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  1. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Because its shit.
  2. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Serenity - Its rare in modern cinema for a film to have a set vision and for it to wholeheartedly work towards it. Its an astonishing piece of work from a new auteur, Steven Knight who, in his elder years, has hit his triumphant peak. The man started on Jasper Carrott's laugh-vacuum sitcom The Detectives before somehow striking gold with Hardy and Locke, a film so utterly lacking in trust from its producers that they just stuck big Tom in a car on the motorway and let him have an existential crisis. Serenity has acting, it has some form of editing, it has music at points. Sometimes they shoot at night and sometimes during the day. McConaughey gets wet at times, then he screams randomly, then he gets mildly drunk on several bottles of rum. His range is magnificent. You can have your Cachés, your White Ribbons, your Troll 2s. Sit back, admire, bask in it. SOAK IN ITS LUNACY. Thank me later.
  3. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    Mate we've gotta go in hard on a track again like we did a few years back on Fusion, that was a fun battle for a few days.
  4. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    You can just never open any boxes etc. I kinda like it though
  5. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    Also the Switch version is pretty shocking: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/02/trials_rising_on_switch_doesnt_rise_up_to_the_challenge_of_its_rivals
  6. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    Remember that feeling after a few hours with Fusion where you thought 'yeah its alright but something just feels off'? This feels like a true sequel to Evo from the get go. The handling is perfect, and fuck ups feel like your own rather than tyre glitches etc.
  7. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    It feels like a return to Evo, after the misstep that was Fusion. The aesthetic is more varied, the available lines on the tracks feel more fun and fluid, especially the speed lines, and the bikes have that flexibility and control that Evo nailed so perfectly. Still the same old shitty skill games, but there's new challenges with better rewards etc. I'm not aware if its a new engine or not, but it felt dated on Fusion so they've either got rid of some bloat for this or it is a brand new engine as its a big step-up graphically in places. There's a certain track that is very visually impressive.
  8. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    Just put in a couple hours, all Golds, a couple Platinums and one top 30 global score. Some different tracks to the closed beta and its absolutely fucking glorious. Plats are harder to get it would appear and then the Titanium medals above 'em are where the real bastard test is.
  9. Dark Soldier

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Heart beaten (Asc 1) with Ironclad. Bare STR build. Feed+ giving me 124 health by that point, even after taking Apparitions. Inflame+ and 3 x Limit Break+ with a small deck, along with the relic that lets you play status cards so I could get rid of them as soon as they appeared (kicking Dead Branch into gear). Fucking decimated the prick, 208 dmg on the last card I played. I now have Ironclad on Asc 6, Silent on Asc 3 and Defect on Asc 5. Love this game so much.
  10. Dark Soldier

    How many games can you keep on the go at one time?

    Barely one these days.
  11. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Its a deal lad
  12. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    God damn its a slaughter Watch November cos I wanna see if we match on that: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6164502/
  13. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Certain 'means'
  14. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Border: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5501104/ A female customs officer with the capability to smell fear becomes intrigued by an odd fellow whilst her every day work leads her down a dark path. Its a highly original film, allowed to breathe by the director and cinematographer. Eva Melander's performance is extraordinary, completely morphed by prosthetics and carry an Ungodly weight on her shoulders. Don't watch a trailer, don't read any reviews. Its unlike anything you've seen before. On a side-note, I've now watched five outstanding, completely different films in a row and it reiterates just how much I love this medium.
  15. Dark Soldier

    Detroit: Become Human

    Well God damn that worked and I now want to marry you! Many thanks!

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