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  1. I love putting a message down at the point she spawns. You just know some people are gonna drop shields to read it, then die.
  2. you can beat the game with these three easy tips. 1: Find a video on YouTube showing how to get the Crescent Falchion on 4-1 Shrine of Storms. It should take you about 5min & you only need to kill the first few skeletons. 2: Equip the sword in 2-2 as it destroys all the enemies there. When you are there you will find a new sword called the Dragon Long Sword. Also in this level you can find ALL the upgrade materials to max out this sword to +5 When you do this it will be strong enough to last you through the entirety of the game. 3: Beat the game.
  3. Yeah, I’d love some way of setting those animated ones as the PS dynamic wallpaper.
  4. I picked this up when it was on sale like lots of people I suppose. I’ve bought pretty much every Rally game released since the original Sega Rally, but never really bothered with this series in favour of Codies recent games. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!! This is one of the most fun racing games I have ever played. The Haptics which I thought would be a gimmick are a total game changer to the genre. The thrill of completing a race in good time after a 20min race around a mountain with no barriers and your brakes have gone, your accelerator is dodgy & it’s a fight to stay on course is simply unrivalled. I can’t get enough of it, it’s the only thing I’ve been playing recently & have just made it into the main WRC season. The only thing that would make this better would be getting some Lancers or Celicas into the Legends cars. As a tech demo this impressed me more for the Dual Sense than Astrobot. It’s been a complete surprise for me and a great launch highlight.
  5. Is he a red & black dude? If so you’re probably going to have to beat him at some point. Good news is he will stay dead if you do beat him. Bad news is he’s a tough fight & LOVES to heal himself. Agro the skeleton out of the way first with an arrow so you don’t end up taking on both.
  6. These things aren’t fan service if they are part of the storyline being told. For the most part they aren’t just forced cameos, rather part of the plot & also filling in the bigger picture.
  7. Whatever happened all those phone shows? They were on virtually every channel late at night at one point. I’d heard the rumour that someone randomly won a jackpot & it bankrupted all of them as they were all owned by the same company, but I’m not sure there’s any truth in that. But they did all seem to disappear at the same time.
  8. Put all your points into Endurance & Vitality to start with as you’ll need those. no spoilers, but if you can make the jump into the well at Firelink Shrine you can equip the Browns Ring which makes backstabs easier.
  9. Russian Bots. The US election is over & Zack Snyder is back in work so they don’t have anything else to do now.
  10. The 4-1 sword is pretty good for the 2-2 miners & officials.
  11. You only needed it White to do do this, so this is ok. You want to get it into Pure Black now for the real fight with him.
  12. Not sure as I picked it to start with. edit: seems you need to collect 30 so I think you might need it on a new character.
  13. In Dark Souls when you start a NG+ you almost feel like a God because you’re so massively overpowered compared to the grunts from the starting areas. In Demons they are much tougher right from the start. You can be one shotted by some enemies in 1-1 & grunts in 2-1 so it does not fuck about. There were a few enemies I had to farm where you maybe would have done 30-40 runs from the archstone in order to get a drop, but now you could be killed 8 out of 10 times. So farm where you can before finishing!! Some Boss Souls can make 3 (and one makes 4) items, so these will probably be the last things you complete. Also I was pleasantly surprised to see they have a new ring which makes 5-2 sooooo much more manageable. Of course I didn’t know that when trying to kill the Phantom NPC there. That fight & some annoyances on 4-2+ we’re definitely points where I was considering giving up! Oh, and the Maneater fight too obviously, that’s just luck (bad luck even) at times!!!
  14. Finally got the Platinum Trophy for this. NG was a breeze as I've played DeS before, and I managed to have a Dragon Longsword +5 by the end of 2-2, which kills virtually everything in 1 or 2 hits, but man I was totally ill prepared for NG+ and the anguish it would bring. I'd completely forgot how much of a jump in difficulty it is from the other souls games & went into it with a Pure Black character which made it even harder & I was also only level 60 (although the Northern Regalia is a good weapon in that instance) - Top tip for anyone at the end Grind out all the upgrades & souls you need before jumping into NG+ as farming for materials is a real nightmare on NG+ It wasn't an easy slog, but I'm chuffed I've done it. Its taken me three full playthroughs, and part of a 4th along with my sanity to get the 5-3 boss soul for my final spell. I think the new Trophies Bluepoint have introduced are much better than the old grinds from the original as they give new incentives to try & beat easier bosses.
  15. If you defeat all five of the Black Phantom NPCs in each of their Pure Black worlds you will get a Pure White Character. Just be careful if you’re going for the other ring which requires a black character because Tendencies don’t reset on NG+
  16. I think that X of Swords cost me £96 and it was complete rubbish from start to finish. Easily the worst Marvel crossover I’ve read in years. I would probably pay £96 to unread it & not have the memory of it. Even Doomsday Clock had a few decent bits.
  17. Tendencies are like a sub-system of the game that no new player really needs to worry about. It’s more for veterans to give them something extra to aim for, or something for New Game +. Literally the only thing you need to be aware of is repeatedly dying in Human form will eventually make your game harder. World Tendency: You have to get all the World Tendency to Pure White for each world. This will make most enemies have less health I think. You do this by killing bosses, mini-bosses, black phantom NPCs or invaders. If you just play through each world in soul form & kill all the bosses in it you will definitely have Pure White by the end then you can go back & collect all the hidden stuff that’s appeared. Then you have to get Pure Black, this is what happens when you die in human form in a level or kill NPCs (this is why most people commit suicide in The Nexus after killing a boss). I think 6 or 7 deaths will get you into Pure Black. When in these Tendencies enemies are tougher & you will get more souls & find better smithing materials, it will also host some super hard hidden black phantom NPCs. On the PS3 every time you connected online it seemed to reset these, but I haven’t experienced that on PS5. Character Tendency: Like World Tendency this starts at Neutral, but it’s even more obscure. To make it White you need to kill the black phantoms from all the Pure Black Worlds, or kill invaders. All it really does is make you stronger in soul form & lets you get a stupid ring at the end of the game. To get a Black character you need to kill all the shopkeepers. It will make you stronger as an invader but also lowers your health in soul form. It also gives you access to a convoluted hidden story mission near the end of the game. You can also get another ring you’ll never use. It’s quite easy to go from Neutral > White > Black. But be warned you’re making the game harder for yourself. If you want to get back to Neutral or White you need to kill invaders.
  18. I’ve spent the past two nights farming various shards & chunks so I can upgrade all my weapons for the Weapon Path trophy, easily the most tedious thing to do in the game. Ive just looked up what more I need to see it’s been removed from the PS5 version!!! I didn’t know they had removed Trophies.
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