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  1. I’ve spent the past two nights farming various shards & chunks so I can upgrade all my weapons for the Weapon Path trophy, easily the most tedious thing to do in the game. Ive just looked up what more I need to see it’s been removed from the PS5 version!!! I didn’t know they had removed Trophies.
  2. You need to be in Human form to summon. So either stick down a blue sign & help out another player kill a boss which will return you to your game as a Human, or you can just use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes item. When in human form you should see some signs on the ground for people you can call in to help.
  3. Crescent needs Darkmoonstone which you can farm in 4-2.
  4. Have you died in human form in the level? That will push you towards black.
  5. Strength is how strong you need to be to hold certain heavy weapons. Attack power is increased by upgrading the weapons themselves. some weapons will scale their damage output against your STR stat, but you don’t need to worry about that until much later.
  6. I got a Pure Bladestone from the very first drop of the black skeleton in 4-2!!!!! That took me a week farming on the ps3! edit: Now I have two of them. Madness!
  7. I keep putting my sign down for bosses and waiting around, but in all the time I’ve been waiting I’ve only ever been summoned once. Seems strange as new Souls games are usually quick with summoning when they are released.
  8. The fact movie companies rushed to buy up Marvel IP like Spider-Man, x-Men, FF etc. Whilst ignoring Cap & Iron Man tells you all you need to know about their popularity at the time.
  9. This (and the original) is getting a PS5 remaster. 120fps, cross gen multiplayer & save transfer! This is the best news!!
  10. I thought it reached a low point when they charged full price for last weeks X-Men which is mostly a reprint with very little changed, but this weeks issues are a new low. Hopefully something with Jaspers comes out of it as there’s nothing else remotely entertaining about Otherworld. I think Solem has been the only interesting one of the new guys & a mini series of him & Wolverine would have been much better than all this nonsense. I’m guessing it’s setting up the new X villains for the next few years as most of the established ones are just chilling on Krakoa.
  11. Each issue of X of Swords manages to be even worse than the one preceding it. No mean feat when it started so badly! It doesn’t even feel like I’m reading X-Men comics at times as the characters are so detached from how they normally are portrayed. With the exception of some Viktor Bogdanovic art on a few early issues this has to be the worst Marvel crossover in years - Civil War2, Secret Empire & even bloody Empyre were better than this.
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