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  1. Deadstream [2022] Shudder Comedy-horror mashup, cancelled streamer tries to revive his career by livestreaming from America's Most Haunted House. Clearly low budget. Really well done send up of annoying Youtube/Twitch cunts interspersed with decent, silly, fun horror nonsense. A little overlong even at 90 minutes, could prob chop off 10/15 minutes. Surprisingly enjoyable however and glad I watched it. 3/5
  2. I think this Haaland lad might go on to be an alright player keep an eye on him lads
  3. Something different, only 25 years old. Swift was an absolute don late 90s into early 00s. Up there with Dillinja at his peak
  4. I see I posted that on the other page Fuck it.
  5. 27 years old this. Fucking hell. Just listening to Hype at Nightlife and when he drops it is fucking skanking business
  6. Brighton fans singing "You're a shit Andy Carroll" at Nunez was a lovely touch
  7. van Dijk looking like the Dutch Maguire these days. Sad times for The Best Defender of All Time™
  8. Darkwood is fucking amazing and worth the fiver alone.
  9. Just picked this up on PC for £25. That same old familiar wonderful Borderlands loop and gameplay. Writing feels better than 3, but nowhere near 2. Defo get my moneys worth at this price, really enjoying it
  10. Twitch is absolutely imploding right now. All the big streamers ripping fuck out of each other and airing all the behind the scenes stuff. It's amazing.
  11. Dude I'm running 1440 with a 2080ti. You're fine. You only need (lol) one of these if you're a keep up the joneses nerd or absolutely balls deep rabid about 4k ultra.
  12. Started this on PS5 now it seems to be a much, much more stable experience. Got about 20 hours into the PC version on launch. Going full shotgun tank V build, fuck hacking. Looks lovely.
  13. D'oh! I meant Malignant. Such utter shit.
  14. I really wanna see that. Is it good batshit, or Malevolent batshit?
  15. Speak No Evil (2022) Best horror I've seen all year. Danish couple get friendly with a Dutch couple on holiday and go visit them. Shit gets weird. On Shudder now.
  16. Deus (2022) Richard '18 litres of coffee up me arse' Blackwood and Phil Davis in a British sci fi that is actually better than its budget and at times wooden acting. Interesting ideas behind it let down by said budget. Better than the usual absolute shit low budget sci fi, solid 5/10
  17. Scrap the above. Ended up watching the rest of this on a playthrough as could not be arsed going back. Its too long for what it is. Kinda glad I didn't play on now. Druckmann is a shit writer. Impressive technical feat but ND are ridiculously overhyped.
  18. Looking forward to rinsing this in ultrawide 120fps on PC rather than 360p 15fps on Switch. Love ya Ninty.
  19. One of the greatest pieces of performance art I've ever read, this thread. Kudos Capwn.
  20. Wow thank you Capwn I am now very excited to be a pirate and to shoot other people in the face can you tell me more
  21. Full Metal Jacket Still the greatest war movie ever made. 5/5
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