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  1. It's the thing that makes the Steam Deck and SteamOS what it is, really - it's a compatibility layer that sees a Windows program, and interprets it so it runs on a different operating system (in this case, Linux). It's comprised of a few things, if you look at it in depth, but don't worry too much about it. But, yeah. For the vast majority of games you're playing on this thing? They're not even designed to run on it! Shocking, really. There's been loads of versions over the last couple of years - as mentioned, things get fixed, things break. Changing the compatibility layer to a different version or type might help make games work better, or at all.
  2. There's a change log, but it's not cut and dry - things get fixed, things break. You're better off looking at ProtonDB. User reports say that it runs fine with slight stutter when moving between areas on the default Proton that shipped with the deck (7). And, as always - the verification system is a suggestion, not a rule. Well, unless you're after playing a game with Anti-Cheat.
  3. Kind of - PC as a platform ruined console gaming back when I got into it around the 360 era post Phantasy Star Universe addiction. Unless it's on the console part of game pass, my PC has been where I've played games for the last decade. What the Deck has done is 'ruin' PC gaming, as I don't need to sit at my desk or faff with multiple screens to play that library any more. I just resume the game I want by just picking it up and playing it. RE: battery life, it's been fine for my main use (games during lunch and a couple of hours before bed), although I'm bringing a mains charger for long haul flights. But I don't really know how it's possible to improve it - battery technology has been stagnant for ages (hell, we need something for EVs too), and the APU in it is the first in a generational leap. You're either waiting years for that situation to improve, stuffing more cells into it to make it larger and heavier than it already is, or using a worse performing APU which makes your games run like shit. Although regarding the last one, there's nothing stopping anyone from Slapping power tools onto this thing via Decky and doing some proper fiddling, although ever since adding it I've never bothered using it..
  4. Hmm, that's unfortunate. I did see some of the Reddit lot use adhesive bumps to help alleviate access to the tactile press, although something like this might be a good idea, too.
  5. Including, although not limited to: - L3 and R3. Amazing! - Built in Steam OS functions, namely Magnifier and Open/Close keyboard - Binds for D-Pad if I want to keep my hands on the analogues (handy for flasks in PoE) - cloning a button but mapping it for a turbo function (ie. Running in GTA4) - binds for keyboard buttons if the controller is entirely mapped to standard controller functions (similar to the above SteamOS stuff, but things like menu shortcuts, etc)
  6. Oh, one other tip for new deck owners: Back Paddle buttons. Put your fingers on the flat back of the handheld and press there, not on the handles as you would an Xbox elite controller. Your hands will thank you.
  7. You want games? Here's some games For stuff that you can just buy or grab from Steam in that guide, I would say: Dominion, Rolling Bird, Helltaker, The Looker, Skye, Pony Island, and BallisticNG. Once you want to venture outside of the world of unverified games (if you're new to PC, it'll take a while!), the first two things you'll want to find out is: How to install Proton GE, using ProtonUp. This provides fixes for some games that have been marked unsupported (namely, games with a lot of FMVs that are encoded with licensed formats) Adding a non-Steam game to Steam. This lets you browse Discover on the desktop and download free games from there. With those two separate things learnt, you can try the other free games in the guide by downloading them, adding them to Steam and setting it to use Proton. And yeah, Black Mesa is a fan remake that Valve gave official blessing to because it's that well made, from my understanding.
  8. Nope. It's sleep mode, but it's more like a standard PC's suspend option with quick resume functions baked in than a low power state like modern consoles. Better to be in desktop mode with the power settings changed to turn off the screen after x minutes while not turning off the machine, or turning the brightness down.
  9. I think the only reason I've been tempted to upgrade the SSD is for installing a completely separate operating system and games. For the actual purpose of the device, 256GB has been perfect - that holds games I can't just leave on a card, while most of my games have been on one of two cheap 512gb SD cards, which ends up looking like one of those hooky 50-in-1 GBA carts - except it's got Cyberpunk, Fallout 4, Yakuza 0, Wasteland 3, Ghostwire Tokyo, AC Competizione, Civ V, Tetris Effect, Satisfactory, Toem, Dorfromantik and a whole load of other games worth playing. It's absurd. My only other concern is when games that need an SSD show up, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes. I've still got 100GB on the SSD before cleaning up what's on there after a good eight months of owning it.
  10. Just like my birthday the day after, I'm expecting fuck all so I can be pleasantly surprised by what actually happens.
  11. I liked Everhood and Golf Club Wasteland. I've only played the original Lethal League, but that's also a banger, especially multiplayer.
  12. Neat, Sharedeck now has a plugin that detects the game you're playing and presents a list of settings you can punch in. It's not quite Geforce Experience where it fudges .ini files for you, but being able to check and send reports on the fly is A-OK. https://steamdecklife.com/2023/01/10/sharedeck-y-steam-deck-game-settings/
  13. I feel the same about using them, at least in trackball mode. Using mouse region as the sub-setting for the trackpad helps if the image is slow or static for me, like VNs or RPGs. As for recommendations, I'd probably go Bluetooth to keep the amount of dongles attached to the unit sane, but I wouldn't know what to actually go for I'm afraid.
  14. The screen is good enough when placed against what I've got in the house by default, although it's capable of much more with either bumping the saturation or removing the blue cast with VibrantDeck. Same story as everything else with the Deck, really - it's good enough when it's just dropped in your hands, but a little nip and tuck would make it sing. Thumb's a little tender, so I've only played a little more of Tiny Rogues over the weekend. I'm hoping when it's better I can get cracking on Mothmen 1966 and Toem. I've completed my first proper route in Clannad, but it took nearly 20 hours so I need a fucking break from it
  15. If you like or own a lot of Japanese games that use odd FMV codecs, it's worth keeping a copy of Proton GE around, maybe keep it as default if they're the only games you play. But generally, I just keep to Proton Experimental by default as workarounds for games will land there first, and unless things break it doesn't really matter much.
  16. I mean, people who were regularly playing on PC weren't joking when they said that the Jaguar APU cores in the PS4 and XBone were bunk, even when being fed power from the mains. Heck, even the APU generation before what's in the Steam Deck now wasn't that great - the most popular Ryzen APU that I (still) have, the 2400g which was released in 2018, is just about capable for games in 2013 at 1080p but struggles with more intensive stuff. (It is, however, still great for light 3D indie games and 2D. I played the demo for Neon White on it in 720p!) But yeah, less of a miracle, and more 'hey, here's a handheld with actual modern graphics guts'. It didn't even need to be highly clocked, just following the new architecture was enough.
  17. Have you turned off the CRT effect? I found it perfectly legible on the deck after doing that.
  18. How cheap do you want to go? Although since then, I need to add more shit to it for 2023 - Tiny Rogues, Snakebird and Betrayal at Club Low for starters.
  19. This alone effectively octuples the list, let alone raspberry pi and its numerous clones. It's mad to see so many retro handhelds over the year, let alone all of them containing the same ARM chips as one another. Out of the list, I got about eight, with five of them being the more toy-like Retro systems (NES/SNES/Arcades), so I feel I got away quite lightly.
  20. Could be lots of things! Try verifying the files first - options for the game should be via the cog. After that, check and or change the proton version, that should be in the options under the cog on the game page too.
  21. I was looking at Encased during the Steam Sale, so that's nice.
  22. I'm still chewing through Tiny Rogues and Clannad. Tiny Rogues really is brilliant if you've ever played Path of Exile - a lot of passive abilities are cribbed from PoE, but work very differently because it's more or less a twin stick shooter. It's so cheap too, even at the default £5 price tag. I'm finally getting games I can stuff in the budget guide. Clannad's a long ass game, but I'm actually digging the story enough to ignore the fucked up art. I've mapped the mouse button to just touching the right analog stick, so there's minimal force on my thumb and the right trackpad is solely for moving the cursor to prevent misclicks. If course, I'm now looking at the newest Humble Monthly and thinking 'I wonder what I can get in the last day of the sale after spending a tenner on that' I implore game companies to continue adding anticheat in their games, so I can't play them on SteamOS and will have to, begrudgingly, get through all the games I have bought. Please.
  23. Apparently, January's Humble Monthly includes Doom Eternal, OlliOlli World and Tribes of Midgard. I'm guessing we'll hear about the other five games tomorrow, but the first two seems fairly worthy for under the current asking price of OlliOlli World in the active Steam sale alone.
  24. There's a global option, and per game settings, so do however you feel. I do a global setting for 60fps, and then if a game's tougher to run I make a setting for 40fps/hz and any other tweaks for it. And then it just switches when I start up that particular game.
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