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  1. Testing, too - it's practically impossible to scope out every PC configuration, so they'll usually recommend what's on their test benches (which, even in very small businesses, get a consistent turn-over in hardware due to IT contracting).
  2. Steam Deck isn't anywhere near a 'recommended' setup, both in terms of the grunt it's got to run things and the baseline of power it requires to do it. Remember, you only need to run games at under 1080p at 40fps at minimum on a Deck to get a decent experience. Also, most suggestions for PC requirements in corporate spiel are exactly that - suggestions. They tend to be fucking god-awful too and don't indicate actual performance, but you only get to learn that from years of running modern games on discontinued hardware.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised by a Christmas Sale over on CDKeys - pretty much all the sites compete with the Steam Winter Sale, which is always around that time.
  4. Game of the Year 1. Tunic (video game) 2. Neon White 3. Vampire Survivors 4. PowerWash Simulator 5. Flat Eye Biggest disappointment: 1. Ghostwire: Tokyo 2. Rollerdrome 3. Beacon Pines Best visuals 1. Immortality (video game) 2. Rollerdrome 3. Neon White Best audio 1. Neon White 2. Trombone Champ 3. Windjammers 2 Best writing 1. Immortality (video game) 2. Flat Eye 3. Trombone Champ Best not 2022 game: 1. Final Fantasy VII Remake 2. Diablo II: Resurrected 3. Cyberpunk 2077 Best developer: Valve Corporation Best format/console/controller/brain interface: Steam Deck RAMBLINGS:
  5. I went out for some birthday drinks last night, on the night of an England World Cup exit, that didn't even come close to kicking off like this thread. Top bombing on the internet, fellas. Anyway, I'll be back once I look up the Wikipedia entry for the Steam Deck and paste the title 22 times
  6. All Valve really needs to do is change the Linux Steam client to delete the relevant compatdata folder along with the steamapp data when you click uninstall on a game. I'm surprised it wasn't implemented when Proton was a thing in the first place - they've clearly thought of something by having the 'delete Proton files' option in the settings to do exactly that, but haven't made it a prerequisite action before uninstalling games. Of course, non-steam apps need not apply because all of the data is under compatdata. But they don't have an option to be uninstalled anyway, just removed from Steam.
  7. It probably works by default because it's Midnight Suns, I think it's the same deal with The Quarry - unlike older games, they should be expecting to be loaded through the launcher. Older 2K Games titles are basically retrofitted with the launcher, but all the update is doing is pointing you to the launcher, and then loading up the original .exe file through the launcher because nobody could be arsed to repatch the games to make it work. In those cases, you can just cut out the middle man.
  8. Also, 2K games are wank after they shoehorned their own launcher into it. If the above doesn't work, look into going into desktop mode and changing the properties of the game so it points towards the game executable, not the launcher.
  9. Also, if you've been following the news that has been skimmed from the Steam Database, Returnal already has controller information for the Steam Deck. Deck should meet minimum spec when scaled down to the 800p screen, but who knows what FPS will look like until it's in reviewer's hands.
  10. Also, most things beyond A1 spec are weighed more heavily towards write speeds - something that would only really affect installing, decrypting and patching games, which are more throttled by internet speed and CPU power respectively for the first two, and I would presume both for the third aspect as well. Read speeds are definitely necessary, but as mentioned, a good SanDisk or Samsung card will be at least A1 spec and top that aspect out immediately, even if you go with their budget brands - SanDisk Ultra or Samsung Evo Plus/Select are perfect. I have both from discount sales at Amazon, and they've been fine.
  11. On the bright side of that spending spree, it's very close for the Egret II to be hackable, and the Astro City Mini already is capable. So is the NeoGeo Mini, but I haven't tried that yet because my brother bought me one of those limited edition Samsho bundles and I didn't really want to take it out the box 😕
  12. Nah, the ergonomics on the switch can fuck off. Docked with the Joycons detached however, so I could hold one in each hand to play while reclined, is fantastic and I wished more companies would make split wireless controllers. Hell, I'd take a brand new ASCII Grip.
  13. New Humble Monthly: Fantastic month - I've wanted Wasteland 3, Greedfall and WTWTLW on Steam for a while now, and I just bought TOEM. (of course, I'm trying to return it, but I'll buy the bundle and give it away otherwise, I thought the demo was great)
  14. @moosegrinder, do you want to change the thread title to let people know there's a DLC out on the 15th and it will be under $2? I mean I wouldn't I like typing that out
  15. Even worse - it's going to cost $1.99, and out on the 15th. That's 50% of the entire game! Absolute pisstake
  16. On a related note, can anybody remember how much XBox 360 games were at launch? I could have sworn it was £60 and I could only afford PGR3 at launch with the console (the basic one without a hard drive), but my memory escapes me. I remember it being quite a shock after being used to the PS1 and PS2's Platinum range and the eventual wave of hooky games, although the import scene always commanded a high price on whatever bullshit was on the shelves before import websites became popular.
  17. I always did find it odd how people stated subscription services as "bad value" - Nobody's putting a gun to your head to keep subscribing as soon as you've had your fill, as if it's a minimum term broadband contact. Subbing to EA Play for a month just to 'experience' Anthem at launch month was worth the tenner in sheer comedy value. And that was a shit game. I was going to do the same for Skull & Bones before it got delayed forever. If the Game Pass' conversion method didn't exist, I'd still be subbing for a month or two to have a crack at the games I'm interested in at launch. It's not different to when game rentals were a thing in the late 90s, and probably cost just as much to rent one game for a couple of weeks. If course, not all publishers offer that, so for those I'd just wait for them to be on offer or lock in a preorder price if I'm gagging to play X game. Most of the time, though, I'm not as enthusiastic about big budget games as I am with indie games on PC.
  18. Soap isn't that great, at least when I played it earlier this year. You're usually better off spending your money on washer model upgrades and nozzles early game, and use soap when the grime isn't shifting on the best washer. Might have changed since, mind.
  19. I'll spend £70 for a complete game, devoid of nickle and dimed DLC and not requiring x months of patches to bring it to an acceptable standard, that's for sure. Unfortunately, I don't think big game studios don't want to do that. As a result, I don't think I'll be buying from big game studios.
  20. By the time my Gamepass subscription runs out in 2025, either prices will normalise or the heat death of the universe will occur, so I'm not that bothered. Ultimately though, the actual end result of such price increases across the board is that I'll buy less games at RRP. So - as @JoeK says - that's just not buying games at launch, which is pretty much a daft practice already.
  21. From what I understand, the Deck outputs whatever the heck you set it to in the options, provided the dock supports the signal. You're right in thinking that the deck is exactly the same whether docked or not. It just outputs whatever it needs to do, battery power be dammed.
  22. Alright, I had a spare pen drive, so I got it hacked with the Alpha software. The windows method was a bit of an arse to get working reliably before it got updated recently, so I used Linux. Which in itself was an arse, because it needed the most recent version of the distro I was using to match a doohickey that it was compiled on. After that, the controls were fucked. Was able to get to the settings with some trial and error, and remapped the keys. Which was fine in the menu, until I noticed that pressing Coin in game would create a save state, and pressing buttons would do odd shit (LK would throw in Third Strike, etc). Long story short, there's three places that define the inputs of your games, and they all stated different things. As a result, with an actual I/O test, it was hitting multiple buttons (and as a result, multiple macros). More unfucking was done, and it's working alright now. Adding games was slightly annoying - my WiFi dongle or WPS network wasn't supported, so I had to add games manually. I mostly did this in Linux by plugging the pen drive in, and accessing the folders as root so I can drag/drop. With all that out of the way - games. In my limited testing, most 2D stuff is fine - CPS3 has very little discernable hitching, and nothing to note with Neogeo. Anything beyond PS1 is probably pushing it, including anything advanced in MAME (like, say, System 11 onwards). System 12 Tekken 1 runs at half speed and DC Soul Calibur was a glitchy slow mess, but I'm not surprised that a $4 Allwinner A33 SoC can't handle it. I do, however, have the tiny Rolling Thunder cabinet that dreams are made of, so that's definitely something positive. EDIT: going off trying out the PS1 version of Tekken 1, it's definitely more an issue with advanced MAME stuff, as it's a very smooth experience on there. I've bought a slightly larger capacity USB drive to hold the PS1 fighting games I'd like to play. bit annoying, but at least it's a slim drive so it will be hidden away. To reiterate though: having a tiny arcade cabinet that plays Namco, Capcom and Data East games is pretty neat
  23. Funnily enough, there's also been instances where I've had black screens on first boot, only to load up with the exact same settings for it to work from that point onward! My guess is that it does all the setup for Proton (creating the prefix and the pretend windows files, specifically), but the game for some reason does not twig initially. It's annoying, although not anywhere near annoying as the other linux-based thing I've been playing around with this weekend (hacking a mini arcade toy with Alpha software - Batocera has three seperate configuration points for controllers and it's just fucking lunacy)
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