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  1. Oh yeah, it was part of one of the big humble bundles, wasn't it? I had it on EGS originally, so moving onto Steam after picking it up from there blurs the lines of ownership somewhat.
  2. I have, both on desktop and the deck. The game is still needs shit loads of optimization to run as it's in constant beta, but early game seems to run fine at 40fps/Hz on relatively low settings. Late game will probably require a GPU clock cap as the game needs all the CPU grunt it can get when you've built disgustingly large factories. The most popular control preset for the deck is quite neat - uses mode shifting so you hold a button to do a function and it changes the controls around it to suit in addition to opening the menu. It makes sense, but I do miss my KBM still. I might try and find a late game save and double check if it falls apart on the settings YouTubers recommend.
  3. I'll have to sort out Decky Loader - I had to set the password on the deck in an attempt to sort out some other bullshit (some of my Flatpak apps on discover are falling to update, still not sure why), so everything's set. Something to fuck around with while waiting for the Steam sale!
  4. Correct. Worth noting that, for the most part, the Autumn and Winter sales are homogenised these days - you'll find any reductions in the last sale will be the same. Of course, that doesn't account for any new reductions (as in, games that were not in the Autumn sale at all), or what other approved key resellers are doing for discounts. As always, check a comparison site for the best deals!
  5. If it helps, you're not actually required to install any of them. It's probably better to stay on an older version for a day or two in case anything breaks, like the above. (Although I don't think this stops Steam itself updating on booting the device, but that's less likely to break shit). In other news, I bothered to get Ship of Harkinian running. 60fps Zelda OoT with a free camera on the right stick is weird, but highly welcome.
  6. Immediate thoughts - - Has 2K shitted up the game with their crummy launcher? - Is the game set to the (likely outdated) native Linux version? I've got the game so I can try it, but those are normally red flags for 2K stuff. Edit: @Wiper, put this command in the launcher options for the game's properties: It'll then actually install the shit it needs to do and then the game works. I read it might be fixed in Proton Experimental as well, but I just went with default.
  7. The closest possible thing is to force a game to use DXVK Async via Proton/WineGE, although that will only work on games using DX9 to DX11. That does cover pretty much everything except the latest cutting edge games, however. It works quite well, but it's not perfect like how valve regurgitates shaders into everyone's Linux distribution like a baby bird. It also inflates the shader cache a little, roughly 10% in comparison. If you're interested and you can't find any further information about it online, I'll put a reminder on my phone to dig out what I clicked on Heroic and what I put in the command line to enable it on Tony Hawk 1 & 2 (which was DX11).
  8. As for FSR 2.0, screen mode shouldn't matter as the scaling is done within the game. The Fullscreen/Borderless arguement probably relates to SteamOS' FSR 1.0 scaling, which is a universal thing and works differently (and worse).
  9. Honestly, unless the 3DS version or PC Decompile is a big benefit, probably Ocarina of Time. From the times I've played it and dropped it from original hardware and straight ports on GameCube/Wii, I can't see it being little more than a retread of Link to the Past with dodgy early 3D graphics, a shit camera and bad targeting mechanics. I want to actually play a version with those relics of early 3D removed so I can go through it and have my expectations blown away, but I can't see past it right now. At least Majora's Mask is somewhat alluring to play even with how it was on the N64, because of how the game's structured and goes off the beaten path in terms of the tropes the Zelda series sticks to, in the same way BotW and Link's Awakening was when I played them.
  10. I think it mostly mimics my GOTY entries. I was disappointed in Ghostwire: Tokyo because it was all shirt, no trousers - it looks incredible, but it runs like shit because of it and it's the driest fucking open-world shooter I've experienced in a long while. Tunic was shocking, though - I knew I was expecting a very cute Zelda clone, only to get involved with the most outrageous puzzle experience and big reveals since Zero Escape and some genuinely hard moments. Such a brilliant, exciting time playing it.
  11. So a US Senator has asked Valve why there's so much white supremacist content on Steam. There's been other letters sent to more companies about moderation in online services. Honestly, it's the right thing to do. As much as I love the platform, there's so much garbage that has gone through whatever the old greenlight system has become that it does require a curation team to look at new releases and tell bare-faced racist asset flippers to fuck off.
  12. I tried both the XBox App and Microsoft Store, and done the following along with subsequent attempts: - Deleted all the pre-installed DLC - Repaired the game through the Advanced Options - Reset the game through the Advanced Options - Turned on some random service linked to Microsoft Store authentication that's turned off by default Nothing worked, so I just chalked it up to a bodged install and deleted the entire thing.
  13. Once you're in a game, it's generally okay as it's just relying on reading data - the real problem is doing anything while it's attempting to write something to the disk, as it will just completely bung up and take several seconds to manage anything - like opening anything in the system tray while games are downloading, saving a game, or doing anything while Windows is doing background updates. Most Linux distributions have less I/O bloat and/or are loaded entirely into RAM, so they don't have that issue really (hence why so many of them can be ran directly from a USB drive). Battery seems okay for something that's doing whatever it wants in terms of TDP. I definitely would recommend Steam Deck Tools to get those controls back, along with everything else it offers (controller input modes and macros, fan speed, and enhanced LCD colours).
  14. Pretty much every Resident Evil outside of the opening parts of the original Resident Evil 2 & 3. Just don't get on with horror that well. Pretty much every Metal Gear Solid after the first one and the tanker in MGS2. Majora's Mask. Morrowind. Pretty much all the Dark Souls games because of Demon's Souls not being finished. All the Metroid Prime games. Loads of games that I started and never got around to actually playing a lot, let alone all of it. Super Metroid, Shenmue, Half Life 1&2, Demon's Souls, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Ocarina of Time, RDR1, The Last of Us, Persona 3 and SMT3.
  15. Honestly, a common thing for PC gaming in general. Anyway, I successfully returned Toem as it's going to be on Humble Monthly, so there's a cool £5 in my Steam account. It'd be a shame to spend under half of that money on something related to Vampire Survivors that came out on the 15th December
  16. Urgh, downloaded 100gb of Forza 7 on the Windows 11 card, and it doesn't load. It seems to be more a thing with Forza 7, though - It's not maintained after being delisted, and it's just closing itself after opening the UWP splash screen. Something something UWP is a mistake On the bright side, the other two UWP Gamepass games work just fine (P5R and Tinykin). Obviously though, running Windows 11 on an SD card leaves much to be desired in terms of general responsiveness. Obligatory 'maybe I should buy another steam deck' comment
  17. Because of High on Life, I've actually installed this tool suite on my Windows 11 SD card install. It's already made the Windows experience miles better - the 360 controller mode still has lots of lovely functions (like turning down screen brightness, mouse functions on the trackpads, and ways to force close programs on the Steam button combos), and it has accessible fan and TDP controls by using the QAM button. Oh, and it actually works correctly with Persona 5 Royal, from what I can tell, unlike SWICD. It's not as slick as Aya Space' GUI, but it's a great start. As mentioned, I'm a bit suspect of the fan mode not detecting the temps even if they're on the same die, so my current thought is to cap the TDP to 10 or 12w and lowball the performance until that's fixed. I'm used to doing that for battery life on SteamOS, anyway.
  18. Sorry, just going back to this as RPS is also shitting on the 2K launcher for Midnight Suns, even on Windows it's a detriment to performance - did you try this? https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/no-seriously-you-should-disable-the-2k-launcher-for-marvels-midnight-suns
  19. FYI, Humble are doing reruns of their best bundles at the moment, I think it's a new one each day. The 2K Games bundle was yesterday, but I think it's still active for six hours or until 'stocks' last. Today's the VR Racing bundle - so Asseto Corsa, AC Competizione, Automobilisa 1 & 2 and some other guff for a crisp tenner.
  20. I always heard Moonlight is just the best streaming solution full stop, in terms of image compression and latency. I believe it's something to do with NVENC video compression, which is only on Nvidia GPUs - I've dealt with it before while using Wireless VR solutions, and it seem to perform better than H.264 - although the case use was far more intensive to prevent motion sickness and such from stutters or frame drops.
  21. That's one good thing about PC - The most well known sale on that platform is specifically at Christmas time. These days it's a ritual of getting smashed on Christmas Eve, still being out at midnight then having a handful of emails drop in with games gifted by friends. It's kind of nice, until the obligatory anime titty game comes along and baby Jesus is upset about it
  22. FF7 and Goldeneye in 1997. FF8 and Dreamcast (so Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur) in 1999. I can't actually remember what I got for '98. It wasn't OoT, I remember that much. Maybe it was a lean year at home and/or we got the PS1 chipped. Edit: oh, and the year we got a SNES with Super Mario World and playing it with my brother, which I'm pretty sure we beat on what must have been New Year's Eve. So, about Christmas 92. I remember being upset about our family maybe buying Street Fighter 2 instead because it was reported it was violent, so brother bought it second hand down the road. Now I'm playing the CPS2 version on a tiny arcade cabinet and 7 year old Siri was a fucking moron
  23. It's still in alpha, so it was very problematic - basically running a batch file in command prompt and following instructions, but actually getting the thing detected so it installs the modified bootloader is a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, you only need to get it right once. But getting it right once took an entire day of troubleshooting, so.. eh.
  24. Don't know what I'm playing yet - off the top of my head, I'll probably be fucking around with the hacked Astro City Mini, and whatever I pick up for the deck over the Winter Sale. I do remember intending to play the translation of Racing Lagoon last year, but it didn't work on my Xbox for some reason. Maybe I'll go back to it as my current favourite videogame device is.. well, just a handheld PC and it has all the emulators.
  25. Could be that, could also be down to the unified GDDR6 offering faster I/O streaming, although a portion of that will be required for VRAM like the Deck - Standard PCs have dedicated VRAM, and System RAM. Of course, that's with the highest grade assets getting pushed around at 4K, too.
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