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  1. How? Why? On what basis? Serious questions!
  2. Presumably this is a stealth way to perma-ban anyone voting for Star Trek: Burnham
  3. I think its an excuse to just sell people some Nostalgia of the idea of big crossovers that were decent. They had that Way of X book recently that combined the final 2 issues into an Onslaught titled book (which was rubbish) just so they could use the name to sell extra copies to stupid idiots like me. Yeah, Inferno is the end of Hickmans run, but I don't think they are winding down, they probably just want an excuse for lots more #1 money.
  4. Inferno is really really good. Theres a fun text dump near the start detailing some X-Men battles against Nimrod that happened off-page, but they all sound great! Wish we had those instead of crap like X of Swords. But regardless some good stuff set up in this book & I'm intrigued to see where it goes.
  5. Liked the first episode & thought the one with the smiths daughter was great. Rest didn’t seem up too much sadly. the Smiths (not Morrisey) would make for a good mini-series.
  6. Definitely. The constant rewrites & efforts to explain DC continuity are painful. I just gave up on their books as it’s such a mess, every year there would be some stupid event to try & realign everything. Each one worse then the last. if they just forgot about it nobody would care.
  7. Good news! Excalibur is getting cancelled soon. I think they’re all finishing up after Inferno. Some of those issue numbers must have been getting so high Joe Queseda got a nose bleed, I think I saw one get up to issue 25.
  8. Why not just port the proper game? Nobody gives a shit about this card shite! I’m presuming the sole reason is because they can’t charge for IAPs otherwise.
  9. The trailers for Wandavision leaned heavily into the great Vision mini-series & had nothing to do with the show. The trailers for Loki had loads of bits from his series’ like Kid Loki & the President run, but had virtually nothing to do with the show. I would be surprised if this isnt just more fan-service by the company who made the trailers, while the stuff from the Matt Fraction series accounts for a 3min flashback scene in the opening episode.
  10. I’d love to play an entire open world Wolverine game that had the MvC2 aesthetic
  11. Really looking forward to seeing what Insomniac do with the Wolverine licence, that has the potential to be brilliant Spider-Men vs Kraven & Venom should be a lot of fun. Please have co-op!
  12. Bennett has now been dropped from Marvel, so that will probably be the end of his career. it’s not all good news though, it means Greg Land gets more work.
  13. Just because Bennett is an asshole doesn’t change the fact that Hulk had fantastic art, in fact close to the best artists in the history of the character. Regardless of his views I’m not sure I’d ever want the artwork changed. A great book is still a great book. Its always worth remembering that Steve Ditko seemed like a real prick IRL, but without social media the majority of views aren’t in the public eye so he can still get lauded for his great work in Spidey, Strange etc.
  14. A heavily promoted reboot of a successful 80s movie (or even better franchise), but this time its back & its hyped with all the original stars out doing the PR work, ads for it are everywhere the usual YouTube gurning faces are going mad with all the videos they can make about how great it is to have MOVIE_X back!!! You all know the plot by now - When it starts the whole thing is a hollow retread of the original movies with its ageing stars in a backseat role in order to allow more screen time to their new son/daughter/protege to come along & make short work of things the originals struggled with. Bonus points if one of the originals dies in a heartfelt scene near the end in order to inspire the next generation. Big Studio will think it will be a successful passing of the baton which will inspire a new series of franchise blockbusters, but in reality it does nothing more than sully the name of the original by prostituting out its last bit of relevancy. It probably even does good Box Office in first few weeks before word of mouth gets out & then it tails off. Critics think it's terrible & all but the most blinkered fans are disappointed in what they get. Plans for a new series of sequels are quietly dropped. YouTube people get to make more coin on how did it all go wrong. The studio moves onto the next franchise to resurrect.
  15. Looks like Jonathan Hickman is gone from the X-Men books after the Inferno mini-series. From reading around he seems to be annoyed that Marvel didn't want to move the story along from its initial conception. Kinda annoyed at this as after the initial HOX stuff a lot of it has been treading water & I've been buying books in the hope they were going somewhere within the bigger picture. Outside the main X-Men title (before its relaunch) I cant think of many comics that are still worth reading - Hellions maybe? X-Force & New Mutants both started strong but very quickly dropped in quality, while the rest of them were never that good to start with. I guess the lasting memory of this whole thing for me can be summed up in the shambles that was X of Swords - a lot of hype that ultimately just dragged on then fizzled out into nothing.
  16. The allure of shouting completely appropriate & relevant one-liners is almost worth as much as the game itself.
  17. Seen thread was bumped. Expected a link to new trailer at least
  18. Shame. I didn’t see them fucking us over for a goddamn percentage.
  19. Bill Sienkiewicz teams up with Sal shortly after that Harry death story & they were such a great pairing on that book for a year, especially amongst other the other shit D-grade artists Marvel flew through the spider books after McFarlane & Larsen had left. Definitely one of the best Spider-Man art teams of all time & sadly a style you just don't see any more now there is an over reliance on digital colouring.
  20. some times you just want to make those perfect shots last longer!
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