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  1. Never played a From game at release, should I be online or off? Is it handy hints or spoilerifc?
  2. Wordle 206 3/6 Sorted the vowels out + lucky guess.
  3. SO FUCKING HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Made my week :omg:

    1. teroman


      Thanks, it's been great to have your support! I hope you get some good news, you deserve it so much.

  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to My googles, they did nothing.
  5. I'm playing on default mode, have just got the last shard, really enjoying the exploration and dungeons. Definitely going to keep going to the end. I've had other robots dying left and right as I won't give up my dust for them. What happens if I run out of time, do I have to start again? Never explained, and I CBA with that, so die they must! Found some of the bosses tough as they spawn lots of annoying little buggers and I got overwhelmed. A couple had quite a few screens to run through from save point to boss which is just annoying when you're a bit rubbish like me and take a dozen attempts to win. Just put a save point in front of the entrance please, devs! (And let me button mash through the "oh noes Alma..." stuff you get every single death.) A lot of complaining I know, but I'd recommend the game. I do like a good metroidvania.
  6. Was enjoying Unsighted, but bloody hell it's hard. Got to a mini boss in the first dungeon, 4 bouncing statutes. Died about a dozen times and rage quit, didn't get close to winning. Grrr.
  7. Any tips for using the fists? As soon as I get up close to anything with armour they give me a good pummeling
  8. Played this last night after a few drinks with my brother and sister-in-laws who are visiting. Was very happy to finally land a little Cessna after some unfortunate plane stressing incidents. Me: I'm happy with that! 124, is that a good score? Sister in law: Looks like it's out of... 2 million!? Everyone except me:
  9. I've played a few games but finding it a bit overwhelming. Expand, plough, choose a seed, water everything, fertilise and pick the veg, urgh. And then go off and shoot the baddies, all against a time. My day job is less stressful. I'm looking forward to Hades, hope it's simpler.
  10. Still no email or text from Argos with DHL information, however... Knock on the door, bingo!
  11. No text from Argos but they have sent me an email stating it'll be delivered tomorrow. If you're with them it's worthchecking both.
  12. I've not had anything yet either. Ordered an S if it makes any diference.
  13. For Manus I started at the bonfire after Artorius. Run back through the arena and go down the long lift on the right. Then down a small hill, and up a hill on the right when the path splits at a light. Then at the top it's straight down the collapsed column thing. Only one caster that route.
  14. What equipment are you using? I took those two down pretty easily and I'm just a button basher. Had a +15 uchigatana and power within to boost my damage. Just got up close and hammered them, quick drink as required. Currently struggling with Gwyn. First go I got him to a tiny sliver of health and thought "ha, this is going to be easy". Haven't done so well since then. He flys across the arena so it's hard to get a chance to heal. Going back in after breakfast...
  15. I took Artorias down a few days ago, used Power Within and plenty of dodging. Wanted to fight Kalameet having been flamed by it a few times so investigated a wiki. Seems I have to talk to someone I have already talked to, but he didn't give me the required prompt even though I got him repeating himself in the dialog. Bit annoying, hope it'll work if I go back again. Curently buying all the spells and putting a point or two into INT with a view to starting NG+. DLC -> Kiln of the First Flame -> Gwyn -> Lighning death for all!
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