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  1. I'm sure it works with already created editor files, but yeah absolute kicker if you can't use it yourself. It is currently £25 on ShopTo, instant code.
  2. Editor is never available with beta
  3. Titane is the most wonderful, incredible film I've seen in years. Ducournau has such confidence in her vision and is fast becoming my favourite filmmaker. It, also, is not the film I expected. However, like Raw, it has flashes of the horrific, but I wouldn't label it as horror. Agathe Rouselle is electric as the lead. 5/5
  4. History of the Occult Low budget Argentinian film about the last episode of an investigative television show and how it could reveal the biggest conspiracy known to man - linking the government to an actual covern. Really well told, intriguing. Been hearing about it for a while and it definitely lives up to its hype
  5. I have both PC and S. PC still very fast, so I use that for 'big' titles where I want the shinies. S is a fantastic Gamepass system for when on the sofa though and is a lovely piece of kit. Its a good combo.
  6. Game finished. Absolutely glorious thing. 13 hours as I explored everywhere. Didn't go for 100%, finished with just over 80. Some upgrades were a faff and couldn't be arsed. Easily game of the year if not the last few years. So so good.
  7. As posted in the Emulation thread - Metroid Prime. First proper playthrough for over 10 years. And my word is it still an atmospheric, wonderful masterpiece. Using mouse and keyboard with full mouse look has really opened it up to be a different, more modern game. Couple in the textures and 5k(lol) resolution, its essentially a remaster. Light green cursor is on-scrren firing reticle for free aim. Super is my number one, Dread has just sneaked into my top 10 - this is easily 3rd or 4th. Incredible.
  8. There should be little one block corners under the water, morph and cloak.
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