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  1. Right, time to test the refund system. Great tech demo, but Richie’s Plank Experience is too much for me.
  2. I have a week off coming off, I'll get on it then. I hope it doesn't look too bad after using the Quest 2.
  3. I'm such a fool. I've had Astrobot for 18 months or so and have yet to fire it up....
  4. After lusting after the original for months, I caved and bought the 256gb Quest 2 yesterday, despite hating Facebook and having my account deactivated for several years, and the fact that my V1 PSVR has mostly been an expensive paperweight since launch. So far I've re-bought Superhot, which is obviously great untethered, but I still can't throw properly! Next up I'm going to try Vader Immortal. I still can't seem to get my wife interested though, the same as with PSVR. Which is the go-to game / app that you guys use to wow friends and family? On PSVR my default was a
  5. I stupidly forgot to pre-order at 8am, and only remembered a couple of hours later. By that time the Series X only appeared to be available from the Microsoft Store, but I kept getting the same error message when trying to pay as others here, which I've read since was because they'd actually sold out. This afternoon I tried to grab one from Smyths instead with the Xbox All Access option but for some reason got declined by Klarna. Is this some kind of out of stock bug too? I have an excellent credit record and have never been refused anywhere else. Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. Sounds like something @jcafarley might enjoy.
  7. I didn’t know there was another option until I read this. And yes, it looks considerably better.
  8. I've had this for Mac for *months* so obviously didn't get around to playing it and bought it instantly and played on the Switch instead! Anyway, when it was discussed on TCGS recently, @elmo said there was a not too obvious point that ended the game for him. I've reached the peak and gone back to the cabin and now have the option to go to sleep. I assume that is what will end the game prematurely for me? I still have a few things I'd like to do.
  9. Haha! Belated reply, stupid real life, but that was the day Villa escaped relegation so they’re obviously all celebrating.
  10. I popped across earlier to do some sea creature collecting. I wasn’t being rude, only said hi as the Nintendo Online app doesn’t seem to work on iOS 14. Anyway, I grabbed a few new creatures, and would love to come back again sometime if ok. Cheers.
  11. I have the same one in my games room. My wife got it from Amazon.
  12. Dammit! I had no idea. Cheers, and you’re welcome!
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