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  1. near the start theres a section where there a few white dots on the floor - glide over this & it'll open up a hidden section which skips a part of the level. As this is basically a race against time, you NEED to be doing this & also stay in the blue energy tubes as long as possible as these go at 5 times the normal speed. when you get near the end everything will start to go red, this bit is hard as fuck, you need to stay in the energy tubes & take down all the enemies that come at you quick. The real annoying part here is the huge generators - you need to shoot a way through them (its akward to describe) by blasting arond the edges, unfortunately the bit you shoot off will come down the tube at you, so it needs to be dodged then you need to position yourself between the gap its left to get through. Destroy about 5 of these fuckers & it should be level over. Thankfully
  2. Im pretty sure Sandy isnt MI5. The other two tutors are CIA & MI5 & they are able to claim they worked for them fine, while Sandys information is classified. In fact I think she says in a later episode that she belonged to a different organisation. I'm thinking Mossad or KGB
  3. Yeah I watched this when it was on bbc3, Austin & Simon are AWFUL - its worth watching for them alone. I missed the final episode, so I don't know who ended up winning
  4. Never saw any extras with T3, but its basically a deleated scene from T3, where they show the army dude the T-800 prototypes are to be based on, only theres a 'small' problem they need to correct first. I found it quite funny, but then again I'm a huge Arnie fan
  5. It took me ages to get past level 3-2 where you have to take a glider through to Skynet - that was one of the hardest levels ive ever played, as I kept overheating towards the end. Though on your return from the future - Level 4.1 features Arnie just blowing the shit out of everything at the airport. Another annoying feature in the game (other than not having respawn points) is the final battle with the T-X. You NEED to be as accurate as fuck with every attempt at her or its automatic game over - but its worth it to see the ending movie. The invincibility cheat is great when you earn it, ive played the game through in one sitting a few times again with this enabled - it makes me believe I am Arnie !!!!!!! BTW - Has anyone seen teh Sgt. Candy movie - Its Ace !
  6. The movies made a mistake when they showed Clubber losing a match. This is MGMs way of apologising for that gross injustice. They now allow you to do a Quantum Leap into Lang & right the wrongs of Rocky 3. make him retire Undefeated Champion Of The World. I wonder does it give you the option to bully that old foo' Micky?
  7. I see no mention of it on Newzbin yet. Which version is about PS2 or Xbox?
  8. Best TV show ever made. Georges dad was the best character, anyone remember the time he created Festivus, or showed George how to undo a bra. http://www.cathail.com/georgeanswersound.mp3 - 518kb http://www.cathail.com/georgeanswermovie.avi - 4574kb
  9. Nah, he was just upgraded, Megs never actually died SS threw him out of Astrotrain alive. & right he was too !
  10. Does anybody know how to get past the second screen on Platoon for the NES ?
  11. If ITV didnt have Coronation Street then I'm pretty sure more members of the 'general public' would be complaining about its sheer shiteosity
  12. this film sucked balls. There wasnt a single entertaining moment from start to finish. The high point of the film was when a fat ginger kid appeared in a lift to talk to Jenna. SHE LOOKED LIKE THE FAT GINGER KID FROM BIG. But he knew about Toys And the film didnt even take place in McMillan toys. Whats the point?!?!? Wasnt funny. Sucked balls
  13. somebody doesnt like Nadia & all the rest of you do. Get over it, youre all in danger of being complete hypocrites by slagging Stu because hes slagging Nadia. y'know what - I dont like her either, I found her highly annoying - I suppose I should get slagged now my opinion doesnt agree with "The Official Forum Viewpoint"
  14. when was he being violent? If I recall correctly it was Jason who had to split Nadia up from Vanessa & Shell. the only other thing he did on 'Fight Night' was get antagonised by that Marco creature
  15. he also invented the Jungle Cats & the term "The Dance Of Disrespect" of the four people left thats the greatest accomplishments. Certainly beats crying & mincing & is a more admirable trait than cutting your dick off. I dont want to see him get any money though. They should engineer someway to give it to victor - maybe in some sort of freestyle rap contest tonight.
  16. I voted for that hateful bastard Marco to leave & also for Jason to win. Twice. but not on my phone obviously
  17. I've something that would bring tears to her eyes
  18. yes, but I'm assuming this on the basis that Stuart takes a standard human emotion. multiplys it by a gazillion (yes a gazillion), & then produces his reaction. So either he was EXTREMELY unimpressed with Porky - or she was so good the ramifacations of such a great feeling of emotion destroyed his motor skills & left him speechless.
  19. So just imagine how crap a shag Michelle must have been then !
  20. "Stuart has been playing with a ball of wool for the last 5 minutes" WOW MAN!, NO WAY, THATS AMAZING DUDE !!!
  21. Stu: "Hey Nadia, you're looking great" Cue Jason inside - Jay: "Great? Mutton dressed like lamb more like" I'd like to think with that one line alone Jason has done enough to win the series.
  22. I really liked it, but to honest as good as the dancing was when the festival began, i just dont feel it suited the rest of the film. Seemed very out of place
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