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  1. Alan Moore in not liking something shocker!!
  2. Black Panther & Captain America
  3. Unless its Rocky, Heat, Ghost, Jurassic Park, Cool Runnings, Seabiscuit, Karate Kid or Forest Gump (all rubbish), then whatever charity Michael Owen is representing will be getting no money.
  4. If I’m in Central Executive, where is the sign to get to Parapsychology? How can you even access that part of the map?
  5. That’s pretty much where I gave up. A company who thought it was good to set a game in a fairly identikit office, but provide one of the worst maps in recent years doesn’t deserve more of my time.
  6. Wasn’t there someone on here a few years ago who learnt how to incorporate invincibility-frames into real life fights?
  7. Great timing with those PS4 & XB1 releases! That said, even though I’ve bought these many times, I’ll still buy it at launch
  8. There’s a Ryu skin?
  9. Rumour-mill seems to going into overdrive this week that AT&T might have found a buyer for its comic division. They will retain all IP rights for everything else but they get rid of the hassle of the publishing comics every week. Seems Robert Kirkman might be favourite to be spending some of those millions he’s amassed.
  10. No, Red Son version still has a cape. Snyder has spent so long stripping away all the little things that make Batman who he is that he’s just getting carried away now.
  11. Absolutely not. He doesn’t get nuance & wouldn’t understand why Batman has become the way he is.
  12. There’s actually a great bit near the end of Rebels where characters end up in a pub for Imperial soldiers & they’re playing a lounge version of the Imperial March in the background. Which is stuff a better use, and less cringeworthy, than any of the reprieves in Solo.
  13. Is the extra running time made up by slow-motion shots?
  14. Andre needs to take the Large Ember from the Depths before he can accept the Very Large one. Ease him in gently.
  15. Funko pop & Rose merch. Proof that two wrongs don’t make a right.
  16. Even the wife knows he lifted them from a landfill full of unsold Rose figures. Cheapskate!
  17. Yes. It has some backstory from the previous games, but not anything that will stop you playing. It also plays differently from the older games. it’s definitely a “cinematic experience”, but there’s a lot of proper gameplay in there too if you crank the difficulty up. Its probably my favourite PS4 exclusive after Bloodborne. I’m playing through NG+ now the new patch is out & it is glorious! The standard enemies get turned to mush against a Lvl.10 Kratos, but the Valkyrie fights have definitely upped the ante.
  18. I thought the snake was one of the easier of the early boss encounters. As long as you've cleared out the poison pools you've loads of room to move around in
  19. It has nothing at all to do with that book though.
  20. Surprised they don’t call it the Great British Gameplay or something similar. “GamesMaster will be a social first show, followed by an E4 TX and All 4 box set.” What does this mean in real people’s language?
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