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  1. Some element of enjoyment would be nice
  2. Just something I heard in passing, think it might have been Twitter from a critic. Like the idea of it being true.
  3. Yeah reviews and the usual tedious gamer backlash on anything that scores sub 90% had me thinking this was Big Rigs 2. But it's a glorious linear short experience.
  4. Precisely what I did Benny. Not played anything but Peglin and Slay the Spire, plus emu, on my PC in ages. PS5 is getting hammered, however.
  5. Absolutely loved the first couple hours. The melee system is awesome, the dodge mechanic followed by smashing limbs off is proper visceral and nasty. Had a couple 2/3 enemy fights and seems easy enough to control. I've heard there's spitters later on though which could send it a bit wild. Atmosphere and sound are top notch. Headphones on, it's a glorious thing. And again, the graffix lads. Definitely feels like it'll be a cult classic.
  6. This is insane graphically. Feels properly next gen. Only done the intro but lighting, models, everything looks proper console holy shit.
  7. Anybody watched Skinamarink that Tik-Tokkers are apparently losing their shit over?
  8. Yeah but Marvel, fuck that. Watched Ellajaz play a chunk on Twitch earlier. It looks sound to me. Defo purchase sub 30 quid. Got too much other shit to play first (GoW, Horizon, Tsushima etc)
  9. If Sonic Frontiers had been made by Nintendo it'd be bumped up 5 or 6 points innit bruv
  10. Love the story of Jason Blum seeing it and him saying he has never come out of a screening so shaken and he knew he had to acquire it.
  11. Soft & Quiet One of the toughest pieces of film making I've seen in a while. Social horror. Disturbing, disgusting, but absolutely fucking relevant It's not your typical 'horror'. But it a real bastard of a thing. One of the best films I've seen this year. It should make most uncomfortable. https://youtu.be/9caXYrlADa0
  12. So it's this years 12 Minutes then.
  13. And for the head's here's Hyper going mad over it in the intro (love this tape)
  14. Its an absolute cluster fuck this year and I've been adding to it. Good to see them finally called on it
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