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  1. Thats weird as I've done 4 hours, all Performance and not had a single issue.
  2. It feels, and this is no slight, like the greatest DLC the world has ever seen.
  3. I'm in Performance and sitting on the sofa some distance from TV it looks banging. Slight lack of sharpness > 30fps every time.
  4. I don't mind the visuals not being a leap. 2018 still looks stupidly stunning.
  5. The accessibility options are off the chart. Fantastic work all round.
  6. Fucking glorious stream on my IPTV. 4k, the works. 20 minutes in and wish I never bothered.
  7. Absolutely perfect year this year to overhaul, or add stuff to International, given it releases two weeks before the WC. But nope, you can give your avatar a watch that you'll never see in game instead.
  8. In fact from here it shows the match that made Benjy ragequit the game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1643185157?t=02h35m27s Below is the precise moment of the defending, I've seen this countless times, as have other streamers. Alongside them standing still as attackers are oncoming, other players in other roles just wandering miles away from where they are supposed to be with no rational logic etc https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1643185157?t=02h47m14s Below another example from another streamer. Multiple reports of this across the forums. System doesn't matter, but its more common with three at the back. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1643564945?t=04h19m03s The ME is an absolute mess defensively. Going forward, it can play some great stuff, but its a joke in areas.
  9. That's grand mate, I won't deny or try to play down anyone's enjoyment of any game. I'll post some video examples of the defending tomorrow when on the PC. Taken from a DrBenjy stream, and another FM streamers stream.
  10. The Squad Plannwr is a lesser implemented Squad Depth screen. It's the exact same thing but you can add a player rather than them automatically listed. If you have players on trial, they are not added. So if you're a smaller team trying to snap up multiple free transfers via trial, which gives you deeper star ratings and coach feedback, you have to add each individual player one by one by one to every single position. If you then ask your assistant to list players by rating, saving you several minutes of manually moving players one by one again, they disappear completely. It is In general a largely pointless rework of an already existing screen. Lollujo, one of.the big four FM streamers discovered this on stream and it basically meant he had to go via the old school route of comparing players, rendering the screen pointless. If you've experience with the game anyhow you'll have targets in mind and know which youth are worthwhile in the space of a two minute glance. The one area it would actually improve, International Management due to the huge player pool...well it doesn't exist. You do not have that screen for it. I could go on and on and on and as mentioned above provide examples for everything wrong with this, but if you cannot see the problems with defence at the very least in the ME you must have a blessed beta mate. It's utterly shambolic.
  11. Squad Planning is broken. Supporter Profile does not work. Defensive AI is the worst its ever been, alongside goalkeepers. New randomisation in the engine is broken. "Improved manager AI", as stated as a headline feature, does not exist. Very happy to show examples of these issues. I do not trust SI to fix them this yearm they can't even program a scarf for your AI manager to scale with your height. It literally clips through your waist if you set it to tallest. Sorry @MardiganX but it is a terrible product.
  12. Also happy to give examples of SI affiliated streamers rage quitting the game due to how fucked it is if needed. They aren't even playing it right now, playing other games.
  13. It is the worst FM I've ever experienced. Made a post about it on Reddit after numerous, actually succinct criticisms on the SI forums git removed. The Beta is an absolute mess. Steam gave me a refund after 70 hours play, its that broken.
  14. Good old Hobby Consoles smashing it again. What a site!
  15. I just struggled to find the concept creepy. Oh its walking towards you at a snail's pace oh no oh god. And yeah I know the concept is it won't ever stop but it doesn't work for me. Same as with Mr X and all those relentless chase mechanics in games. Irritating.
  16. Booked three days off next week for this. The 2018 game is my second favourite PS console exclusive, so hyped.
  17. It Follows was crap so not holding out much hope for Smile
  18. Seven if you wanna watch it. None of em tie onto each other so I went straight to it when I found out.
  19. I got contacted a while ago by the BBC to see if my most popular YouTube upload could be sourced so they could use it, presumably for this and other Young Ones related stuff. I know they wanted to use it for a Mayall tribute. I'm hoping they bang it on the extras. Deserves to be seen by a wider audience, if you're a Young Ones geek.
  20. Cosmatos' episode holy fuck its amazing. The dude's vision and style is beyond anyone else.
  21. Watched the first 5 now. Second episode was the weakest, fifth was right up.my street. Gonna finish the lot today I think. So far it's 3, 5, 4, 1, 2 in ranking order.
  22. Rinsed the first three so far this morning. That third episode is up there with some of the best horror. So so good.
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