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  1. Yeah, but close to 100% of those 'users' will be people heavily interested in the movie beforehand, as opposed to people who just go to see what the latest big hit is.
  2. Seen this. I'll echo Ork. It really is extremely average. It's not the worst X-Men movie as that would take some doing, but the whole thing is very X-men in name only & feels closer to something like one of those Netflix marvel shows than any of the Avengers movies. These Fox movies are still grounding themselves to what was acceptable in 1998 & they haven't moved with the times at all. Its worth pointing that Sophie Turner is an absolutely horrendous actress. The casting for the new X-men series has been poor in general and theres a few people in this who are really bad (Hoult & Law always stink out whatever scene they are in), but Turner really takes it to new lower levels. I was thinking at a part when Jessica Chastain was standing next to Turner how much more fun she would have had with a Phoenix character role, but instead Fox just hired a younger woman they saw on tv with (dyed) red hair instead. There's another bit where someone is talking about the Phoenix being all rage & desire (not sure how they know that without having read UXM #135) and it cuts back to Turner & she looks so bored I thought she was about to fall asleep. Simon Kinsberg should probably stop trying to make movies about the Phoenix now.
  3. I really enjoyed the King run up until about #50 then it starts to fall apart a bit after that.
  4. I’ve posted this before in the relevant thread, but it always makes you think.
  5. I don’t think so, but there is for uncovering all the fogged out areas of map
  6. That looks brilliant. Some interesting new features in the video too! Loved the first so I’ll be all over this. I hope they have less of the invisible Yokai who only show up when you’re close though.
  7. Really surprised they haven’t called it the USS Burnham
  8. Holy shit that was incredible. I was so close to going straight into a second showing it’s THAT good. I refuse to believe anyone will find a better movie released this year! It’s like John Wick 1 fucked The Raid 2 and then boom!! they made John Wick 3. It’s the best action movie Hollywood has made in years. I will be seeing this again before the weekend!
  9. Read X-Force/X-Statix by Peter Milligan & Mike Allred - especially as it’s just been announced as returning for another series. It is absolutely bonkers.
  10. It ties in with Tonys speech at the very start of the movie.
  11. This is £25 in the PSN weekend sale. It’s astounding value for that price for one of the most fun experiences from last year. If you have ever had any passing interest in the game now is the time to strike! BUY IT!!!
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