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  1. New roles for staff which seem pointless, loan and technical director. New contract and player role system is fantastic and stops a lot of moaning from players. Likewise, the new 3-5 year board plan works really well, far better than single season objectives. If you're on 19 and enjoying it theres no huge reason to upgrade but it's full of small QoL stuff and I'd say you may as well upgrade if on the fence. Engine seems quicker and more responsive.
  2. Really really good. Match engine is still meh. Still easy.
  3. I'm enjoying it. The attention to detail is insane and had zero issue with the controls.
  4. My ta tic has completely broke the game for.myself and apparently many others. Match engine is great but easily exploitable
  5. Full uncompressed image on Grabilla: http://i.grab.la/09b06-31b46cf2-d01d-4ebc-b71b-3d3c239dd929.png
  6. I dont have G sync. However dropping a couple options to.medium.with no discernible visual.different is fully locked 60fps. Game.is beautiful.
  7. Easily I'd say, just ignore Ultra settings. Volumetric, reflections, grass and mirror settings are the heaviest on GPU.
  8. Here we go. Test results in an image (the lows are loading during benchmark when GPU goes to like 350mhz. Its consistent 60fps (9700k, 2080Ti, 32GB mem), GPU overclocl of +80 core, +800 mem. Edit: Change reflection and mirror quality to medium, that's it.
  9. There are very infrequent dips to 58 or 59fps so I'm contemplating punting the PC off a bridge tbh I'll post the settings in a minute in a spoiler.
  10. I've got this locked at stable 60fps with pretty much 4K high (bar one or two settings) and render at 80%. Its literal graphics porn. I do run a mild overclock on the card though.
  11. Yeah...I'd run at 60 lol Its not a game that needs any more.
  12. 4k 60fps PC image mega dump (all prologue). Put behind spoiler due to amount of images.
  13. It's at like 30 or so on mine, 2080Ti
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