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  1. Cheers, I'l check that out later. It won't be the end of the world playing again in handheld if need be anyway. I almost pulled the trigger on the Switch version for portability.
  2. Yes, I spotted that after I posted. I’ve only completed the main quest on Xbox, not touched the DLC yet. If I get the Steam GOTY version, can I jump straight into the DLC without having to play any of the main game first?
  3. I gotten my hands on a Steam Deck today and I notice that The Witcher 3 is down to £4.99 on Steam. Which is the best handheld way to play this on the Deck, buying the Steam version, or streaming the Xbox version which I already own? I have no plans on playing away from home.
  4. This is really disappointing news. However, Liam McIntyre was physically completely different and inferior to Andy Whitfield, yet Spartacus remained compelling viewing all the same. I have major reservations, but I’ll wait and give season four a chance first rather than just writing it off in advance.
  5. I know there have been plenty of replies since, but I just wanted to say that although I have nothing to add personally, I'm finding all the posts fascinating and very helpful.
  6. Villa fan - should I be over the moon, or extremely frustrated? Obviously the first, but bad manager / tactics / whatever, seeing the same players (after subs were made) all chase down and press everything like they have today suggests that the players still have a lot to answer for too regarding the start they've had. I liked how Danks dropped McGinn and Ramsey as if to light a fire under them, then bringing them on later with something to prove, a place to fight for.
  7. I found it completely the other way around.
  8. This is great and has led to my checking out other tracks from them and ending up with this stuck in my head:
  9. My wife and I have just finished this after only starting it last night. It is easily the best thing we’ve watched in ages. Great soundtrack too.
  10. Sounds amazing. Can you share the recipe please?
  11. Bah! I’d set a reminder to grab Gloomhaven as soon as it was available. Went to install it yesterday only to find they don’t have the Mac version.
  12. Holy thread bump! I loved this show originally, and despite all the new stuff we have piling up, my wife and I have just started a complete re-run of this via Disney+, and we are totally loving it. It’s been cleaned up and looks fantastic, it’s in widescreen and it still really holds up. Dennis Franz is totally amazing in his short sleeved shirts tuning up “little turds”.
  13. This is excellent stuff. The demo really is over-generous, but I'll be going all in a some point.
  14. True enough, but I agree with you. It just wouldn't seem right if they did appear.
  15. Why did the writers hamper themselves by having Very enjoyable though. Hard to see where they go from here though seeing as
  16. I don’t follow the logic for Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith appearing seeing as they were in a reboot and not a continuation of the original.
  17. I haven't seen The Next Karate Kid, but I wonder what the chances are of them being able to pull Hilary Swank in.
  18. Yeah, that’s weird. Here goes: Oil Sprayer Dispenser, 100ml Oil... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NF4PDPK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I’ve just edited the post and it’s still linking to RLLMUK.
  19. I wish we had somewhere like that near us. I have been using shampoo bars and body soap more often from the likes of Lush and grüum to cut down, but filling up my own bottles locally would be great.
  20. There is something actually that I bought recently. I got these as a cheap alternative to buying Frylight, filling these up with olive oil instead. I haven't used them extensively yet, but they seem pretty good from the couple of squirts that I have tried so far.
  21. Nothing to add but to say what a great thread. I've ordered a wide spatula, (why was I not aware of such a thing?) and the mini chopper with the pull cord to save getting my trusty electric Bosch mini chopper out for smaller jobs.
  22. Thank you. I'm away from home at the moment and playing handheld and missed the differences.
  23. I'm playing on the Switch and I think I have missed something. Is there a way to transfer funds to the auction site that I am missing? Everything time I try to buy something, it just tells me I have insufficient funds. No problem with buying arcade cabinets though.
  24. Obviously not the case after all, but I thought I’d read that it was going to feature more or less the same cast but in new roles.
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