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  1. Stejay

    Apple TV +

    I'm looking forward to Palmer on Friday. Looks like a bit of a soppy one though. The plot is no where near the same, but the film style and trailer music gave me Friday Night Lights, small-town America vibes.
  2. I bought a code for this off a fellow forum member (cheers again, @FozZ) some time ago, and finally started it today. I haven't played much so far, but based on what I have, I completely agree with the general consensus that this is surprisingly great, and the soundtrack is fantastic. I don't suppose there is anyway to import costumes from the LBP games? I can't see anything in Zom Zom's to suggest there is.
  3. I finally got the platinum on this today, after struggling for ages to get the final trophy by stopping a stolen car without being hurt as I was continuing getting hit by bullets when chasing the cars. It took a YouTube video to point out the obvious way to deal with it by going into camouflage mode...
  4. The Queen's Gambit was probably my favourite TV of 2020. Enjoy the rest!
  5. Thanks to Shut Up and Sit Down, I’ve just ordered a copy of Tussie Mussie, and @uglifruithas me looking at Alba on Kickstarter too!
  6. It wasn't a serious moan, but there has been a fair bit on non-native chat recently actually. Mentions of loads of PCVR and VD stuff, GTA5, Flight Simulator, Sword and Sorcery, No Man's Sky for instance. I'm just jealous not having a gaming PC, that's all!
  7. I haven't played a great deal yet as my wife is not very patient at learning new games, but I'll have to take a look at the expansions if and when it does click with her. I thought they were purely extra cards for the different regions, not rule tweaks as well.
  8. Gone all in at once, huh? Had you played it before, or just done that based on all the glowing reviews? I hope you haven't ended up being one of the few people that don't get on with it!
  9. Being a MacBook user, I hate all these thread bumps to find it's people talking about PC VR games. Bah!
  10. My Quest 2 doesn't seem to be charging. Has anyone else had this? I can't recall now, it does have a charging light, yes? EDIT: Ok, I tried my MacBook charging cable and that worked so I assumed the original Oculus cable must be faulty. Checked it one more time to be sure, and it works now. Weird, but phew!
  11. Same idea as for video gaming in Discussion, anyone up for tracking how much board gaming truly costs them? If nothing else, it'll be good to see what others are buying for idea, etc. Postage for Die of the Dead Kickstarter game - £6.50 Sagrada: Promo 4 and Promo 5 - £11.85 Sagrada 5-6 Player Expansion - £20.98 Patchwork: Button Upgrade - £8.93 Watergate - Change in History Promo - £4.97 Patchwork Automa - £13.89 Tussie Mussie - £13.54 January so far: £75.71
  12. Stejay

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm really enjoying this on my phone, but I'm finding really painful to play with a pad on Apple TV.
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