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  1. Having watched both, Snowfall isn’t anywhere near fit to be mentioned in the same breath as The Wire. Its a half decent crime show at best. Enjoyable enough don’t get me wrong, but the only thing that keeps them in the same conversation is because they are based on the drugs game. It’s like comparing Shawshank Redemption with the Longest Yard as they’re both set in prisons.
  2. I’d forgotten how Saren wanted to unite synthetics & organic, cure the genophage & tell the council where to stick it. And they vilified him for it until he couldn’t take it any longer. A few years later Shepard wants a medal for attempting the same shit.
  3. Its simple really, if you didn't there would be no reason to have banging tunes like this. or even this:
  4. It’s the only other character they’re shown interacting with in CW so I’d imagine so.
  5. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars on the 3DS is a good template for how this could work. You have a set crew of characters you try to make it through each level with which you can level up between missions. They could just have various Marvel characters fall into set roles & go from there.
  6. It kinda shits the bed with the closing crossover sadly, but the build up to it is great.
  7. I'm pretty sure they resolved it after his second or third encounter with Spider-Man 30 years ago.
  8. Not sure why Marvel would give a shit. They’ve been promoting the flagship X-Men characters in one of their top selling books as doing this.
  9. Doubt Morrison has any rights in it. He’s just your go-to character when you need a surly magician & DC are being dicks.
  10. I was hoping Mark Sheppard might have got another run as Willoughby Kipling if they couldn’t get the Constantine rights.
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