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  1. 37 minutes ago, Mogster said:

    Is it possible to transfer Death Stranding: DC saves from Epic to the Steam version? That would be handy for Steam Deck purposes. :)


    Unlike Game Pass UWP fuckery, I wouldn't be surprised if the save files are exactly the same and all you had to do was drop the save in the right folder.


    I don't think there's any direct transfer, though. Most games that do that usually ask you to log in on their services, like how CDPR does it for Cyberpunk.

  2. 1 hour ago, klargon said:

    Choice looks much better this month so far:


    Death Stranding Director's Cut

    Aliens Fireteam Elite



    Think I’ll try to pick up a cheap key for Rollerdrome.


    You can probably have my key - I've already got it, and I'm already locked into a three month plan for £6 a month.


    Just hoping the indie games are up to snuff. :hmm:

  3. 17 minutes ago, bear said:

    That Asus thing is going to do just fine. Obviously it's not going to be a Steamdeck killer but only an idiot would use that as the benchmark of success. 


    The whole RoG brand is based around catering to relatively niche markets with decent margins and the Ally looks like it'll follow down that path.


    It's also worth remembering that we're in one of the very few countries that can actually buy a Steam Deck in the first place. It'll do fine in territories that don't have that option and is priced appropriately, like the Aya products.

  4. 8 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    I was juggling all sorts of inputs for Legend of Grimrock II and they seemed to work as well as they could. I just have a problem with the click when using them.


    It's likely that the threshold for activating the 'click' is set too far in default setups  - I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure the pressure you put on the pad is entirely analogue feedback, and the click is the Haptic feedback doing its thing.


    Edit: Yeah, it just senses pressure and fires off a 'soft press' activation when it hits a certain threshold. You can adjust the threshold in the settings so it's more/less tactile.


    I'm not sure if you can intensify or reduce the haptics when it hits that threshold, but it wouldn't surprise me if you could.

  5. I like using them for having a mouse for launchers while keeping pad controls intact, as big buttons you can just tap for visual novels or rhythm games, Radial menus for emulator functions, or swipe menus to use toolbar skills in action RPGs.


    The trackpads are still trackpads, albeit with a bit of haptic feedback. The thing that makes them good is the Steam Input software letting you apply them in a way that makes sense for the games you're playing, or other people figuring that out for you and sharing their own interpretation.

  6. 5 hours ago, Siri said:

    Muscle memory for Racing Lagoon, not so much. It's still a great concept I want to love, but the handling model is as jank as you'd expect from a Squaresoft racing game. Maybe I'll try and get analog controls working and see if that helps. It wasn't working on either MGS or this, so I'm guessing I haven't pressed a button.


    Yep, turns out Duckstation has digital controls as default for some reason. Guess it's to ensure every game works by default.


    Racing Lagoon is *slightly* better. I've now won a couple of races instead of getting destroyed in every race because I drift a full 60 degrees into the apex of a corner because the d-pad has the grace of a hippo.


    2 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Are other machines/competitors not allowed to use Steam OS? Sorry if that’s a stupid question. 


    I don't think it's about being 'allowed'. It's just that SteamOS is currently designed around a single configuration of hardware, and Valve wants to get it right on that before bolting on more stuff to it. HoloISO gives us an idea of what SteamOS is composed of, and you can't run Nvidia hardware on SteamOS because.. well, the driver set just isn't there.


    I think you're more likely to get more successful results on any non-deck handhelds faster from broader Linux distributions like ChimeraOS and Nobara.

  7. Yep, I upgraded to an SN740 1TB too. Seems perfectly fine, touch wood.


    (I'm tapping my desk)


    After the MGS question, I bothered sorting out Emudeck again. Duckstation still seems ruddy great, stopped just before the DARPA chief, I already remember how that goes in the original demo. And I've still got the muscle memory for the VR tutorial.


    Muscle memory for Racing Lagoon, not so much. It's still a great concept I want to love, but the handling model is as jank as you'd expect from a Squaresoft racing game. Maybe I'll try and get analog controls working and see if that helps. It wasn't working on either MGS or this, so I'm guessing I haven't pressed a button.


    Spent lunch playing Dredge. It's still nice.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Stevie said:

    You can also chose to display installed games only. 


    Yeah, it's a good option for desktop - Steam Deck has that as a main tab, too.


    Funny interaction (at least on the deck) is you can install hidden games via the search bar and then forget to unhide the game. And then wonder where all your space has gone, ahem.

  9. 25 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

    I've hidden things on Steam when my PC won't play nice with a sale game but I might want to try and figure it out in the future rather than try and get refunded for the £1.59 I spent. It's a nice way of keeping things tidy. It's probably also useful for those random "playable on PS4" things in the PS5's Library.


    Yep. I also hide games on Steam that I've completed and won't go back to for a while, or when games have separate multiplayer/beta clients that are obsolete. It's nice keeping the library tidy while plodding through the backlog.

  10. 22 minutes ago, Cappuccino Kid said:


    Ta. These are the steps I followed when I originally installed it: 


    I do wonder if it might work without the fix for the reflections, but I haven't tried that yet.


    Compared that guide, I don't think I bothered fixing the visual stuff and I used ProtonGE instead of experimental.


    Anyway, my game seems to work alright - the error you mention about a D3D device made me think that I should run the config program again, so I added that first to make it recognise the graphics again (I'm guessing something changed with the new MESA/RADV drivers), and then went back to C2C. Desktop Mode shat the bed so I had to restart, but trying the game in SteamOS mode was successful and I did a quick run of the arcade mode just to check, and it seemed fine.

  11. 25 minutes ago, Cappuccino Kid said:

    Have any SteamDeck Outrun 2006-ers had issues since the latest system update? I had it working flawlessly for the last couple of months, but since the most recent system update it just pops up "The Direct3D device is unavailable" error and quits back out whenever I try to run it.


    I'll have a look - I think I'm on the latest update now, and I need to re-add it after changing my SSD, so might as well kill two birds with one stone.

  12. I'm certain Wasteland 3 makes the rounds in bundles, too. I'm pretty sure I got my copy from humble choice.


    As for those Reddit threads, I should probably make a copypasta for every one of them for free karma. Just keep telling everyone about the good news that is BallisticNG :coffee:


    I've finished starting up every single game in my library once so offline mode works properly with every game now. I'll probably get on with Dredge this afternoon while giving the fancy headphones a spin.

  13. It's definitely sad, albeit understandable. I really got into the ceremony of E3 once I started working - booking the week off, getting a shitload of takeaway and talking shit about the presentation with friends over the internet.


    On the other hand, with everything digital and streamed directly to video sites, these days I'll just go to bed at a reasonable time and watch it first thing in the morning. And ultimately, there's still avenues to distribute demos and limited time tests. The periodical Steam Next Fest events is like having an indie game show at home, and it's fantastic as I don't have to listen to journalists over however many days of streamed guff from Gamespot or IGN - just digging in myself and reading buzz from others is much more palatable.

  14. 1 hour ago, bradigor said:

    @Siridoes the wire come with it?


    Not according to RTings:



    Although the SteelSeries Arctis 9X don’t come with a 1/8” audio cable in the box, they support audio over their 1/8” jack. However, you won't be able to use the microphone, even if you're using a TRRS connector. If you're looking for similar SteelSeries headphones with an included audio cable, check out the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless instead.


    Edit: not actually a spoiler, I just pressed the wrong button :facepalm:

  15. I always hop on HotUKDeals in case there's an offer and check against RTings.


    Argos currently have Steelseries 9X's for 50 quid off, which you can check RTings before buying: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/steelseries-arctis-9x-4111450





    I bought some proper fancy ones for my holiday and silly plane ride, but they went out of stock at Amazon quick :(


    When I do use headphones at the moment, I just throw on the the wireless Xbox headphones via Bluetooth and put up with the lag. They're pretty good, but for a tenner more I'd imagine the 9x is better and it can be plumbed in with a wire.

  16. 17 hours ago, ph0rce said:

    Is this demo not available anymore now, or am I blind?


    Tried to search the store on the Steam Deck but nothing about a demo comes back. 


    Last I remember, I had to uninstall the demo because it was time limited to Steam Next Fest - so after the event was done, the play button changes to a 'purchase' button for the full game instead. So I think the former is correct.

  17. 23 minutes ago, Hawklord said:

    This actually arrived today. And 2 weeks earlier than the ETA


    Hopefully I'll get it installed this afternoon. I won't be using the image that comes on the USB though, will do a fresh flash from Steam


    Just a tip after you're done installing SteamOS again - remember to actually take out the USB drive after the install, if you get a black screen directly after it.


    I was getting very confused after the deck detected my SSD correctly, only to not work after installing the OS again.

  18. 16 hours ago, NecroMorrius said:

    I get that it's annoying for a new multiformat release. But 99% of the new players you're worried about will be playing the just-released PC version and hitting these issues head-on. If we can manage with a single Hogwarts thread, I can think we manage a few Johnny-come-lately PC nerds in the thread I created 12 years ago (Jesus Christ!)


    Maybe you and this guy can have a bumfight down a local Asda car park, while everyone else just carries on doing what they want?

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