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  1. Both, because I've barely played It yet. Good idea, refund it and then buy it again using the discount. However, as I've already put it up for grabs I won't go back on that now, and have since given the code to @jonnyalpha. Have fun!
  2. Are there any restrictions on USB C cables for charging the DualSense controller? I wanted to buy a generic 3m cable from Amazon so I can charge while playing easier.
  3. I bought Wingspan on Steam mere days before buying the physical version, and opened the box to find it comes with a 30% off voucher for the digital port. Typical. First PM gets it.
  4. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long.
  5. I haven’t completed a certain retro part with lots of steps made up of PS1 memory cards that you climb to a certain encounter if that’s what you mean?
  6. I can't get The Last Guy trophy as no matter how many times I hit them, none of the bots will follow me. And yes, I am in the CPU Plaza and have tried both up top and below. Anyone else had the same issue?
  7. I haven't watched a Rahdo video in ages. Am I just really tired (shit day!), or has he somewhat morphed into Steve Carrell?
  8. And I've caved. £50.98 delivered from Gameslore.
  9. When did you request it? I asked for mine today and hope I don't wait too long so I can relegate the Pro to the games room, and sell the games room PS4.
  10. Gah! I’m not going to get one. This is what I get for giving away my September preorder to someone else whose PS4 was broken. :-(
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm really enjoying it so far. I can't get pitchforks to work properly though. I need Virtua Cop and Time Crisis type games now.
  12. Cheers for the heads up. I was going to grab it until I saw the Shut Up and Sit Down review. Ok, Quinns may be in the minority, but what he did say was enough to put me off for now at least. EDIT: But now I'm watching a rules video, I kind of fancy it again.... Help!
  13. I may have to do just that I think. Which groups can you recommend?
  14. It is just a good job she likes Watergate or else I’d be starting divorce proceedings!
  15. How disappointing is it when you go mad for a game, only to find that your wife (or partner / best friend / whatever) hates it? I got Whitehall Mystery for my birthday last year and tried it with my wife and daughter doing the chasing, and they both hated it. I finally got it to the table again earlier today with just my wife and myself, and she still does not like it. She is far from stupid, and it generally quite good at games, but for some reason can't grab the logic needed to play as the police. I'm going to try to get her to play again, this time as the murderer, but I'm not holding o
  16. Being a roll and write, I assume you can play with more than two people? Which version do you prefer?
  17. Indeed. We've only had a couple of games so far, and I've yet to play as the WP, but it's a fantastically tense tug of war. Looking forward to playing more of it.
  18. I need banning from the forum for owning and not playing AB:RM until just. OMFG, its pure Nintendo in VR, instantly the best game I've played in VR after one level, and the PSVR itself isn't as blurry or as heavy as I recall either. Why have I ignored it for so long? Now I've checked and seen there isn't that much difference graphically between PSVR and Quest 2, is it worth buying Rez again already having it on PSVR?
  19. Doh, yes. I just tried and the covers come off so easily that I feel a freak for being concerned now.
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