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  1. Top Gun: Madlad


    This is fucking shite as it is basically just the first film but with Kilmer and Cruise with additional botox.


    Loved the bit where they were in the big action scene and as Cruise was flying through the skies a literal goose flew next to the plane and he saluted it crying.


    Fly fly zip zoop stuff is enjoyable but it's the cheesiest bag of shit since out of date Wotsits. I don't have a hard on for macho BIG MACHINE OILY MUSCLE MEN MOUSTACHE stuff though so mileage may vary.



  2. Christmas Day 1998, got an N64 and Ocarina of Time. Spent the whole day, bar the meal, being absolutely fucking blown away and convinced that this was the pinnacle of gaming, at how massive it was, that games could never ever progress beyond its scale and graphics and it was a seminal moment in my gaming life.


    That or being early 20s, seeing my cousin for the first time in a couple of years, getting stoned out of our skulls playing Mario Kart: Double Dash for about 16 hours straight.

  3. We had that break earlier when Martial had the ball and he just looked so casual and slow. I'd like to see Garnacho get a run up there, Elanga is gash.

  4. 51 minutes ago, Mike S said:



    This sounds great. Where is it available?


    That is a wider request as I really appreciate seeing where folk are seeing/sourcing films, especially newer ones.


    EDIT: It's on MUBI! Will watch this week...

    Yeah I watched it on Mubi. I basically have BFI, Amazon, Netflix and Mubi, and then if its not on any of those it'll be Real Debrid. A lot of what I watch isn't really on any streaming service.

  5. As Bestas aka The Beasts (2022)


    Spanish film based on a true story.


    French couple give up their comfortable life to move to a tiny Spanish village to farm and live off rhe land while doing up property there.


    Company comes with proposition to build a wind farm, the locals agree as they are filthy poor, but the French couple refuse. Tensions slowly escalate and explode.


    Denis Menochet and Luis Zahera absolutely rip up the screen with two brooding, powerhouse performances. A suffocating, tense slow burn of fear. Great start to the year.


    There's a scene in the local 'pub' which is mesmerising.


    The two leads, I've already said it, but holy fuck.



  6. Always respected Arsenal for the Wenger/Fergie years.


    Fair fucks to you guys, playing great stuff this season. Hope you go on to win it (if we don't lol).

  7. Unsung Hero: Peglin


    It really fits my idea of a game. Peggle + Roguelike is heaven. Bang some music on and rinse through. It's still in Early Access but is constantly being updated (recent major patch gave a shop mechanic, gold mechanic, new balls, higher 'ascension levels' etc). It's the only game I've played every single month since its launch and I'll be playing it for months, or years going forward. Also, like Peggle, majority will say its random with your shots but as you get better and better you can visualise those bounces. Literal crack for me.


    Sung Villain: Ragnarok


    My most wanted game of the year after Elden Ring. I've done ten hours but its an absolute chore. It looks stunning, the writing is enjoyable but I'm already bored of the  puzzle, combat, cut scene loop. And the fetch quests just to find different people. Knowing there's still about 50 hours to go nah thank you. Its not a bad game, just not what I want or need anymore.


    I should really have put Football Manager 2023 as Villain but it'd be a 15 paragraph rant if I do.



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