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  1. Finally got some batteries for my controller. 43:008, could prob knock off another 0.3 but I'll stick with this.
  2. This is a great track, very nice line. Had a couple of bits with too much airtime so I'll come back for the diamond.
  3. Trials tournament? Reinstalling now let's go. Think I'm already on your friend's list on UPlay, Omizzay.
  4. Fuck me that's some challenge now. Loving it.
  5. I'm diving in now. Been waiting for this big time.
  6. Not as big but Trials Evo leaked online four months before its XBLA release, there was a lot of anger at the time as it meant certain riders got on it to practice for months and decimated the leaderboards on launch day.
  7. Saint Maud is a masterpiece. Holy shit.
  8. Being PC only I did a 'cleanse' at the start of Jan and deleted every single game off my drives. I've a backlog of about 150 games as I dont subscribe to gamepass or any subscription service as itll just artifically amplify how many I have. Original plan was to play through alphabetically, store to store, but after getting to C via Epic I realised there were whole sessions booting shit I'm not arsed about. So now I just download what I feel I wanna play. I'm fairly blessed in I can download almost any game, even mental installs in about an hour or so. If its a gaming d
  9. Im watching a streamer play it on a similar build, even at 1080, RT off its a stuttery mess. Yet another shite PC port. Not that I find it being a game I'll ever play, looks wonderfully dull so far.
  10. I forgot I had this on pre-order from cdkeys despite never having played a Hitman. I have paid the tenner for Hitman 2 levels on Epic and as such now have every level and mission across all 3 as they give the Hitman 1 pass for free. Downloading now. The amount of content is insane for like 50 quid.
  11. Get on November, Sauna and Koko-di Koko-da next if you like these kinda things. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6164502/ https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1124394/ https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9355200/
  12. I was top 10 global for a good while on Virtua Tennis 3 on 360 so that probably. Have a mean Nadal. Aside from that probably Trials or any of the Golf Club games.
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