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  1. Didn't anyone else here watch this? I binged the first five episodes last weekend before watching the finale on Wednesday. It is one of the best things I've seen on TV in ages, tightly scripted, dripping with tension with great performances throughout. Sadly it seems to have been largely overlooked with only 5 million people watching the last episode compared to the 14 million or so who watched the end of the rather average Bodyguard. I hope it still gets a second series.
  2. Nice one, and I cannot wait to play this again. Good luck.
  3. Is that last quote from The Rev, the RLLMUK and UGVM Rev, Owen Alloway? I still remember his tragic last Tweet and haven’t been able to delete him from my console friends lists.
  4. Stejay

    Swamp Thing

    Exactly what I came here to post. Anyone?
  5. Cheers, I’ll give it a go then.
  6. Yeah, I thought that usually drove the price up. Any good for two players?
  7. Is there anything wrong with Quadrapolis? It seems suspiciously cheap for a Days of Wonder game at only £14.99 over on Amazon UK.
  8. I'm not a big Machi Koro fan myself, but I was sold on the legacy aspect having never played one before, and my thoughts pretty much echo yours. My wife and I played through five games over the weekend and we cannot wait to play some more. It can still be a little luck based towards the end of a game with both of us just racing to see who can be first to get the amount of money needed to buy our last landmark and win, but the new additions and alterations to the rules every game make it a lot more interesting than vanilla MK, and I'm really enjoying it as a result. It may just be our game, but the nastiness of the purple cards seems to have been reduced significantly too, which my wife definitely prefers. Regarding what happens once the ten games are over, apparently we should all end up with our own unique new base game to continue playing endlessly, and Tom Vasel said in his review that he prefers the game he has ended up with over the original. Whilst nice to have a still playable game afterwards, if I never play it again I will still have had enough value from it over the ten hours or so it takes to complete. I've spent more on tens of video games that I have barely touched at all!
  9. Stejay

    Apple Arcade

    I still want to be able to buy full games too though, and worry that such games will dry up leaving only FTP stuff outside of Arcade.
  10. If not too late, can I suggest Vostok Inc? Digital crack and quite cheap I think.
  11. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, excellent. I thought I'd read at the time of release that they had been restricted for use solely with the NES games. I may pick some up with the SNES controllers then, sucker that I am!
  12. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    As it seems that the forthcoming SNES controllers will work with most Switch games, has there been a patch or anything for the NES controllers, or do they still only work with the NES games?
  13. Doh! I'd completed the copper bar apart from the flagons as I was waiting for the recipe for the digger's jigger to unlock. I completely forgot I could already make it with a keg! Bar completed, more quests unlocked at last. Cheers, @gospvg.
  14. The only quests I currently have are to fix the tunnels and build the bar. Nothing else. No, I haven’t built a pumping station or copper bar.
  15. He is already fully copper, but I can’t find any silver or gold to progress that and further.
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