in a game/film) and everybody I know who is obsessed with the character is a semi retarded manchild. It was really good. Pleasantly surprised.
  2. I like NeoGAF for information, and their strict moderation means less of the Boozy type of shit you get here. I think a lot the users there are even bigger losers than the average Rllmuker, though. This place is certainly funnier.
  3. Genuinely angry? Yeah it's a shit change mate but... genuinely angry? It's a film.
  4. This is on Netflix Canada now, for anybody who has not seen it yet.
  5. I'm going to have to sadly bow out of this, my favourite PS4 game and I love it - just don't have the time at the moment. I'm sorry and thanks for all of the effort U-1, you're awesome.
  6. Haribo

    Rock Band 4

    My friend uses his old wired drums on PS4.
  7. Haribo

    Rock Band 4

    They patched it to improve accuracy, which requires a recalibration. This was a while ago though.
  8. Why don't you just enable the purchase password feature instead?
  9. Hopefully this means there will be a 'worldwide' PSN store like Microsoft have converted to with Xbox Live, meaning we'd avoid having issues like we currently are where everybody in the world has Rock Band 4 content expect PS4 users in the EU.
  10. If the latest movie didn't fail as badly as it did, they would have continued with their plan for another two sequels - but how would they have done this with the rights reverting to JC next year?
  11. They are going to lose a lot of subscribers due to this
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