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  1. Yeah I had an issue with it as well until I redownloaded the ps5 versions of the DLC separately. I’ve been holding off on the final 2 DLCs until this remaster came out. It also seemed to copy all the Trophies across, except for a few hidden things in levels which was a bit odd. Has anyone tried the 120fps mode?
  2. Easy hits for the face-gurning YouTube people. One makes the rumour & gets clicks, then the rest of them all have tedious videos discussing on how it’s a good/bad thing. it’s a self-sustaining economy!!!
  3. I know he’s a kid, but I never considered Edward Furlong to be a child actor when he was John Connor.
  4. All of them except Newt from Aliens are really annoying & take away from any movie they are in. I would however happily a show where Baby Vader & Liar Liar kid have the shit beat out of them for 90min. That’ll teach them a lesson!
  5. So if all that was correct how does Old Biff return the delorean (with his broken cane in it) to the 2015 timeline he left from?
  6. Theres a really quick run to the boss of the Catacombs, as you can see below in a video smeared with vaseline. Hes an incredibly easy boss who you will probably kill in a few hits. I would suggest doing this then using a Homeward Bone after you beat him (or suicide) to go above ground as making your way out manually can be quite hard. Do NOT go & rest at the bonfire in the area after him yet though!! Killing him will make the rest of the game a lot easier as you will get the Rite of Kindling, so you can boost you Estus Refill to 20 from upgraded bonfires (do this at Anor Londo)
  7. I hope Brett Booth remains on art duties on X-Men for the foreseeable future. He’s a natural fit on the book, what with being a cheaper Jim Lee clone. I applaud this decision, like when they hired the Aldi version of Greg Capullo to do Wolverine.
  8. It’s like getting dietary advice from Karen Carpenter
  9. Thought that was a load of complete shite.
  10. Unrelated to Byrne, but I’d just like to say that Ed & Jim’s show is one of the best things on YouTube. I’ve blitzed through every episode & love listening to them talking about comic art - good or bad - and could easily listen to them all day if I could. If you’ve never watched Cartoonist Kayfabe do yourself a treat & go check out some random episodes.
  11. I would be ashamed & embarrassed to continually lecture people how easy I found Demons Souls if I’d actually just spent days & days over overlevelling myself so by the time I got to the second half my soul level was the same as people on NG+2. what’s next? Tips on how to finish Doom with God Mode activated?
  12. I doubt Ray Fisher will ever work again tbh.
  13. I think they mention something about how her family’s names are the same as Gordon’s ancestors. They are also from the same town. There might have been something else about familiarity too but it’s been a year since I’ve seen it. it’s subtle, but they wouldn’t make a point of introducing things like that for no reason.
  14. The best place for easy souls is replaying the 4-3 archstone after defeating the boss. Take the ring that boosts souls & with Stormruler you can do a few runs at a couple of min each, which will get about 80k souls before needing to repair it.
  15. I love putting a message down at the point she spawns. You just know some people are gonna drop shields to read it, then die.
  16. you can beat the game with these three easy tips. 1: Find a video on YouTube showing how to get the Crescent Falchion on 4-1 Shrine of Storms. It should take you about 5min & you only need to kill the first few skeletons. 2: Equip the sword in 2-2 as it destroys all the enemies there. When you are there you will find a new sword called the Dragon Long Sword. Also in this level you can find ALL the upgrade materials to max out this sword to +5 When you do this it will be strong enough to last you through the entirety of the game. 3: Beat the game.
  17. Yeah, I’d love some way of setting those animated ones as the PS dynamic wallpaper.
  18. I picked this up when it was on sale like lots of people I suppose. I’ve bought pretty much every Rally game released since the original Sega Rally, but never really bothered with this series in favour of Codies recent games. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!! This is one of the most fun racing games I have ever played. The Haptics which I thought would be a gimmick are a total game changer to the genre. The thrill of completing a race in good time after a 20min race around a mountain with no barriers and your brakes have gone, your accelerator is dodgy & it’s a fight to stay on course is simply unrivalled. I can’t get enough of it, it’s the only thing I’ve been playing recently & have just made it into the main WRC season. The only thing that would make this better would be getting some Lancers or Celicas into the Legends cars. As a tech demo this impressed me more for the Dual Sense than Astrobot. It’s been a complete surprise for me and a great launch highlight.
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