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  1. Football Manager 2021. They have animations now showing what each player role does!
  2. This plays wonderfully on m&k. I can kinda attribute it oddly to the Trials series, pure trial and error but you learn each time coupled with the instant restarts. Absolute belter of a game.
  3. Use any VPN to set yourself to New Zealand and enjoy.
  4. If you like horror anthologies, then The Mortuary Collection on Shudder is fantastic. Best since Trick r Treat.
  5. So -console -vconsole +vr_fidelity_level_auto 0 +vr_fidelity_level 8 in the launch options for HL:Alyx makes it look way sharper and clearer. Game looks legit now. Change the fidelity level from 8 depending on your GPU, most recommend 3 but my 2080ti is sound with 8.
  6. Alyx over Virtual Desktop wireless is an absolute dream. Looks so much crispier than the Link.
  7. Yeah it defaults to Quest 1 as its not fully ammended for Quest 2 yet. Dont try max res as everything runs gash. Looks lovely though
  8. Oculus Debug Tool is also cool, can change pixel density etc. Lovely thing, this.
  9. Yeah on Rez you'll ptob want default res. Was choppy at 2560.
  10. You can increase res on the link via the developer option on the left controller home button. It makes a difference but not huge. Im running half life alyx at 300%. For the time being res doesnt really seem to affect link much as I read its running at Quest 1 res until its updated. For native non link games its a fantastic increase. Tetris and Moss look way sharper. However it can come at a cost of performance in some games so its about getting the sweet spot. There are multiple options of res.
  11. You can also do it via a command line on a mobile app but its a faff
  12. Plug headset into PC, load sidequest, click on developer options and enable 90hz and higher textures. Use the headset wither still connected to the PC, or unplug it. 90hz doesnt work current with Link. When you turn the headset off and back on it reverts to default Oculus settings so you'll need to do it again each time.
  13. Yep via sidequest. Once you've activated it you can unplug it. It resets when you turn it off.
  14. Bumping this to 90hz in game and texture res to 2560 is beautiful. My sweet eyes.
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