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  1. Bill Sienkiewicz teams up with Sal shortly after that Harry death story & they were such a great pairing on that book for a year, especially amongst other the other shit D-grade artists Marvel flew through the spider books after McFarlane & Larsen had left. Definitely one of the best Spider-Man art teams of all time & sadly a style you just don't see any more now there is an over reliance on digital colouring.
  2. some times you just want to make those perfect shots last longer!
  3. This has just had a patch for 4K 6fps on the next gen machines. Time to watch more fluid ball explosions!
  4. I don’t like wasting much time talking about things I find average, but I wouldn’t say you had 5 movies of Loki being ‘Loki’. He’s a villain in Thor & Avengers, a reformed rogue that’s ultimately a good guy in Dark World & Ragnarok, and goes out in a hero’s death in his 5min Infinity War cameo. He is supposed to be a god. In this - his very first show - he’s no different to any of us, and is a passenger in his own story. It’s just Dr.Who level nonsense & a waste of what could have been such a great premise - I remember those trailers for this & thinking about all the great adventures he must have been getting up to. Turns out one was a flashback & the rest were just other variants who appeared for a few minutes. You could have removed Loki from this story & little would have changed. Also the Infinity Stones in a drawer has little to do with the TVAs power, the stones don’t work if they are not in their own dimension. Anyway, I’m happy that some people like it. Just another of these shows that done seem for me I’m afraid
  5. I’m his first solo outing? Yes absolutely. You have the all-powerful, ultra-charismatic Norse God of Mischief, and here he’s just another chump following people around. it could have been ANYBODY in the main role.
  6. Yeah, that’s the exact same thing I thought when he went through his history.
  7. Taskmaster is a proper Z-level villain. I really doubt anyone at Marvel is losing any sleep over their portrayal in this.
  8. The builds on those ones are often much more interesting as they are not always tied into the same planning regulations as the UK would be.
  9. No, no, no, no, no, no!!!! I’m not having this bullshit revisionist nonsense that Prometheus & Covenant are any good. They are both rubbish. K you said all these same things about Rise of Skywalker, so this is obviously a wind-up too right? Please don’t try to trick people that these are any good. Game over, man!
  10. No problem, must have missed that when I was taking my 'dont make idiotic sweeping generalisation' course.
  11. So either out wide, midfield, forward or in defence? Damn those coaches & their pigeonholing
  12. There may be better shooters than this, but I can’t think of any that are as fun to just mess around in. Such a brilliant game
  13. Upgrade your armour to level up Kratos. Then you won’t have to fight things at a higher level than you as they are really hard to defeat.
  14. This isn't doing a lot for me so far. It's certainly not a bad show & doesn't to a lot wrong, and even the latest episode was decent enough, but I feel all the good stuff is coming from when it focuses on the Empire. The storyline with Crosshairs, Tarkin & the recruitment of new soldiers instead of failing clone supplies was so much better than watching the batch just bumble around on side missions. So it was especially jarring when they just decided to drop that after ep3. Regarding the main characters Omega is ok for the token kid character & Hunter is decent enough. But Wrecker is incredibly annoying & theres so little time spent on Echo & Tech they may as well not be there. My thoughts on them haven't really changed from when they were in Clone Wars that they just arent as interesting as the old CW troopers. They've just had 4 episodes spent exclusively on them & they are still pretty bland.
  15. Having watched both, Snowfall isn’t anywhere near fit to be mentioned in the same breath as The Wire. Its a half decent crime show at best. Enjoyable enough don’t get me wrong, but the only thing that keeps them in the same conversation is because they are based on the drugs game. It’s like comparing Shawshank Redemption with the Longest Yard as they’re both set in prisons.
  16. I’d forgotten how Saren wanted to unite synthetics & organic, cure the genophage & tell the council where to stick it. And they vilified him for it until he couldn’t take it any longer. A few years later Shepard wants a medal for attempting the same shit.
  17. Its simple really, if you didn't there would be no reason to have banging tunes like this. or even this:
  18. It’s the only other character they’re shown interacting with in CW so I’d imagine so.
  19. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars on the 3DS is a good template for how this could work. You have a set crew of characters you try to make it through each level with which you can level up between missions. They could just have various Marvel characters fall into set roles & go from there.
  20. It kinda shits the bed with the closing crossover sadly, but the build up to it is great.
  21. I'm pretty sure they resolved it after his second or third encounter with Spider-Man 30 years ago.
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