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  1. Why was Jen suddenly so coy with Josh, when in the previous episodes she’s been thirsty for any dick going, like Blanche Devereaux at an astronaut’s convention.
  2. Its shown to contrast how Daemon, despite his image, was the only one to actually care about his wifes fate during the births. Viserys gave the go ahead to kill his wife, and Laenor wasnt even at the birth of 'his' kid.
  3. Theres a useful item hidden down that way, but the vast majority of that area will be locked out to you now. Don't backtrak from where you are now - From the dragon, go under the bridge, past the rats, up the stairs, into the small alcove to the right & then try & run past a few of the skelton knights around a creaky wooden bridge & you should see some sanctury on your right. FWIW - The Bonfire placement in the early games is VERY spaced out compared to how (overly) generous they would be in later games.
  4. Look man, they only need to know one thing - Where they are!
  5. Matrix would have thrown the pipe through the bullet into Bennett’s chest. If he can penetrate Bennett’s armour plating he can easily smash through a bullet.
  6. And they’re gone again. I suspect people are buying multiples for scalping on eBay.
  7. you are my new favourite person ever. I refresh that page every morning!
  8. Unless they start releasing some N64 controllers this is going to be uncontrollable on Switch with their daft forced controls.
  9. Yet every single thread in this sub- forum seems to descend into people talking about what all these non-rllmuk members social media accounts think about films & TV shows. It’s so fucking tiresome reading the same complaints about the same YouTube & Twitter accounts in virtually every thread over & over & over again. Unless these people are forum members why should anyone in here give a shit what they think? Some of the threads here are completely unreadable at the minute as they are just people talking about what ProudMan467743465788 on Twitter thinks about a casting choice, as if they are some arbiter of taste. The conversation about what these non-members accounts think have absolutely nothing to do with the topics at hand. I am totally bewildered at what the point is in constantly wasting conversation space on it. We can all pat ourselves on the back & talk about how we’re better than some internet random with a webcam, but I think this would be a much better place if we ignored it completely.
  10. Are you planning to get a matching one on the front with Sam Gamgee?
  11. Guess we will all have to wait a year to see if it has stick drift
  12. Sky have an exclusivity deal with HBO stretching back quite a few years now. HBO are owned by Warner Discovery, so once the Sky deal runs out I would expect them to eventually launch the same Warners/HBOMax package they have in other countries here. I would say the chances of Disney or Netflix getting their hands on it are non-existent, but who knows what crazy schemes Warners have for making money at the minute. And they did sell Sandman to Netflix which seemed a little strange considering how much they would want fresh content.
  13. The black Targaryen armour that Smith was wearing was stunning. Thats one of the best medieval costumes I've ever seen.
  14. They might have changed some aspects in various ports, but I’m fairly certain all of them will be equally as shite.
  15. @PK You can buy collected editions from Comixology, which is probably the easiest way to read them. By luck most happen to be on sale at the minute! I think the only thing worth knowing going in is there was a recent Marvel Crossover prior to this called 'Avengers v X-Men', where the fallout was Namor went to war & destroyed most of Wankanda. Xavier is also killed, and Wolverine is killed very shortly afterwards too if you're wondering why he doesn't appear in every book like normal. There was another crossover called ‘Age of Ultron’ were due to various attempts at resetting the timeline the Marvel heroes fracture the space-time continuum. You can safely skip both these crossovers as they’re not very good. New Avengers Books 1-4 There is also a main Avengers title running alongside this, but its not really relevant for now & Time Runs Out will collect it when needed. Infinity Crossover I think the main storyline part of this MIGHT be actually covered in the previous books, if so you could probably skip this. Time Runs Out 1-4 This takes place 8 months later. Due to stories from other books Cap is now his real age, the world knows about the Illumaniti, Incursions & Iron Man is full villain. Secret Wars This will collect the main Secret Wars story in 1 book. There are a multitude of spin-off mini series Marvel did during this (some good, some rubbish) and some of them will tie into the main book here, but you should be ok ignoring them.
  16. Yeah, the way to tell the difference is the 616 guys speech is in capitals, whilst the 1610/Ultimate guys all speak in lowercase. TBH there is very little Ultimate stuff in the story until the very end of Time Runs Out, and I think the only Ultimate characters left alive by Secret Wars are Reed Richards & Miles Morales The Secret Wars series is really just the end of the storyline that ran for the two years of Hickmans Avengers & New Avengers, so its not really a self-contained story. There is a whole ream of extra storyline with Infinity, Swans, Priests, The Beyonders, Dr. Strange & Doom etc. but the main gist of The Avengers fallout is: Illumaniti discover Earth incursions are happening, which destroys one or both Earths every time. They stop one by destroying an empty Earth, but mindwipe Cap when he objects to them killing other populated worlds. Illumnati continue to make bombs to kill worlds. They eventually fight a world with the "Justice League" (Squadron Supreme) but can't bring themselves to blow it up, until Namor does it. Caps memory eventully gets restored. The public find out about the Incursions & task a captured Thanos & his cabal to destroy the other worlds. Illuminati go on the run. Cap chases most of them down & eventually they come to an agreement to try & save as many people as possible on life rafts. The 616 heroes try to take out Thanos whilst on another world to stop his murder spree (and fail). The 1610 world have made a deal with Thanos & are now also building life rafts. Iron Man has gone full villain during this because of the shitty Axis crossover a few months before. The final 2 worlds to collide are 616 & 1610 (This is the start of Secret Wars) Everything dies. Here is a better explanation from the comic spoilered for size.
  17. This isn't quite right. There are no alternate versions of Cap & Tony, and the reason Cap is angry is the Illumaniti have been creating bombs to destroy other worlds behind everyones back. At the start of the story Cap was part of the Illumanati until he realised the means they would need to go to. So they wipe his mind & go about their business of creating weapons, whilst keeping everyone else out of the loop. When Cap has his memory restored he starts coming after them all, with more focus on Tony due to him having gone full heel for various reasons. I don't really think there was any need for flashbacks as it was a key part of the same story & had been building up to that point for 2 years.
  18. After playing them all back-to-back recently I believe Mario 3D World/BF is the best Mario game you can buy. Is Ultimate Alliance 3 any good?
  19. Option 4: The fractured multiverse allows them to have all the incursions create a ‘Kang Dynasty’ with all the previous actors from the popular franchises coexisting in Kangs Battleworld. So expect RDJ, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, CGI Boseman, Spider-Men etc. to all show up for a big scrap at the end, then everything can settle on the New MCU, where they can recast the popular characters for a new slate of movies a few years after with no continuity issues.
  20. Aren’t the MSX versions of the first 2 games part of the HD Collection set?
  21. I miss out on those N64 controllers every time. The Switch N64 service is shite at the min with the forced controls they have, I probably would never have subscribed if I’d known how poor their control layout was. i bet the majority of the controllers are already on eBay for £150
  22. Where did I say that? I actually recommended it. The crew aren’t great. For every Pike or Spock who are doing some good work, there’s some focus on horrendous actors like Chapel & LAAAHHHNNN!!!!
  23. Strange New Worlds is alright. It still falls into the trap of shitty actors shouting random lines & some frantic scenes and camera cuts just for the sake of it. I think people might just be stunned CBS haven’t made a complete mess of it after recent years. I don’t hate it, and it’s still a reasonably watchable hour of TV, but I’m stunned anyone could truly describe it as being excellent. I would still recommend watching it though as I’d rather CBS saw this gets more goodwill than shite like STD. But if it’s a program doing self-contained social & political issues under a sci-fi guise each episode, then this isn’t what you’re looking for I’m afraid. It’s not a patch on The Orville BTW.
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