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  1. My birthday. Well I simply have to get it now.
  2. Yeah. I’ve been after it since it was raved about on TCGS podcast last Christmas. I finally picked up reduced from Steam a few weeks back and typically haven’t played it. I stand a much better chance of doing so on the Switch though.
  3. Is it usual for Switch games to come out on Sunday? FAR: Lone Sails is apparently out today, but it isn’t available yet.
  4. It would be a perfect fit for the Switch. I put lost many a lunch break to the GBA version.
  5. Do you mean since the PS4 version is finished, or after they’re done with DLC? It has been out for months.
  6. Have there been rumours of this then?
  7. Can anyone point me into the direction of a working Reys, or any other decent 64 or 128GB image download please?
  8. I had my first issue with CDKeys over this game too. I bought the code last Sunday for £40.49, waited for hours for it to appear before emailing them to ask where it was, only to be told there was a stock error and I would be getting a refund instead. I then ended up paying full price from the eShop, only to find that a few days later CDKeys have the game available again, and I still haven't had my money back or been offered a money off code. Please it worked out well for you though.
  9. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    Excellent, cheers.
  10. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    Ok, I know it has been discussed more than once in this thread, but to save me trawling through trying to find the answer, if there now a safe, cheaper alternative to the official dock? My son has moved out and I now have a games room and could do with a second one. Thanks in advance.
  11. I hate you lot. I stop playing the first one quite early on, yet I still caved and bought this on the strength of this thread. The only issue now is that I got it from CDKeys and I've been waiting hours (well ok, fifteen minutes or so, but it feels *alot* longer) for the download to become available. Never had to wait from them before and I need to play it now, dammit.
  12. Stejay

    Doom Patrol

    Haha! Only kidding, although I am desperate for it to appear somewhere over here. I was expecting into pop up on Netflix before now considering they have Titans.
  13. Stejay

    Doom Patrol

    Bah, @Chadruharazzeb. Don't bump the thread other than to say this is finally available legitimately in the UK please, dammit!
  14. Are there *any* clues to a release date yet?
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