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  1. Agreed regarding the difficulty, I was one of those moaning about it just after I got the game. I can get through Easy through the end of Medium without any faults pretty much 95% of the time now, and I'm beginning to get the Hard tracks down. Possibly the best value I've had from a game since CM01/02.
  2. Only about 4 more platinums on Hard to go then I'm all Platinum'd up to the end of Hard. Game am awesome.
  3. I'd ask to re-add you, Meatball, but your times intimidate me
  4. Finally managed Platinum on every level from the first to The Rise & Fall now, after nailing the bloody Groundhog levels in under 21 seconds. Taking a break = epic win with this game.
  5. Finally made the step up to Hard, 38.2 on Trials and Tribulations.
  6. Cheers, Trippin' is easy once you figure out the whole end section.
  7. 28th in world on Trippin' the Plywood with 30.5 seconds.
  8. Apologies, needed to make a bit of space for some guys from my usual forum haunt (Edge). Was awesome fun trying to beat your nigh on impossible times though And cheers for the advice earlier mate.
  9. Right, Meatybollocks I can get about 0.8 faster than you all the way to the final climb (the slightly broken bit and the bit before the end). How the hell do you do them so efficiently? I always end up about 0.2/0.3 slower than my currently set time, despite the headstart.
  10. I spent numerous hours on the original, and the sequel when younger. Modding the hell out of it with new cars, driving about the place going for stunts, destroying everything. One of the best games ever. Along with Shadow Warrior.
  11. S'alright, took 0.250 off your Rise & Fall time
  12. I know I shouldn't have added you, you're the next off the list
  13. Your Rise & Fall time is a git, spent last night trying to beat it and still 0.015 out. Also, your Container Rush time...0.004 faster Goddammit!
  14. Considering its been out a while now, what's everyone's medal haul so far? I'm at: Platinum - 22 Gold - 9 Silver - 6 Bronze - 3
  15. So Meatball has some awesome times. Feel quite proud that I'm leading him on quite a few bits, epic. Rocked The Rise and Fall last night, just over the 34second mark.
  16. Down-Right rather than just simple right when going up steep slopes helps me no end. Took me ages to work that out
  17. Honestly, I've improved my technique just by playing the Medium tracks a hell of a lot. There's loads of situations of shorter, easier sections which can teach you a lot about the dynamics of the game. Moving from constant Medium play to Hard has made me realise that I can crack almost every Hard level in 5 faults or under and a couple with 0 faults no problem.
  18. Will pick it up next week then, need something other to play with my new stick than SF4 and Marvel v Capcom .
  19. So, worth a purchase then if I'm slowly getting bored with SFIV?
  20. Seconded. I just can't put this game down. When I'm away from home, I just keep thinking of strategies on certain levels, I come back, boot it up, and within 30 minutes I'm beating my previous times. It just keeps rewarding, and Rock N Drop has to be one of the most exhilarating, fun levels ever created. GOTY without a Shadow (pun intended) of a doubt.
  21. Possibly controversial, but for me, its Mario Kart: Double Dash Sure, it isn't the best of the series, it has its flaws (Insane AI at times), but having a piss up and a crack at a first to 10 on Baby Park with a mate/mates is always fantastic fun, and played weekly/monthly to this day.
  22. I'll add you later, you'll destroy my times on Hard tracks
  23. I hate it too, but it was one of the only Medium tracks where I wasn't leading on my friend's leaderboard so had to give it a crack. Any of you alright with me adding you for Trials times? I ask as I'll have to knock a few people off my list.
  24. 45th in world on Dreamscape, and 34.5 on The Rise and Fall. Awesome.
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