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  1. Streamers been playing this today - looks very good, day one for me.
  2. They showed Stalker 2 so its instantly the best conference this year.
  3. Best game I've played this year. Just decimated the third manager on my first run this week. Behold:
  4. Ive been playing on the experimental patch, its fantastic.
  5. A run from earlier. Had an item that gave fire rate the more eggs I had. There's a couple boss spoilers if you've not made it to the first manager yet. The insanity really kicks off at 4:25
  6. There's 2 DLC characters if you buy it outright rather than Game Pass.
  7. I bounced hard off Gungeon, but hold Isaac, Dead Cells and Hades close to my heart. This is an absolute banger so far. Just beat the first manager, played a couple of hours. Awesome. Amir is such a fun character too.
  8. Eehh. I sit about 5 feet back as its a smallish room, unless im k&m in which case I need to sit closer. 1440p looks great still but 1080 is horrendous on the panel.
  9. 150% scaling and its fine.
  10. Ive got an Asus PB268Q 28' 4k 60fps monitor and its fucking beautiful to look at. I do have the PC to knock out 4k 60 no trouble in most games though. Ive played on higher hz screens and while it is lovely, I dont really play MP so 60 is just fine for my needs. With the way DLSS is headed, 4k baby, all the way.
  11. I bought a cheap chair from Amazon for like 70 quid and its confy as fuck. I went PC only 18 months ago and can never go back. Still paying it off as I went mental with the build but its so much better.
  12. Which basically means 720p but still its everywhere
  13. Demo is apparently running on a 2080ti at 1080p with DLSS and RT on. I have ejaculated.
  14. Keighley showing 26 minutes of footage on thegameawards twitch channel
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