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  1. The demo of this is incredible. Yeah, it’s basically a reskinned Yakuza, but that’s no bad thing! I love the way some of the enemies will plead for their lives just before they explode, I’ll never tire of hearing a whimper of “please I don’t want to die” quickly followed with the stoic Ken’s look to camera going “YOURE ALREADY DEAD”. The inclusion of finishers is a nice way to freshen up the combat too. There are a few combat videos on YouTube that look absolutely insane, that I can’t wait to try out. I did think Sega should have tried to get this out a few months earlier as it’s probably been sent out to die at retail in October, but then how much mainstream appeal does FOTNS have? Maybe sales would be the same anytime. I was originally thinking of picking up Assassins Creed next week, but after playing the demo of this, it’s already dead.
  2. sexton_hardcastle

    Football Thread 2018/19

    If that's true at all that Spurs have dealt with some of the subbies directly then it will be very hard for Mace to seek any costs for delays from their own subbies, and ultimately the entire overspend will need to be footed by the Spurs board. Well done Spurs on trying to save a few pounds at the start of the project instead of just doing things the correct way.
  3. sexton_hardcastle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    I finished this earlier & I will echo the wafer-thin comment above as I found the whole thing to be decidedly average. The combat feels like a very ropey version of the Arkham series, as theres no natural flow or rhythm & doesn't have the array of quick-gadgets to add some variety. I also thought the window for the spider-sense dodge mechanic to be very very small, and unlike Arkham there are no real enemy tells other than the flash above Spideys head. I'm not sure where the previous posters are saying this has a better combat system as its not even in the same league as Rocksteadys game. The web-slinging is fun I guess, but its not really that much of an evolution from the previous Activison games, it just handles better. At the start I had collected all the backpacks, tuned the radio towers & photographed the landmarks, but then the game just produced more & more 'missions' up where you travel to a highlighted point on the map and press Triangle! No story, no thinking, no skill involved in any of these, thankfully you can hide all these collectathons from the map & concentrate on the main story & the enemy bases. Sadly the bases never really get too much harder by level 50 than they were on level 5, which is a common theme through the game, as nothing really changes for the first 3/4 of the game. Insomniac seem to have spent so long trying to create a wonderful New York they've forgot to put any actual storyline into it. I feel theres a great 6 or 7hr game here, padded out with some really dull activities & the good stuff is all bolted on at the very very end. You're basically fighting the same 4 or 5 bad guy types all the way to the end with virtually no engagement with Spideys classic rogues gallery until near the end, which I think is the games biggest flaw. My wife walked in at a point where I was in Ottos lab looking at newspaper reports of various super villians & she asked why I wasn't fighting them instead of catching Pigeons every other time she saw me play it, and I had no answer. You could cut the first half out of the game altogether & it wouldn't be missed, as everything from the E3 trailer onwards is top notch, it just happens too late in the game to make up for everything before it. I do sound like I'm being overly harsh there, as I did get some enjoyment out of it, but I think more about the bits they did well & the whole thing seemed like untapped potential to me. Also really wish I had bought it on disc!!
  4. sexton_hardcastle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Those previews don't look all that great. Combat seems overly simplistic & the game itself appears to be a collectahon. It looks to me like they've built a nice city it might be fun swinging around, but with very little to actually do. I'd really like to be proved wrong.
  5. sexton_hardcastle

    Top 5 Shocking Deaths In The MCU That Will Shock You Thread

    The Vultures Goon in Spider-Man Homecoming Who Fails in His Henchman Duties. Dude gets evaporated for japes. It’s a great punchline across all the movies though, the underling who gets obliterated by the villain. See also: Ant-Man zapped guy, Ragnarok zapped guy, or even where they subvert it slightly for millenials in GOG where Ronan crushes Thanos’ minion.
  6. Yeah, Namor & Doom are much better when they’re not portrayed as bumbling comedy oafs.
  7. sexton_hardcastle

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    It was bad enough sitting through one movie being bored, without them stretching it out for another 2 hour movie.
  8. sexton_hardcastle

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    Even his begging letter for people to like him is a rambling nonsensical incoherent mess.
  9. - a group of touch muscular dudes, all oozing with charisma, surrounded in a jungle by an unseen enemy, who have to use their awesomeness to pull together & defeat it. All whilst displaying some fantastic muscle mass. Hollywood keeps forgetting it’s not the monster that made Predator one of the greatest action movies of all-time. It was the stellar cast.
  10. Born in Latveria
  11. I think Marvel have made their mind up about who they want to play the good Doctor.
  12. sexton_hardcastle

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  13. sexton_hardcastle

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Who are these people supposed to be?
  14. sexton_hardcastle

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Why would they even bother doing something so pointless in a movie that’s already got way too much going on? People care even less about Ronin than they do about Hawkeye.
  15. sexton_hardcastle

    Father Ted

    No. The joke is on the racist characters.

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