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  1. Ah it's the tits and arse game that's about 'empowerment'
  2. Can't wait for the Rabbids/Metroid Prime 4 crossover announcement
  3. Back on this as it is the best in the series and probably my favourite game of all time. Absolutely buzzing as just had a drop I thought I'd never get. A Sham with 94% ammo absorption. The drop rate is 0.0042%. Pretty much the rarest drop in all of Borderlands. Get in!
  4. It's absolutely fantastic fun and if it pays homage to other films, or even straight up rips aspects off, I really couldn't care less. Tight, compact, well done. Loved it.
  5. My Son Drama/Thriller with James McAvoy and Claire Foy. Their son goes missing - thats about the entire premise. The wonderful thing about this is McAvoy's entire script is improvised. He had no idea where the plot was going, what the motivations were, and he had no lines of dialogue given to him. A rough outline of his character and away he goes, he finds things out as we do. And fucking fuck me is he astonishing in it. Really, really good film, which even without this 'gimmick' would be a solid and enjoyable thing. I always thought McAvoy was very good but this has elevated him. 4/5
  6. @Moz - playing on m&k? I am and it's silly easy using it.
  7. Yep. I felt the message put across was very heavy handed and ultimately it felt somewhat forced. The original short story touches more into this message in a far more subtle way. It looks stunning in places and the paper puppet work is delightful when used but it's not really a horror.
  8. Villeneuve is at his best when telling a story without the bombast and budget. See Incendies, Polytechnique and Enemy.
  9. Just popping in to say Star Wars is shit and more power to the kids who show no interest in it.
  10. The sequel is also really good. The other two...avoid.
  11. Candyman A film of exceptional style with a solid premise. Unfortunately it's handled rather poorly. Oh what could have been. It's decent enough, just not quite as clever as it appears to believe it is.
  12. According to the site I'm on there is a 4k Cannes Film Festival version clocking in at 139 minutes. Edit: Just seen thread date lol
  13. Have you seen November, Naboer, Sauna and I Remember You? Just trying to chuck out some more obscure ones!
  14. Seems to run great on my 9700k and 2080ti. 1440p Ultra, no RT as its barely noticeable, locked 60 as my monitor is 60. Could do 4k Med/High but meh.
  15. So Gylenhaal's The Guilty is basically a shot for shot remake of the original. Same story, same script bar one moment. Luckily it's a banger of a film, so doesn't matter if you watch this or the Danish original. He's fantastic, as per. Comes to Netflix in a few weeks. Pizzloatto (True Detective) screenplay and Fuqua (Training Day) directing. 5/5
  16. I am a weak man. This wasn't on my radar but have now bought it. The fact it allows you to be more aggressive than Dishonored is a huge win for me. Not a stealth lad.
  17. I'm with ya. I bailed on Malignant. Having to watch 70 minutes of tedium first before it becomes fun isn't my bag. Its similar to the 'game gets good after x hours' thing. There needs to be a slither of a draw before the pay off. It felt like Wan wanking himself off with camera tricks.
  18. I stand by Scary of the Sixty First being the worst thing I've seen all year. Absolute trash.
  19. I'm in deep now. Just did a three hour session that felt like minutes. Met a mad boss I'm not prepared for yet so going through previous areas looking for upgrades. Having dash and wall climb is wonderful. It completely nails what a Metroidvania should do. It doesn't feel a waste pottering around older areas and feels good bombing about. Wonderful game.
  20. With the Dark Souls series I bounced off hard after trying them twice. On the third try it clicked and I fell madly in love. I have tried this twice. Now on my third attempt. And oh fucking boy what a game it is. So beautifully crafted, the music, the flow. In City of Tears now and its just gorgeous.
  21. Ever since character creators became a thing, I'm always a bald, green eyed, old black man with a beard. No idea why, but it's what I always do.
  22. We Need to do Something Single room film (bar a couple of flashbacks). Family hole up in their bathroom when a storm rages in, things gradually turn to shit. Pat Healy, as ever, is fantastic. Drags a bit, could be 20 minutes shorter but a fun little thing.
  23. I'll swap you a two and a half year old 2080ti for it, best deal mate trust me
  24. I love that film so much. Its a huge, sprawling mess but I find it so wonderful.
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