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  1. Anybody up for some multiplayer matches tonight? I'm not very good, don't worry . Perhaps we can even get some Rllumk 4v4s on...
  2. Yeah the Koreans love their macro . I'm really loving the Protoss right now. I'm really vulnerable to early attacks, so I work better with team mates, but once I set up my infrastructure, warping in 8-10 stalkers every 20seconds or so is just deadly
  3. Yeah I'm certain Sakamoto has said that Metroid is an action series.
  4. The practice matches aren't very good unfortunately. It is gimped for new players (of which I am one), with slower gameplay and destructible barricades. This hinders your learning in my opinion. You are better off skipping it and going straight for your five placement matches. Hellions are basically mobile firebats and plus there is so much of the single player that isn't in the multiplayer anyway (medics). We should have a Rllmuk tournament, though I don't know why I'm suggesting it as I'll not get anywhere with it.
  5. Yeah, copy it to an SD card and transfer it using that. It should work, because Galaxy 2 isn't online enabled.
  6. Haha, what?! It seems like exactly the opposite. I don't think anyone expected it to change as much as it has.
  7. Not that owning one would help . Also, is there any point to the Dwarf Commoner and Mage origins? I've little patience for most of the game now that I've done each part with one character but I wonder if those two Origins are worth seeing?
  8. Maybe he means XII? That has gambits. as Dragon Age does.
  9. So, I haven't really ventured into Wiiware for a reasonable amount of time (played far, far too much Monster Hunter and Mario). What are the best games from the last year or so?
  10. Technically it is a mess, there is no doubt. But for me, it is just a fantastically enthralling RPG. With proper decision making and cause-effect. As I said before, it blows Mass Effect 2 (a contemporary example) waay in terms of actually having an impact on events. The voice work was very competent - I'm normally anal about inconsistencies and especially repeated dialogue, but these were to a minimum. Story-wise, it is fairly generic spy-thriller fare. I don't like to use the "it is good for a game" argument because I don't think it really says much at all. I've never cared really for overa
  11. vcassano

    Dragon Age 2

    Well indications have already been made that they are stealing the good parts of Alpha Protocol (Well, probably not the wildly diverging storyline). Let's hope they take plenty of inspiration from the Witcher, a game I've been playing recently, which simply destroys everything they've made since Black Isle. If the console combat system is a riff of the Witcher's system - one timed mouse click = a string of attacks, with three toggles for fast, strong and group styles with the nature of the combos improving as you invest points - this could really be a great game. That's entirely speculative o
  12. Absolutely. It may be flawed in several, glaring ways but at least it is being inventive and trying something different to the usual. For me, it was better than Mass Effect 2.
  13. My word. Just saw Leliana's song. Whoever thought this a good idea needs sacking. But on the flipside the person who put the shots of disgusted party members in the scene needs promoting.
  14. It has steamworks integration, so after the initial install it should be on your steam list anyway.
  15. I'm 99% sure it'll be on Mac, like IV was.
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