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  1. I couldn’t get further than the second episode either. I really wanted to like it but it is utter trash. Iko fighting is good but it’s such a small part of the show, the rest of which reminds me of a shitty TV movie.
  2. Ryan Stegmans art in that Absolute Carnage miniseries is phenomenal. Hopefully I can ignore all the tie-ins & just pick up the 5 main books.
  3. She also appears to still be alive in Life9 with Apocalypse.
  4. I’m about halfway through this & it’s been great so far. It can be a bit cheesy at times, but I think that adds to its charm. Would recommend!
  5. Pretty much. There are characters that looked to be killed off in Uncanny that are alive here & Cyclops has both his eyes again (unless those were healing pods at the start?). If you've read Morrisons New X-Men you should be good to go as this doesn't even make reference to anything after it like House of M. Basically a good rule of thumb is you only need to give a shit about the last things marvel gave a shit about. Which was about 2005. Only thing that would maybe cause confusion would be the Xavier stuff mentioned above, but even that's assuming its following on from a recent story rather than Hickman just going "fuck this shit" and just using Xavier. Marvel recently put out a 5 part video series, and I would guess their picks for these videos are not random and probably have some tie-in to the new books:
  6. Apparently he can! Though it seems a bit more limited than a full face swap: ”Mister Fantastic may alter his basic physical features, allowing him to take on the appearance of any other man with similar hair and skin tone”
  7. I thought that too from the opening page, but I think its supposed to be Xavier in Fantomexs body from when he came back in the recent Charles Soule series. The script notes at the back do make reference to Xavier having the helmet off, so if it were Ult Reed he would be hiding his face. Then again it does appear to ignore everything after Morrisons run (which is probably no bad thing). If anything the book feels like a complete followup to Hickmans Avengers books, which is pretty apparent with the scene in space. I'm a massive mark for Hickmans stuff & I loved every page of this - its my favourite writer on what used to be my favourite Marvel book. The final scene was only beaten by Scotts mic drop to Reed earlier. In slightly related X news - The new X-Statix is getting a new ongoing series as X-Cellent, same creative team! This is the best time for the X books in well over ten years!!
  8. It’s only when I see it in a list like that I realise just how bad EAs output has been this gen. For a major publisher that’s a shocking list of titles (Titanfall aside).
  9. That trailer was abysmal. This looks awful! I’m not someone who is overly precious about the original source material, but this looks absolutely terrible in every way imaginable.
  10. Not to hijack the thread, but I thought the first Orville episode was pretty poor too, it was only when I saw a clip of 'something' from season 2 that I thought I'd give it a chance, but by that early episode with Bortus & Klyden I was hooked. I was unsure of MacFarlane at first, but he grows into the role and the whole show has a really likeable cast. Like TNG/DS9 it spreads its episodes out by rotating around the main bridge crew so everyone is developed as a character rather than the shite STD serves up with insufferable Burnham & Tilly adventures. By the time season 2 comes around they seem to either have comedy episodes or just normal scifi romps (with a little humour for the most part), the second half of season 2 in particular is fantastic. Not only does it try to look like TNG but it has Jonathan Frakes directing some episodes along with Brannon Braga writing several scripts. It also has guest appearances from Troi, Tuvok, Kurn, Doctor & F.Murray Abraham - F MURRAY ABRAHAM
  11. It’s like a humorous offshoot of TNG. The Orville is an infinitely better Trek show than STD, I loved it all. Then again Postman Pat is a better Trek show than STD.
  12. Yeah, but close to 100% of those 'users' will be people heavily interested in the movie beforehand, as opposed to people who just go to see what the latest big hit is.
  13. Seen this. I'll echo Ork. It really is extremely average. It's not the worst X-Men movie as that would take some doing, but the whole thing is very X-men in name only & feels closer to something like one of those Netflix marvel shows than any of the Avengers movies. These Fox movies are still grounding themselves to what was acceptable in 1998 & they haven't moved with the times at all. Its worth pointing that Sophie Turner is an absolutely horrendous actress. The casting for the new X-men series has been poor in general and theres a few people in this who are really bad (Hoult & Law always stink out whatever scene they are in), but Turner really takes it to new lower levels. I was thinking at a part when Jessica Chastain was standing next to Turner how much more fun she would have had with a Phoenix character role, but instead Fox just hired a younger woman they saw on tv with (dyed) red hair instead. There's another bit where someone is talking about the Phoenix being all rage & desire (not sure how they know that without having read UXM #135) and it cuts back to Turner & she looks so bored I thought she was about to fall asleep. Simon Kinsberg should probably stop trying to make movies about the Phoenix now.
  14. I really enjoyed the King run up until about #50 then it starts to fall apart a bit after that.
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