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  1. Are there *any* clues to a release date yet?
  2. Thanks to the mention in this thread, I'm just about to pull the trigger on this and would welcome a dedicated thread for further discussion about gameplay and user-created maps, etc. Has anyone played the iOS version? A review on YouTube suggests it is more awkward to control on console so instead of the Switch version, I might get it for Mac, but I would manage to play a lot more on mobile still if the one review on the App Store turns out to be completely wrong.
  3. It is available on iOS along with a sequel is that's any help.
  4. I know this, but just wanted it from the UK store regardless. Easy as it is, I don’t want multiple regional accounts. I may switch regions on my account later instead, but at the same time, although disappointed, I’m not exactly starved of things to play!
  5. Well that’s gone out if the window then. :-(
  6. Wow, that will look fantastic once complete.
  7. Agreed. Amazing as it looks, it needs some distinction between the different tile types.
  8. They haven’t gone cheap on a second edition have they? I love those chunky chips.
  9. They do sell a (limited it seems) range of digital games for the Switch though.
  10. Someone hasn’t watched the Kickstarter video....
  11. Have you thought about getting Forbidden Island to play with your daughter? Similar mechanics and scalable difficulty but much lighter and child friendly too.
  12. Yeah, I read that yet I didn’t have any problems myself. This week’s episode was spoiled in parts due to it though. Great episode otherwise. My only complaint is Edit: Shit! Sorry, I forgot spoiler tags initially. I hope I didn’t ruin anything for anyone.
  13. I watched it on Sky Q in HD yet may as well have been watching much of it on a bootleg VHS tape. I wish I’d waiting and grabbed a torrent now instead.
  14. Sounds like one for me to miss then!
  15. I’m crap at games and don’t have time to master them. Does this have a wimp difficulty setting?
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