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  1. That scene is to have Tony narrate his own eulogy, the things he talks about are what turn out to be his fate later in the movie.
  2. Is there any news on the PS5 upgrade? It was due to release last month but I never saw anything announced.
  3. I’m not sure where I mentioned it was a female character? But whether you like it or whether you don’t using a fairly mundane looking middle-aged woman on the cover of your super risky expensive new IP doesn’t seem like the smartest move economically. She looks like an extra from Coronation Street, and it would be equally as stupid if they had a male version of Ken Barlow too. Image is everything when you’re trying to promote something. Look, I’ll be happy to hold my hands up & say I’m wrong if it doesn’t tank on release.
  4. That’s the least inspiring game protagonist I’ve ever seen. Imagine using that on the cover of something with a £70 price sticker on it.
  5. Apparently Lars Mikkelsen will be playing him in the upcoming TV shows. Its a shame they wasted Richard E Grant on TROS as I think he would have been great as Thrawn.
  6. Only thing WRC9 was missing for me was the classic Rally cars from 80s & 90s, so I'm all in for this one!
  7. This is one terrible show and it’s meandering around like one of those Marvel Netflix series now. Sam isn’t a strong enough character to be a lead, his only trait is he was a friend of Caps & they haven’t really developed anything else for him. Bucky was pretty badass in the movies, but he’s just another chump now. The pair of them have zero chemistry together & I get the feeling the whole show was commissioned on the basis of them having one mildly amusing scene in the car back in a movie from seven years ago, and that was a dry chuckle at best. There could have been a good storyline with the new Cap if they show had just stayed focused, but it spends way too long on tedious garbage like the flag smashers & that really really really terrible actress is getting way too many scenes. People are supposed to be following her as some sort of revolutionary? Give me a break, I wouldn’t follow her down the street if she was giving out free money. Matt Hancock is more convincing (also a better actor I presume too). Scenes exist just to move characters around to new locations where they continue to do nothing interesting. Maybe Ubisoft is writing this. Not even sure I can be bothered with the last two episodes. Hopefully someone will do an edit on YouTube that only has Zemos scenes. Daniel Bruhl is too good for this shit.
  8. There’s no gameplay improvements in TLOU2 from the original, so I don’t understand what a remake would bring?
  9. How did Jimmy’s six hands end up being a bad thing?
  10. The tests on Isiah Bradley would surely have been years before the fall of Hydra, so I doubt he is the US test subject the doc was speaking about when he joined the CIA about 10yrs ago. People probably don’t recognise Sam because he hasn’t been seen by the public in about 7yrs.
  11. Doesn’t everyone love JRJR? Even if you don’t like his style, you have to love his dedication to working!
  12. I loved the bit with Darkwing near the end of ep1. As soon as I saw the red sky & rooftops I was reminded of the opening credits of Batman TAS & they didn’t disappoint with Darkwing & the two goons having a similar fight.
  13. Presumed The Power broker would be the main villain. The Flag smasher stuff seems to be a distraction from people in over their heads & they’re getting too much sympathetic screen time too.
  14. I quite enjoyed Marvels new Aliens book. Larrocas art has gone to shit over the years as he struggles to accommodate digital colouring, but when he is on a title that suits his strength, like Vader or the alieny bits in this, he can still put out good pages. Story was brief, but with enough intrigue to make want more.
  15. if it’s a 2hr compilation of some of the better kills I’ll be up for that!
  16. The cover like a terrible film poster where someone with no artistic idea wants everyones heads on the image rather than anything actually that looks good.
  17. Falcon wasn’t working for anyone prior to Infinity War. He was a fugitive on the run after the events of Civil War
  18. He’s great in every quiz he’s on. The man is a genius, and a great actor to boot, if I were in charge of a charity I’d definitely want Barry as my Patron. We’d be rolling in cash!! Hes also a bloody nice guy too. I got my wife one of those birthday greetings from him last year & not only did he chat a bit for longer than was required but also belted out Mustang Sally!
  19. His comic work is shite anyway, one step up from a Greg Land, so it’s very easy to ignore his existence. Especially as nobody will hire him any more.
  20. You've probably seen it mentioned before but All-Star Superman is one of the best comic book stories ever written. Easily the best Superman book.
  21. An easy way for executives to move money.
  22. There’s definitely more articles written about Jade Raymond getting work, than there are on Jade Raymond doing work.
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