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  1. DC comics division spent YEARS making bone-headed convoluted decision after decision in a pointless attempt to align all their various universes/realitys/multiverses/earths etc. None of their actual customers cared too much as they just wanted a decent product. In fact nobody really seemed to clamour for it outside of DC editorial, but they have however spent ridiculous money on relaunches & new versions, and many people have lost jobs by not being able to give them a magic fix because DC probably don’t even know themselves what they want. It’s been going on for virtually as long as I’ve been reading comics & they’ve never managed to be happy with the fixes they apply before going off in another pointless quest to reset their books. 

    The same madness is now infecting the movie department. Clearly the public do not give a shit about all this as the success of Joker & Batman shows. Nobody was confused by those movies not having various JL members or any cross-brand synergy. If the new creative teams also spend time worrying about this shit then it’s yet more of a waste of time & money that benefits nobody except Nerd-Crew esque YouTubers. 

  2. Saw has a lot of backstory in Clone Wars & Rebels. He’s always been a bit headstrong, but I think the additional parts maybe come after they tried to torture him & just kept fucking him up when he wouldn’t break. 

  3. I agree. I just finished it & although it picks up a bit at the end, I found the whole endeavour to be really tedious. There is the bare minimum of interesting gameplay hidden behind boring conversations, walking slow bits or randomly pressing circle to either interact with scenery or loot. It’s made unbearable by the multitude of characters incessantly jabbering on about anything they can fill space with. IT. IS. SO. ANNOYING!!!!!

    I get that it’s an expensive looking exclusive game, which always have a feel of “Emperor’s New Clothes” just after release, but it’s a HUGE step backwards from 2018s game. The original had some really memorable encounters, and a simple story well told. This latest version is a very by-the-numbers sequel, with a sprawling bloated series of mini stories, which is boringly delivered through constant walk-and-talk. 

    There’s nothing the game does badly of course, as it’s been too focus group driven for that. It’s just incredibly disappointing in its blandness. I got a feeling halfway through that they spent so much money on this they didn’t want people to miss any of it, so removed any real challenge, kind of like an Ubisoft game

    I’m stunned that anyone could think it’s a GOTY candidate, as that would be based on its looks & spectacle alone. It’s like saying a Michael Bay movie should win an Oscar for Best Picture. Speaking of movies, I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio is looking some of that sweet box office money Naughty Dog got for Uncharted & TLOU, there is a suspicion they just introduced lots of characters just to have something to sell. 

    Anyway, loved GOW2018, hated GOW2022

  4. Five stars!


    I loved that by having the Imperials all played by English actors they found the most Irish sounding member of the cast to give a speech on rising up against invading oppression. 

  5. God of War Ragnorok - The game will not shut up. I’m about 15hrs into the game & it is just incessant babbling throughout which is really beginning to sour the whole thing for me. If it’s not wisecracking dwarves, it’s comedy heads, or profound side companions. The worst part is virtually none of the non cut-scene stuff is important or interesting, it’s just a never ending narration-of-nothingness whilst I’m trying to play the game. Even in the very rare moments a character is on their own they start talking to themselves as if they are Spider-Man. 

    I loved the 2018 game, but I don’t remember it filling every non-combat moment with exposition & distraction.


    Also, there’s an ‘emotional scene’ in the first game which had some plaudits at the time. In this one I feel I’ve seen about 5 or 6 variations of the big ‘emotional scene’ now. Theyve lost any impact as a result. Often less is more. 

  6. I vaguely remember Moonlighting having the crew disgrunted whilst dismantling the set, all while the producer of the show chastizes David & Maddie (but in a real sense Bruce Willis & Cybil Shepard who didnt like each other) for being terrible people who should have spent time getting along better so other people could have a job or some such hijinx.


    Recently the final episode of The Orville was just a long goodbye to all the characters. There was little in the way of a proper story & it just involved them all having a big party.

  7. I wasnt a big fan of the original BP, hes a great charcater & I enjoyed his Civil War & Avengers appearances, but was disapointed in his own movie where they stripped his character of all his confidence, charm & intelligence for some reason. Boseman did a great job, but wasn't given a lot to work with, as all the interesting stuff had been siphoned off onto other characters.


    I always think a lot of people liked the original more for what it represnts, rather than what it offers as an an actual movie, but trying to sell something where by far the two best characters & actors from the original have been killed off is a tough ask. Doing it while putting Letitia Wright as the main feature is asking for a world of pain.


    That said, I still expect this to make all the money in the world of course. If Thor 4 can make $1.5b then anything is possible.

  8. Theres a useful item hidden down that way, but the vast majority of that area will be locked out to you now. Don't backtrak from where you are now - From the dragon, go under the bridge, past the rats, up the stairs, into the small alcove to the right & then try & run past a few of the skelton knights around a creaky wooden bridge & you should see some sanctury on your right.


    FWIW - The Bonfire placement in the early games is VERY spaced out compared to how (overly) generous they would be in later games.

  9. 35 minutes ago, Hambury said:

    I just looked and the N64 controllers appear to be in stock now on the Nintendo UK website. I just ordered one given Goldeneye is coming.

    you are my new favourite person ever. I refresh that page every morning!

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