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  1. Stejay

    Quick Whitehall Mystery question

    Cheers. We were too tired to play a new game last night in the end anyway, and so we're going to send it back for an English replacement. I'm sure it will be easily playable, especially over time, but having the foreign text on the cards will bug me still.
  2. Stejay

    Quick Whitehall Mystery question

    Thanks, yes, I’ve got the link for the rules already. I’m just unsure if muddling through is worth it long term, or if it may become a bit of a nuisance over time. Is the text just flavour, or rules as well? I don’t want to slow the game by having to refer to the rules constantly.
  3. My kids gave me this today for my birthday, however they mistakenly ordered the Italian version from Amazon. I haven’t unwrapped it yet as a result, but from what I’ve seen online it appears to be fairly language independent apart from some flavour text on some cards, I think. Is this right, or should I let them exchange it? We can’t get an English replacement until Wednesday, so they’d be no new gaming tonight, and this one was a tenner cheaper too. Do I stick with this or wait for the English print?
  4. Stejay

    Stardew Valley

    Its up for pre-order on the App Store now. £7.99 and out on the 24th.
  5. Stejay

    Fire Pro World

    Just to add, you can browse the site and download them from within the game too, but then they don’t appear until the next time you restart the game. The first ones I grabbed were like this and I was looking everywhere for them before I tried restarting.
  6. Stejay

    Stardew Valley

    God knows. According to Eurogamer it was finished and was just being bug tested last week.
  7. Stejay

    Fire Pro World

    Me too. They’re labelled as missions or something instead of tutorials.
  8. Stejay

    Stardew Valley

    Coming to iOS later this month! I’ve got it for the Switch, but I’m still tempted to double dip.
  9. Stejay

    Rambo: Last Blood

    Creed is a fantastic movie that does not in anyway tarnish the Rocky character.
  10. Stejay

    Lethal Weapon the TV Show

    If the stories are true, nice of him to get Crawford fired before he leaving himself anyway.
  11. This had been on my Netflix watch list for ages. That’s knackered it now. Someone wake me when it finally appears on Prime please.
  12. I’d say so. It’s light, simple Yahtzee with monsters, but fun all the same.
  13. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    Stupid Nintendo. I’ve heard they do a lot of advertising on kids TV, but that doesn’t affect us. However, they are pushing Super Mario Party Switch on prime time TV now. How the hell am I supposed to say when I ask my wife to play it with me tomorrow, “No, it’s not new. I’ve had this for ages, just been finishing other stuff off first.” now?
  14. Stejay

    The iOS gaming thread

    Apparently Civilization VI is now iPhone compatible. I’ve just popped on the App Store and it still says iPad only for me. I can’t wait to see how it runs, it’ll be great for lunch breaks.
  15. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    So I see, thanks. I’ll wait for a few more, but can see my stumping up and pre-loading this. Just a shame I won’t have opportunity to try the side by side Switch capabilities, looks so cool.

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