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  1. Yep. Absolute wankfantasy shite glossed over by fan boys screaming 'combat depth'. Actually hate that series.
  2. Give it a crack. Once you're used to the layout combat is so much more fluid.
  3. Works so so well on m&k. Gets rid of that slight clunkiness controller gave to it.
  4. Its an absolute fucking triumph of a game. Forgot how good it really is as haven't played it since launch.
  5. My strat of starting with the same first word every game so far really paid off today. Got it in 2. My start word is always
  6. DF settings, 4k with DLSS Quality, 60fps rock solid and looks beautiful. Great port, finally!
  7. Rumour is Ghost of Tsushima next. Like yourself I'm gagging for Bloodborne though.
  8. Also if you want it I can sort ya out tomorrow. Just let me know.
  9. History of the Occult is absolutely amazing. One of my favourites of last year. Ultra low budget but builds tension and weirdness beautifully.
  10. Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Don't really need to say anything. Fucking banger. [5]
  11. Alien Resurrection (1997) Missus hadn't seen this. It's my guilty pleasure Alien film. You've all seen it and if you haven't don't talk to me. Perlman is wonderful, Weaver dons it, water and ladder sequence is great. Utterly fucking silly. Great stuff. [3]
  12. This is a terrible shit nostalgia fest of wank. The first half an hour starts off reasonably bad but then it just descends into utter crap. Waste of time.
  13. Black Friday (2021) Throwback to the 80s stupid horror bout Black Friday at a toy store and some meteorite has left gunk that turn people mental and deformed and rabid and shit goes down. Bruce Campbell and him out the wonderful Idle Hands are in it. Greatly shit practical FX and humour that doesn't quite land but its 80 minutes and absolute shit for brains idiocy that passes the time as you ooze IQ out your eyes. [2.5]
  14. Getting to top 10 globally on Virtua Tennis 3 on the 360. One of only two games I'd consider myself elite at. This lead to a phenomenal match against @Curtis one afternoon that went on for what seemed hours as we both kept saving match point after match point til my Nadal broke him down. Still undefeated against friends and family, the top 5 players in the world at that time were unreal. I'm desperate for a new version, re-release or remaster.
  15. Bought Outer Wilds yesterday. Microsoft instantly refunded it. Top service.
  16. John and the Hole (2021) Rich family and spoiled kid. Kid discovers an abandoned bunker site in the woods out back. Drugs his family and dumps them in the hole left there. Written by Giacobone, who wrote Birdman. Study of a 13yo boy dealing with themes of puberty, loneliness, anger, confusion. Goes to lengths to portray the child as not having, but also having sociopathic tendencies. Clear that due to having all he wants he's been left with a 'hole' (aahh metaphors) where emotion and understanding would be. Also slightly touches on rich white privilege with particular scenes (the boy drives his father's car around the neighbourhood with no consequence etc) Juxtaposed with a mother telling her child of the story of 'John and the Hole', which have a deeper meaning I won't touch on here. Beautifully shot in 4:3 giving family scenes a claustrophobic feel. Dexter is the dad and he is great. Kid is wonderfully hateful. Really liked the ending. Solid all round. [7]
  17. The Conspiracy (2012) A guilty pleasure horror which doesn't really get mentioned anymore. Documentary team follow a local prominent conspiracy mut who goes missing, they take over his research and stumble across a large conspiracy, things go tits up. Primarily based around Bohemian Grove. One of the better examples of found footage horror and largely underrated. [7]
  18. Very easily. Breath of the Wild Borderlands 2 Super Metroid Championship Manager 01/02 Bloodborne
  19. Yeah we nearly turned it off after 20 minutes or so, it's such a complete about turn by the end. I grew to love its structure though as it takes great writing and direction to pull off what it does.
  20. The Humans (dir: Stephen Karam, 2021) A perfect embodiment of the A24 textbook, and as such almost a perfect embodiment of what I want from a film. Slow burning family drama, several generations all meeting at a daughter's new home to share lunch/dinner and to catch up, and as is always the case, things turn sour. Karam's first film as director and it is based off of his own play, which shows in the structure and flow of the film itself. Long lingering shots, out of focus, disorientating. It manages something which I find to be fascinating and I've rarely seen before - it turns the slowburn arthouse drama into a borderline horror film at times. Something which Cache and quite a lot of Haneke's work manages. Primarily done via sound (eerie bumps in the night, heavy footsteps from neighbours upstairs and a couple of 'jumpscare' moments which are really well done) mixed with a use of both light and dark as visual metaphor and mood piece. There is another visual metaphor that runs throughout which I found a bit heavy handed and is used way too often, but that's really the only slight I can give this. If the mood, atmosphere and creepy disjointedness of the whole thing doesn't grip you, you'll no doubt be bored shitless. Great performances by all concerned, especially Richard Jenkins and Amy Schumer. Will be on my list come end of year of topboy films innit. 5/5
  21. Jesus fucking Christ the end of Season 2. Best thing I've seen this year.
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