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  1. you should never go full Sandman.
  2. I really enjoyed that episode. It’s hinted that’s Gordon’s ancestor but it never hammers it home that he’s basically been flirting with his grrrrreeeeeat grandma.
  3. so so much wrong with this above post, but this opener takes the biscuit.
  4. It’s the descent to the Four Kings
  5. Ahead of Fridays DLC there appears to have been a new mission(s) already added to this. Not sure how it unlocked but it randomly appeared beside the twilight missions. Basically the old ‘Nioh classic’ of throw lots & lots of enemies against you in a tiny space. the difference seems to be that it’s some sort of equipable Scroll, but you only have so many attempts to clear the mission in order to get the bonus stats. I’m presuming if you clear them on first attempt you get better rewards.
  6. Yeah, pretty sure they stay where they are until your next death.
  7. Those are both great posters for Last Action Hero
  8. Groff has claimed he just slobbers a lot when he sings, but I presumed it was to do with how Mad King George, who had such a condition which led to claims of him ‘foaming at the mouth’ in his later years. I would guess that was the original intention, but maybe they’re trying to row back a bit on it in recent times to avoid any negative publicity.
  9. Did the patch to fix the handling in this include anything to fix the awful rubber banding of the AI drivers? It’s a game I tried really hard to like at the time, but watching Race after race where the computer could stick to the track around corners at 300mph without braking was too much to take.
  10. Sometimes Pornhub has the titles on the second line.
  11. I had tried playing FF7 after this, but bounced off it pretty hard halfway through before returning to NG+ on this. It's funny as I originally bought Nioh2 in order to kill time prior to the FF7 release, but now I've totally binned that so I can play even more Nioh! NG+ does not fuck about does it? I've been slowly making my way through it and I'm about halfway through Region 3. I've been trying first & foremost to get my main weapon up to 99 before focusing on other levels, thankfully you seem to gain a few levels for every mission now. Going for a glass cannon Spear build currently with my gear tempered for electricity & poison The toughest part second time round seems to be the Dark Realms. I'm not wearing much armour but the enemies in them hit so much harder now that generally 2 or 3 hits is enough to kill me. Still can't bring myself to use heavier gear though & lose that A rating for agility.I've got all my Gear to 160 Divine+4 now, when do I start seeing drops for 161-170? Do they drop or is that stuff I need to forge in the end game? If so can you Soul Match 160 gear upwards? I only ask as some gear I was running with the whole way through NG maxed out at Lvl 153 even when Divine which was annoying. All starting to encounter some co-op players now who can just wreck bosses in a few seconds. What am I missing here because if I would still have to fight them normally. Presuming some mad stackable buffs?
  12. This is the PSN weekly deal with 26% off. If anyone was even remotely interested now is the perfect time to jump in it whilst multiplayer is still busy.
  13. You have to manually decide to go into NG+ from the bonfire afterwards. By default it keeps you in the same world, and thematically the DLC is post-game with the ‘proper’ final boss coming at the end of the third DLC section.
  14. Just finished a full playthrough. It’s tough, but other than a few unblockables it seems fair. Some of the places it goes are brilliant. Is there any way to unlock a Sound Test?
  15. Finally finished this tonight. Just have to echo everyone else & state again how utterly brilliant it’s been. I finished up with a super quick ninja build using a combo of Spears for humans & Dual Swords for Yokai (and the Hanzo skin always on). It was only when someone in the other Nioh thread mentioned blocking that I remembered it was even a thing! Between the quick dodge/pulse & the burst counter it almost seems obsolete! Wrapped it up at Lvl118 with most points put into Const & Skill. 266 deaths over 126hrs. I’m not sure I’ve ever played 126hrs on any one game in under 4 weeks before!! It’s been one long hell of a ride, but I really think I need to move onto something else for a little while. I’ll probably come back to mop up some NG+ just before the DLC releases, and I still have some side missions left in Zone 6, along with Smithing Text farming to do. Divine upgrades, hot springs etc. Who am I kidding, I’m probably gonna play it for another 100hrs...
  16. Don’t leave poor Solaire hanging. All undead need a good friend, and there’s none better than him!
  17. The first 80 seconds of each episode of the original are great. The rest is pretty rubbish.
  18. I hate those wheelmonks so much. The eastern cousin of the bone wheel skeleton.
  19. I was a big fan of the original Nioh & put a lot of time into it back when it came out. I downloaded both demos that were available & I came away VERY underwhelmed at some of the cheap deaths & had resigned myself to not picking this up at launch. I think I had been burned by Sekiro & wasn't sure if I could handle a cheaply unfair game again. Obviously with a lot more free time on my hands I've picked this up last week and I absolutely love everything about it, turns out it wasn't cheap deaths in the demo, I just had forgotten how to play it. Getting back into all the obtuse systems & gear stats is delightful, and obviously the combat is just as good as the first game. There just so many options for creating exactly the fighting style you want. Initially I went with my trusty Kusarigama, but then discovered the joys of the Switchglaive - a great weapon to let you mix up your styles on the fly. But now that I've started the fourth region I've moved onto Spears (they don't seem as OP as they were in the first game, but the Flourish skill is great for stunning enemies long enough to wail on them some more). I'm enjoying doing the Main Missions on my own then going for some co-op in the sub-missions as it helps break things up a bit. I had some brilliant times in the Expeditions at the start, but recently a lot of my Torii Gate games have descended into the hosts dying to stupid things. I know every enemy is capable of taking you out in this, but I spent an entire evening annoyed at people who just kept charging at traps, Yokai or bosses without thinking what they were doing. I'm not saying I'm anything better than the average Nioh player, but it always makes me wonder how some people get so far in these type of games. Anyway, long story short - This is one fucking brilliant game!
  20. The bulk of the story is in New Avengers. I don't think Avengers is even relevant until Infinity, then both books start tying together after that.
  21. you need to be In human form, so use a Humanity, then get naked so you can run & jump from the ledge.
  22. That’s a sensational piece of casting! I hope there’s an episode where Moss Man tries to usurp Skeletor.
  23. There is a way around that if you convert everything to Craft Runes at the end of your original playthrough. Doing a NG+ run of this with both sets of upgraded powers is fantastic, so its worth going back if you still have the old save file... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-12-21-what-you-should-know-before-starting-dishonored-2s-new-game-plus-mode
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