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  1. I want some clacky balls! I have a safe in storage. Didn’t realise you could actually use it. Any musicians out there need a pedal board?
  2. @spork, forgot to ask, when you added Nintendo account, did you get the creepy bunny and eggs appear the same day?
  3. Just done this, and I've upgraded my online to family and add my wife to it for good measure. Fingers crossed.
  4. No worries. Happy to have helped. Thanks for the stuff in return. My daughter will love the fridge, cheers. What do I owe you?
  5. I've seen a few people ask the same, but is there a definite answer yet as to why some people have not seen the bunny and are not getting eggs? I hate the event as much and anyone else, but my wife still wants to take part and nothing has happened in her game at all. The clock is set correctly and she got the blossom trees on the 1st, and the software is up to date, 1.1.2 yesterday and 1.1.3 today. She hasn't had any of the event start blocking visitors either. I doubt it will do anything, but I have just given her some eggs and bunny recipes to see if that does anything to force it to start in her game.
  6. I’ll maybe be about an hour or so now, if you’ll still be on. Sounds like a plan. EDIT: Actually, coming back on now. Reply when you’re ready and I’ll pop over. Also checked my house storage and found the following if you or @gingerling need more kitchen stuff: Simple kettle Knife block Espresso maker Cream and sugar Analogue kitchen scale
  7. You didn’t need to leave any bells! Thank you though. Didn’t you need the washing machine too, or is that @sir stiff_one? Got a coffee grinder sat here too. Anyone got anything suitable for my graveyard?
  8. @gingerling I can see you’re online now. 02JRS if you want your stuff. I don’t need anything in return, but will welcome anything that would suit my tip or graveyard.
  9. Gang of Four card game is free on Steam until 5th April. Also, just checked, and it is also free on iOS.
  10. Is there an E4 start date yet? It was supposed to be this month.
  11. Yup, glad you like them.
  12. Missed each other again!
  13. I see you’re online @RYAN WHITELAW. Send me a dodo code and I’ll pop your stuff over.
  14. You know how some people will play say Tetris for too long, and for a while they see the various shapes when the close their eyes later after playing, things like that? I saw a tiny fly in my bathroom yesterday, and for a micro-second I thought "Shit, where's my net?".
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