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  1. Seven if you wanna watch it. None of em tie onto each other so I went straight to it when I found out.
  2. I got contacted a while ago by the BBC to see if my most popular YouTube upload could be sourced so they could use it, presumably for this and other Young Ones related stuff. I know they wanted to use it for a Mayall tribute. I'm hoping they bang it on the extras. Deserves to be seen by a wider audience, if you're a Young Ones geek.
  3. Cosmatos' episode holy fuck its amazing. The dude's vision and style is beyond anyone else.
  4. Watched the first 5 now. Second episode was the weakest, fifth was right up.my street. Gonna finish the lot today I think. So far it's 3, 5, 4, 1, 2 in ranking order.
  5. Rinsed the first three so far this morning. That third episode is up there with some of the best horror. So so good.
  6. Its intense in places. Sporadic though.
  7. Barbarian Fuck yes what a movie just go into it read and watch nothing. 4.5/5
  8. What platform are these bugs on? Id report them if you're getting them. I'm on PS5 online and not really seeing any of this. I've set a low roll high spin ball and it grips the greens beautifully, plus fittings for my club.
  9. With regards to putts, if its going 50 yards away from 3 feet, it's a bad putt, sorry. I've never had that happen regardless of green speed or break lines.
  10. The lag on ball issue in MP is a legacy glitch from TGC1. It happened on that game, they're aware and fixing it. Regarding the swing, I absolutely love it. It's changed since 2k21, it changes every game. It's just adapting to it. I'm finding it way easier than 2k21, they've tightened the perfects to be harder, but slows and fasts are less punishing if you're in the grey. I mainly hit slight fasts so adapt my swing plane to it. Mute works perfect for me, just toggled it in the options menu, turned voice chat off, and done. I also love the club sounds, like the beefy whack of a perfect. You can switch out your club set up if the ones you're buying don't show. Anything I've bought or won, has been apparent in a round. It's by far thr best golf game I've played. Timing seems more TGC1, which I pumped thousands of hours into, so probably helps on my side. Happily hitting -8s or more on Pro difficulty
  11. I don't like lemons though mate, apples maybe
  12. LiVARpool at it again innit one day it doesn't quite go their way and they're off on one.
  13. Sean Harris is the best actor working in the UK imo. He does odd, hbhinged, weird yet grounded characters so fucking well.
  14. Dude is essentially an inside forward playing off the right cutting in, same way Rashford is on the left cutting onto right. He's had 8 games so far more happy to be lenient as he comes up to speed from a relatively poor Erediversie into the PL. He's shown in Europe and Holland he can be highly effective in what he does. But then so did Sancho and we've turned him into Antonio fucking Valencia mk. 2, so there's that.
  15. He hasn't lit the place up but 3 in 4 in the league and at least when he gets the ball he's showing some aggression and passion. Neither wide player is really running at their man so I'd look at what ETH may be instructing them. Find it a bit odd to stick it at him when across the front last couple of games they've all been woeful and they're all being paid ridiculous sums. Rashford all of a sudden can't shoot, Sancho looks shit scared, Ronaldo is gash, Fernandes just moans and fucks play up. It's problematic across them all, Antony, for me, has been the highlight despite not being anything exceptional. The foot thing I don't truly get when there's multiple one footed players. Ever see Giggs try and play with his right, or Beckham ping it with his left?
  16. I wouldn't just lay it on Antony. A couple of times he took Burn on today and crossed with the outside of his left. Sancho though fuck me.
  17. Treat yaself to IPTV and sack off Sky and BT lad.
  18. Those Joelinton misses fecking hell. We've been beautifully shit.
  19. Eight hours today with it, what a gsme. Going back in tonight for 1v1 matchmaking. Addicted.
  20. If you loved the previous ones it's worth it. If you're just wanting a few rounds here and there I'd wait for a price drop.
  21. Well it's everything I wanted. A good career mode. 40 courses off the bat. Gameplay is more refined and tuned, started on apro settings and hitting around -5 a round. There are microtransactions (it's 2k). Ball sleeves that change the flight, grip, roll of the ball etc but they cost VC per use. Not one time purchases. You get a decent amount of VC playing the game though. Competitive multilplayer is gone. It's not 'casual'. Same game modes as 2k21, but no leaderboards any more. It has Top golf also. Graphically it's a bump up but in a similar vein. However the cote gameplay loop is refined and feels the best. Feels fair. Short game is silly difficult. It has 3 click swing too, but a new harder variant of it if you're into that. And, as ever, difficulty is fully customisable.
  22. Top man thank you! Looking forward to finishing work and diving in, got the next two days off.
  23. Anybody buying the new one? I've gone full mental edition as streams look great for it. Love glof. Glof forever. Couldn't find a thread for it.
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