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  1. There’s a Marvel Unlimited app which has most of their back catalogue & runs new releases about 3 or 4 months behind current books. I don’t think the DC one is available over here yet as it’s tied into the HBOMax subscription, so don’t expect it for a couple of years at least. 


    there is also a ComiXology subscription service that isn’t available in the UK yet either for reasons unknown, but you can probably get around that if you do a US Amazon account & a VPN



  2. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    Interesting pickup I'd missed in the Guardian recap comments section, it's speculation but ...


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    They'd picked up it was Kendall's 40th birthday and it's been said this season that Peter Munion has been hanging round their mother for the last 40y. 


    This show is so carefully crafted that wouldn't appear coincidence.


    Trailer for next week is the wedding by looks of it. 


    Also only 9 eps this season, so only 2 remaining. 


    And they have Pip Torrens cast to play Munion too, which I doubt they would do just to have him be meat in the room. 

  3. This was complete shite. It’s like one of those low tier superhero movies they pumped out between Batman Forever & the Raimi Spider-Man. 

    like Spawn or Phantom or similar shit. 

    I don’t understand how they managed to cast Woody Harrelson as a deranged serial killer & made him so dull. In fact everyone in it was pretty bad. 

    At least it was short. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Sidewaysbob said:


    Captain America is about the redemptive arc of Cap and his friend. And should shield really be using all this power it now has (great responsibility etc etc)

    Seems like goalpost moving to me, but Cap has nothing to be redeemed for, Bucky maybe in Civil War, but not this one. Also Shield are infiltrated by Hydra in order to carry out a nefarious scheme, it’s nothing to do with the responsibility they have. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    a good character, stops a bad character and saves the little people.



    Vitually every action movie in existence there.


    What about Batman & Robin or Captain America: Winter Soldier?

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