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  1. Amazing what competition can do, he's been superb. Proper terrier in that midfield, reminds me of Fletcher.
  2. You've sold me on this lads, will nab it when back from holiday. Guessing PS5 version is grand?
  3. Liverpool are such a spawny fucking club
  4. As Borderlands 2 never got a 10, EDGE can get to fuck
  5. As someone highly critical, in this thread even, of Get Out and Us, I fucking loved this. Easily his strongest, best film.
  6. I have never been a Naughty Dog fan. Really dislike the Uncharted series, found LoU1 a slog. However I picked this up when I got my PS5, and am now 12 hours in. It's really really fucking good ain't it? Properly immersed in the characters and the gameplay is a HUGE leap on what ND normally pump out. At this pace it's masterpiece territory.
  7. Bought it last night and it is an absolute banger. Consistently getting to the hole before first boss and then I get ganged.
  8. Golf rogue is my dream game. I'll buy it payday on Wrdnesday. Looks awesome.
  9. Eriksen will fill that mould til he gets someone long term that he wants. Bring Casemiro to break up play, spread to Eriksen and he can feed balls forward which Rashford can completely fuck up. Opposition counters, Maguire is 50 yards out of position and they score. But we played a nice pass or two which is progress.
  10. I think that's the best final episode of any show I've seen and elevates it over Brraking Bad to the top of my list. Astonishing show.
  11. This is everything I dreamed of. God fucking damn. Only done two cycles so far. Got my arse destroyed first cycle. Second cycle I got to what I think is the first major boss, down to half health in his third wave before the twat got me. Seems simple enough. That AR is amazing, think mine was +4. Had five parasites and got the achievement. Progressed the story in some trippy ways. But overall God Damn this is a videogame.
  12. Bloody hell Astro Boy is stupidly impressive. That controller too.
  13. So I woke up hungover, as expected, and cancelled the order. What the fuck was I thinking? Picked one up in town instead
  14. Tbh mate I'm a bit pissed for 1st time in ages and I've bought it, sweet talk the missus time lol I get Horizon, disk console, some shitey carry case and 12 months. Pumpd like only a geek can be.
  15. Lads, quick question: Is a PS5 worth buying? I want to play Returnal, Demon Souls, R&C, some exclusives last and current gen. That new mid tier of PS+ looks perfect for me. I have a four year old but stilll relatively powerful PC (2080ti, 32gb, 9700k) but honestly prefer to 'properly' aka non-indie game on the couch most the time. I have a Series S. Seri3s S is mainly a retro machine though due to Retroarch. Being honest, would you recommend it as a purchase? My heart and head is just chanting Returnal which is basically my dream game. Can get a decent deal with Horizon, GT, 12 months of PS+ middle tier and the console.
  16. Yeah its as bang average as they come.
  17. I refunded it as I didn't realise just how much resource and management stuff there would be. Really not my bag but can see its a great game underneath.
  18. I use that Eneba route for any big release I can. For smaller indies like this, full whack. Kinda my stance on it anyway.
  19. I live in Bury and have never been here. Think I might pop by finally.
  20. Witcher 3. 260 hours into it, must've been on the home stretch, turned it off one night with the intention to play next day and just never loaded it up again. Don't know why as I absolutely adored every second.
  21. Nobody here trying the moistCr1tikal, aka Penguinz, aka Charlie Halo 2 challenge? Legendary, all skulls bar envy, to completion, no deaths. Apparently nobody has ever done it. First person gets 20k. Closest so far is one player getting to level 10. Only 7 people out of hundreds have got past level 1. Has to be streamed. His latest YouTube video explains it all.
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