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  1. Stejay

    Apple TV +

    In addition to other suggestions above the movies Palmer and CODA.
  2. Ok, here goes: January: 3D printed insert for New York Zoo - £12.00 Escape the Dark Castle - £27.00 So far: £39.00
  3. Definitely. Although it’s a fairly simple game, we left our game of Machi Koro Legacy midway through for a couple of months, and it took a while to sort out the cards and most recent rules again before we could continue.
  4. I had to “acquire” this when it initially came out, but now it’s legally available in the UK on Disney+.
  5. I’ve got a spare code for Wingspan on Steam going if anyone would like it. First PM gets it.
  6. My City is already quite cheap as board games go, but the beauty of playing it with just two means you can play through the entire legacy campaign again afterwards too. Fantastic game.
  7. I did play it *many* years ago for a brief period with my son until he lost interest. My Grandson is a lot more into it and I think this is going to be a long term obsession. There was a recent guide on Dicebreaker that I am going to check out, and well as picking up a copy of Pokemon Battle Academy to start him off playing. I'm looking forward to it as a covert way to improve his literacy and numeracy skills too.
  8. if you’ve still got any spare I would love some of these Pokémon cards please. My five year old Grandson is obsessed with it all. He’s only at the collecting phase at the moment, but I’m going to teach him how to play very soon. After I teach myself!
  9. Here we go again, following on from last year's thread. I'm hoping to cut my amount in half this year and enjoy more of what we already have. Saying that, I'm still lusting after a copy of Picture Perfect....
  10. So here is my final end of 2021 list: January: Deep Stats IAP for Board Game Stats iOS app - £1.99 Postage for Die of the Dead Kickstarter game - £6.50 Sagrada: Promo 4 and Promo 5 - £11.85 Sagrada 5-6 Player Expansion - £20.98 Patchwork: Button Upgrade - £8.93 Watergate - Change in History Promo - £4.97 Patchwork Automa - £13.89 Tussie Mussie - £13.54 Bärenpark - £33.88 £116.53 February: Century Spice Road Bonus Cards packs 1 & 2, playmat, and Azul joker tiles - £51.32 Quacks of Quedlinburg token boxes - £28.60 My City - £30.98 £110.90 March: MicroMacro: Crime City - £28.11 Paris: La Cité de la Lumière - £22.00 Brave Rats - £11.44 The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine - £13.50 Welcome To... 2nd Edition, Welcome To Playmat, Bärenpark Folded Space Insert - £56.37 Kingdomino: Age of Giants Expansion - £15.37 Rhino Hero - £11.28 Patchwork Doodle and Barenpark Bad News Bears Expansion - £31.92 The Quest for El Dorado - £39.99 £229.98 April: Nothing - YAY! £0.00 May: Flamme Rouge - £36.50 (Paid over £6 more than Amazon to play it same day, and then didn't round around to it for almost a week! Supported a local store in the process though) Die of the Dead - Via Kickstarter so already paid for. £36.50 June: Flamme Rouge: Peloton - £25.98 (Only bought this so soon as I read that the game isn't as fun for two players due to the lack of cyclists) MicroMacro: Crime City - Confidence Trick & Baby Party Bonus Cases, Camel Up: The Referee Camel and The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack - 15.46 Cottage Garden - £22.99 £64.43 August: Lucky Flip - £13.99 Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Kit - £6.78 Hanabi Deluxe - £24.74 £45.51 September: Various Magic booster packs - £20.00 Happy City - £19.99 The Fuzzies - £29.16 (I know, but I wanted it and had to go the import route) MicroMacro Crime City Card Game 2: Full House - £25.27 Machi Koro 2 and various Magic booster packs - £40.95 £135.37 October: Kingdomino Origins - £24.63 Fluxx - £14.19 7 Wonders Duel - £22.50 Cascadia and Ticket To Ride: Play Pink - £42.07 £103.39 November: Everdell - £57.50 Don't Get Got - £14.99 Schotten Totten 2 - £10.89 Don't Get Got - £14.99 £98.37 December: New York Zoo - £28.10 Las Vegas Royale - £33.95 King of Tokyo King Kong add-on - £8.50 The Key - Murder At The Oakdale Club - £23.99 Just One - £17.50 Ticket To Ride Europe 15th Anniversary Edition - £50.20 Selling old games: - -£61.61 £100.63 TOTAL FOR 2021: £1041.61
  11. Lucky you. Its the stupid SU&SD factor again!
  12. Are you in the UK? I’ve been trying to pick this up for a reasonable price. Where did you get it?
  13. First game played with my wife and one daughter. I lost instantly due to the lack of a disguise card, and my wife and daughter both ended with the same score. A nice Blackjack variant that I’m looking forward to playing again with more people. Well done, @michael!
  14. And received. Looks great, can’t wait to play. Thanks!
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