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  1. Raide


    I will wait till it hits £20 in GAME and pick it up.
  2. Diablo 2 is still about the loot and you just keep replaying just to find bigger and better loot. I have played through it so many times but in smaller chunks. It is also an awesome co-op game too. I still bust it out on LAN from time to time and collect some more loot.
  3. Raide

    Lost Planet 2

    I am sure LP2 will have some "Greeneye" moments. I think I heard that the Salamander boss is one of the smallest ones you fight. I do hope the PTX-40A (The mech you fight Greeneye in) returns in an upgraded form. Imagine 4 player co-op against a massive boss, in super agile VS suits? Damn!
  4. I loved Planetside but it was limited by technology. If they can get Dust 514 working, it could be massive.
  5. Raide

    Lost Planet 2

    I loved the VS's in the first game but some of the new ones for LP2 look stunning. I have played the demo over and over because it still retains the fun factor, especially when you have 4 people working together. My only negative point, I wish they let you customise your character a bit in the demo, just to show off what is possible later on.
  6. Raide

    Perfect Dark XBLA

    1200 is a good amount for PD. The game has so much replayability crammed into it, 1200 is a steal. I can see myself playing PD more than MW2.
  7. Holy Necro Post Batman! I never got into Blood Money. I always preferred the 1st and 2nd games, just because the later Hitman games became overly reliant on using guns to solve problems.
  8. It could be sarcasm but I guess it could also be a hidden nerd-rage, bubbling deep inside someone.
  9. I do think that bigger Developers are eyeing up the iPhone. It is odd to hear them actually mention it in the same breath as other handhelds, so it certainly has got them looking at the possibilities. I seriously don't think it will be long till people hear about the bigger games appearing.
  10. Yeah, its based on the planet Pandora, so its not really Earth after a Nuke laden Apocalypse.
  11. I think the main effect it is having is that bigger developers are seeing the iPhone as a viable platform to make games on. While it have started as more of an Indie platform, more and more big publishers and developers are jumping on board.
  12. I agree with this. I think there has been a long enough gap for the 3D games, so they deserve to make a great Castlevania game. Of course if it fails, they will be straight back to 2D but I have high hopes for this new one. It does look awesome already.
  13. Raide

    Lost Planet 2

    It is less annoying than the first game but it does mean you have to work together to get the best rewards. How this system pans out in the missions levels, I am not sure but I can see 4 players helping out to heal up and support each other, no matter if they are fighting bosses or working through maps. The 3 Player Mech is awesome too! Yup. 4 players or you can mix in A.I if you don't have enough. Also create game option so you can go in as a party.
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