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  1. This is how Sony should be pushing people to go all-digital. "Sure it's a £20 extra a pop, but no packages arrive to give you away when you buy a new game." Perfect for CoD addicts, all new games look like grey/brown shootymans, she'll not be able to tell the difference!
  2. I'm struggling against one boss so you send me off to fight that demon!? Bring back negs!
  3. No sneaking for me, I came in after biffing the dragon. So tempted to have a go now, I'm WFH and the PS4 is tucked under my monitor looking lonely. What time is it ok to knock off on a Friday?
  4. Thanks, I'll have a poke about. I think I've been to the place in spoiler 1 which looked a bit like they way I came down. Presumably I just walked straight past a shortcut. Again
  5. I'd certainly agree some better prep is in order, will have a scroll through the inventory. As for the Asylum, wasn't that the start area? I think I got teleported to Firelink somehow (can't remember!) as I don't recall walking into the place. I can't teleport between bonfires so skipping back there isn't going to happen. I'd be tempted to try another area first, but it's a bit of a hike back to somewhere like the garden by Andre which I've not explored yet.
  6. I finished DS3 the other week so have started on this for the second time. Went in cold the first time and was just beating my head against a brick wall, knowing a little about what to do makes all the difference! For instance this time I found Andre and upgraded my Uchi before facing the gargoyles I bumped into Queelag last night though. Slogged through the stupid poison swamp 3-4 times to get killed in a single lava-y hit! Will have a practice but I can already see a summon in my future.
  7. Yessss! Take that you lanky dancing fuck.
  8. I got to the Pontiff guy yesterday, and got repeatedly smashed in three hits. Reload, run back, die, repeat. I'd been enjoying exploring and this was no fun, so I summoned some mates and sorted him out. If it's all going to be stupidly tough boss fights I might be out soon, shame as I really enjoy the world. But having to instantly identify attacks and perform dozens of perfectly timed rolls in a row is not my idea of fun. (Luckily I have 20 embers, so will be calling in the cavalry for a while yet!)
  9. I've just been going through the cathedral having skipped on and done a couple of alternative areas. This means I have a great big sword and and taking my revenge on the knights in there. There's great joy in biffing them in the shield until they're stunned. How do you like it matey? Felt like a really long trek to get back to a bonfire, was getting quite tense. Loving this game now, although I'm sure that'll change when I get stuck on a boss. Have bought DS1 in sale too follow up with later, hopefully I won't give up on it again now I've more of an idea how to fight.
  10. Thanks, shall clear our the baddies around there and then waste a couple of embers trying him. Tomorrow's plan is set.
  11. I got killed repeatedly by the abyss watcher last night, did him second time this morning, a break definitely works. Just remembered I got invaded in the catacombs by some red guy even though I'm playing offline. Went back and he was nowhere to be seen. Is it worth going back and using and ember, or did I mess up and it's too late? Had about half an inch of health and he just whacked me with his massive sword.
  12. I'm getting into this now, walking around being scared is kind of fun. Not sure I'm any good yet but perseverance is taking me a little way. Have put some levels into strength and moved from the katana to the claymore which is now Heavy+3. I can stab things real nice! New list of dead things - tree, wizard, abyss watcher (with a lot of help from my red-eyed friends). That involved a lot of running in circles in the first phase (very macho) and then having a palpitations during the latter stages as his health bar slowly dribbled away. That took a fair few attempts. Now exploring the
  13. Finally a bit of progress! I'm using a katana now as I have the Dex for it, the Claymore is beyond me at the moment. Haven't managed to parry anything since the tutorial so the new tactic is to roll through baddies when they attack and then engage a little something I call operation stabby-stab-stab. Big frosty thing at the wall is dead, it's a start
  14. Just spent about half an hour getting murdered by that knight, I'm going to call it training. Took him down four or five times in the end, before finally going the right way to find a bonfire after him. Hopefully the start of me getting gud. Gotta stay calm, I'm a button masher.
  15. Thanks for the advice, I started as a mercenary with the idea if being quick and nimble. My equip load looks okay at the mo. Will try getting closer to the Knight guy next time, it's all good practice. I was trying to wait until he'd finished his flurry of moves before stepping in for an attack. Sadly I still get too excited when I land a blow and hammer the attack button. Must learn some self control!
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