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  1. Some more low-level runs again tonight, gents?

    I can't believe how much Siri levelled last night - I'm very sure it was four times due to those White Beast runs. I haven't even considered soloing the old low-level haunt - Valley of Carnage C, with the new EXP rates? yes please!

    saying that, I'll have to make up some cash soon - I'm bordering on skint because of pumping money into my new pure bots (Armour and Range, for reference purposes), and various gubbins for my alternate characters.

    also got tempted by yet another Muktrand when I bought a Sori-senba from the same shop - 7/9 grinds with 38% dark, 500k :lol:

  2. Happy new year, everyone.

    I'll be up for a meet either on Friday or Saturday - I need to wrap my head around work starting Wednesday.

    a small tip when you're starting off (quite literally) - you can pick up some reasonable gear from the new expansion mission 'Scarred Planet' if you're a melee type.

    Vahras drop lots of Twin Sabers, Golmoros drop Twin Daggers, Grass Assassins drop Twin Stingers (three stars!), while Boss Boxes can drop several weapons, including boards for Twin Sabers and Single daggers, and actual Single Daggers and Sabers drop as well. Also, Rappies (which are known as a 'Rare' Spawn, where you have to attain a certain map variation to see them) can drop a Car/Power, which provides enhanced attack power when you're starting off with the initial Carline-style armours.

    Thanks to the expansion, weapon drops are now assigned with a random element, meaning that they're worth a lot more and become more handy in the field.

    In fact, it's a good thing to keep in mind with all new missions - all of the 'new' monsters and end-of-mission boxes (commonly known as Boss Boxes) are more likely to drop readily-made weapons and armour than the original missions.

  3. Answers galore!

    Yes, Type is the same as Class. In addition, I shouldn't worry about weapon upgrades too much at the moment - as you go through the cycles of levelling your class, you'll soon find that you'll hit the high end of the B rank weapons that you have access to soon (up to six-star rarity). You might find yourself better off getting those weapons, and then grinding from there until you move on to a better class.

    For upgrade reference, C Rank weapons end at three stars, B rank weapons end at six stars, and A rank weapons end at nine stars. it might be an idea to grind weapons with these rarities, as they are the literal peak of the ranks and you will attain the most bang for buck when grinding these.

    For SUV, you're almost there - once you reach level 20, you can use an SUV function. to do this, you need the following things:

    - a level 20 cast (naturally)

    - an amour that has an available 'Extra' slot (cycle through the armour's properties using the left and right bumpers to see the available slots)

    - an SUV unit (bought from either the clyez armour shop, or Parum's GRM shop)

    Keep in mind that you will need at least a B-Rank armour to equip the SUV Unit, as SUV units start at B-Rank. I recommend going into the clyez shop or some player shops for cheap B-Rank armour. As for an SUV, a good starting unit would be the Sturm series of SUV attack (namely Sturm Buster) - when you activate it, it requires no aiming, deals good damage and sets everything alight causing burn damage after the attack.

    Once you're set, roll into the mission - as you attack or get attacked, you'll notice that the unused meter that is underneath the HP and EXP bars starts to fill. once it gets to maximum (indicated by a purple flash), simply stand still and press X and Y at the same time to activate.

    The charged stock will be stored throughout the mission, as you go through the blocks. you'll lose it if:

    - You use it!

    - You get incapacitated (even with a scape doll, you will lose whatever was there)

    - You exit the mission, either by returning to the lobby or completing your mission. So be sure to use it beforehand!

    aaaaaaaaaaaand I think that's about it, for now. anything that is unclear, just ask. Happy hunting!

    EDIT: Oh dear, force is a bit... wrong nowadays. I've been getting S-Ranks with Karin just by using the following combination:

    One Rogapit (Shifta level 4/Gibarta low level), with one Ice Pallasch (Rising Strike level 10). That's all there is to it.

    large badira spawns? nuke 'em. any Volfu spawns? nuke 'em. Vahras? nuke 'em. Bal Sozas and Grass Assassins? you're buffed with shifta, just bollock them with rising strike.

    Tech Mags really do open the options with how you use a force, and more importantly, makes them *really* fun!

  4. Welcome, Grumbler! If you need anything explained about the game, give us a shout - I personally always speak in tongues when it comes to this game, so questions about what I'm going on about might snap me out of it!

    I've been having a go with my alternative character recently, in an effort to level their classes - for solo levelling, it seems like Scarred Planet C is the best place for it for me - for Karin, it's taking 7 minutes to clear it with an S ranking, resulting in 21 mission points.

    It's certainly a lot more better than the old grinding haunt for mission points - the subway mission over at Parum west, which used to be 15 minutes for something like 15 mission points :rolleyes:

    I'm wondering now if the other haunts have the same mission points as before - I distinctly remember the De Ragan party mission giving out a metric ton of points for not a lot of work, you could pretty much cap out Hunter/Ranger/Force classes within about 3 runs with the S2 mission.

  5. I was like that a couple of days back after an hour of unsuccessful Catilium hunting. I thought 'sod this, I might as well announce that I'll be leaving this game for a week or two, it's getting a bit much and all that'

    ...then everyone came back on and it became fun again :(

    I've tried levelling Absolute Dance after last night's session - I think the plan of action to level it is to spam it at large spawns of low-level monsters - as it only hits once, you might as well do one-hit kills to maintain the flow, while low levels means that it's more likely to hit.

    It's still boring as shite to level, though. level 3 after last night of spamming it across two missions ;/

    I's back. :)

    I spent the last couple of days before my little break hunting Rappy Noels. All I managed to get out of it was one Serafi Feather and about 10 Christmas trees and 5 Rappy Feathers. Are there any other rare spawns worth chasing that are out now?

    Other than Rappy Igg and his zangief-style spinning lariat of doom, DiscoHIVE also has a rare spawn in the form of Delnadians, which hand out Tero or Legsless/Rainbow.


    ...except that the fucking board actually dropped this time. I was running Fight for Food to check out the chance of grabbing Cladorian, and I ran across some Bel Pannons. mowed them down as you do, and went around to collect what was there:

    Rich> let's see - meseta, meseta, pannon jelly, crea doublWHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    My mind was blown, as was my load. unfortunately, the board itself doesn't sell for much (700k), so I might as well hoard some goldania and then make the sodding thing.

    Anyone for some PA frag runs? I need 99 for Tornado Dance, I need to make donk proud of me* :(

    *boot me from the party every time I use it

  7. Hope everyone had a great christmas day! Sadly, the dirge of Christmas soap programmes on the telly meant that I took up PSU quicker than I expected :D

    Haven't done much during the time, main things:

    - I got Choutou to level 11 (and further to level 15-ish). This PA *really* should have been the one that was available in the shops - I've finally figured that the PA consists of two arched volleys, similar to that of normal slicer attacks, followed by a shot right down the middle dealing about four times the damage of the normal PA shots. It feels much more like an 'intermediate' pa that's torn between normal attacks and Chikki, while Chikki is simply balls-out banana gun damage

    I'd write up a diagram of how the shots work to clear confusion, but I can't be arsed atm. Oh, and it *STILL* does not multi-hit even on the second section. Just a warning to those that believed otherwise, however it does make for decent crowd control.

    - ...I bought an Okanoc. noc-a-noc-a-noc-a-noc-a-noc-a-noc-a-noc. Unfortunately, it still has the flowery motifs on it, but they're cleaned up by Kubara knock-off ness (the gunmetal hides the flower on the shaft, while the flower petals at the stem of the photon blade is now clean photon-petal goodness. The dark one I bought makes up for the lack of a soul banish/eater.

    Right, I best sod off now, need to visit relatives. BYEZ o/

  8. lol, just got Ick Hikk up to 11. it seems to be on a lesser ATP modifier on the second section, but it's so awesome - and the damage is still coming out in the thousands on JA.

    Like Anga Redda, it performs an odd form of crowd control if you know how the movement works and you don't get affected by the wrong sort of hits (like Redda, Hikk is affected by blowback and guarding, but not normal 'chip' damage to coin said fighting game terminology). Donk can testify about the amount of AW MAH GAWD when it comes to hitting a whole Hikk combo on a group of fluttering rappies.

    JA is easy enough on the second section as well, regardless of what anyone says - as your character reels back from breathing fire and does a 'bear intimidation' pose with open arms, you activate the JA there.

  9. I recommend that you trade it with me, Grand Wizard Richard Hawk , for the grand sum of 1 (One) Gormet Cake Board.

    Rest assured that, with your much treasured item, I shall put it in my high-levelled Striking PM and break it in front of Fenix and Donk-Bot, while they are strapped to my christmas tree while they use crying emoticons.

    ...Hey, it is christmas after all.

    In reality, I'm sure Donk or Fenix would have some use for it. I've seen both of them tote the Destecs (Which I believe are made from Desta boards?).

    of course, you could make them if you have the materials and they're passed on to either person, and sell the weapon if it works.

    Should do, anyway - Christ, I even put a 7* Tenora Twin claw board in my PM with the intention of breaking it for Catilium - put in an El-Photon which put the success rate to 40%, and the fucker still came out. typical >_>

  10. Last night was SO WRONG. The amount of shite being spouted was awesome!

    Had a terrible hour of Catilium mining today - 1 hour, one Catilium. aaaaaand that was about it :( some Stelnium as well, and a load of photons.

    Which brings me to my next money-making scheme - with my stack of photons, I've decided to invest 50 of each type of photon in the shop, for 9000 meseta a pop. The plan is cementing that as a long-term investment - for example, shops are selling Gra-Photons for as little as 50 meseta, but you can bet your bottom line that there's only one photon in that 'stack', or they shall be sold out as soon as a sales surge begins.

    if all goes well, every time that a surge for a certain photon begins, all the cheap shit will be bought up, and it should hit my shop first out of the 'expensive' photon shops (IIRC, the max that photons have been sold for is 10k). cue some clever sod buying my entire 50 stack, resulting in 450,000 meseta.

    Could still do with another good hour of Catilium hunting like last night, mind. I need start a CREA DOUBLES fund. Even if it is just a couple of Crea Sabers stuck together with No More Nails :(

  11. Oh dear, I actually ventured onto universe 1 and participated in a PA Frag run group, complete with two techers and at least one Fighgunner using Tornado Dance with Crea Doubles :wacko: Took up the role of 'Slicer Whore'.

    Suddenly, everything becomes a lot easier, even moreso than the whole 'Siri and Donk's 7-ish minutes PA Frag runs' - Shagreeces are not that tricky when you waltz in with Techers armed with seemingly maxed Diga, gives you time to actually pull out twin handguns and just flinchlock the lot of them, complete with burning! didn't catch a time, everything went so fast ;p

    didn't last long though, as with all Uni 1 runs - once one person leaves, the rest bail as well! 4 more frags from when I started, mind - only 61 frags to go before Cross Hurricane/Choutou Kantsu-Jin :)

  12. For levelling PMs, I found this guide handy, although some of the figures seem a bit iffy while putting them into practice.

    For a quickly made and effective PM, ensure that you can afford it comfortably first - with the right budget (which is quite obtainable in this day and age of PSU) and a solid plan, you can make a level 100 'pure' PM within a matter of days. Making a pure PM gives you an additional success bonus when it comes to synthing items of the specialised type.

    Here's a barebones round-up of the plans for each one, when it comes to pure PMs:

    Tech PM - pump it full of tech disks (which only boosts the TECH portion), or force weapons (adds to TECH, lowers Striking). A faster, more expensive way is using Jellen Disks at 6k a pop - it increases the speed of the method by about 75%, according to forum posts.

    Ranged - Traps, and nothing else - mainly because nothing else compares. buy the cheapest EX traps you can find and from the NPC and player shops, and perhaps whatever trash guns you can find on the way.

    Melee - Melee is quite expensive, as I found when power-levelling Barry/Trisha/El Meato. Best thing I found is to try a diet that I did Here. It trims a couple of expensive weapons out of the equation, so it's a tiny bit lighter on the pocket.

    luckily, the new missions (namely the Rozenom missions) drop come nice three and six star melee items, depending on what mission level you run at.

    Armour - The hardest to level, simply because of the entry cost. Your best bet here is to buy several CAS-Yakuta costumes over at the Guardian's Amour shop (G'S MODE, third floor of clyez?) for 5k a pop. the linked thread states that 200 Yakuta costumes and 200 Suburga Arms gives you exactly level 100, coming to a total of 1.8 million meseta to budget for.

  13. Man, a very busy night tonight while partying with Donk and Tokky:

    - Bought Ikk Hikk - and it's a MONSTER. It may be slow, and you may get interrupted by either blowback or blocking (actually taking normal hits doesn't break out of the PA), but you simply can not turn your nose up at the damage - with a pretty basic ground Gudda Gant against dark enemies, you can hit a JA for two targets four times, for about 1600-1800 damage a hit.

    put that on one of the Seed Ardites - that's a minimum of 12,800 HP Damage on the bugger. Without elemental damage. In the first section of the combo.

    - finally broke that level 11 barrier for Acrofighter. Should be able to get that ATP modifier near to Fortefighter now, which is going to be absurd for Slicers.

    - Finally, I seemed to pull of a great haul - I took a minor curiosity in the Player Shop price of Junaline, and found that some people were selling it for 1000 meseta. jumped into the first shop I saw, and was shocked to find, not only a lot of other people, but a stack of 47 Junaline for 1000 meseta each. Bought all of it, and then sold it at the NPC shop for 1500. Instant profit get!

  14. Also worth mentioning is that Deljibans are about for some megid flinging, but they seem rather stoic compared to their varients on other missions - maybe the mob speed nerf has been adjusted so that it comes into effect after level 100.

    Finally, to get an S-Rank in the mission, you need at least two other players to be able to activate three switches at once - one which leads to a spawn to raise the kill count to the correct amount.

    still need some more PA frags, starting up the Ikk Hick fund - started running Mad Creatures S2 on a solo basis, it's rather dull though. It's a shame about the new mission - the S-Rank gives out Cash, Mission Points and EXP by the bucketload, but there's no chance of gaining Frags in a reasonable time ;p

  15. arf, that's shite bro. I remember being shafted when it came to grinding my fire Soda Joggi, couldn't be bothered with it in the end.

    So, the new PAs - Twin Claw is a bit... odd. does work with lock-on though, and for 10 PA frags you can't complain for now.

    Single Claw, on the other hand - WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

    A really nice ATP percentage boost (it's outdamaging my existing claw PA by about 100% atp - which is on level 14-ish, and the new PA is level 1), but the actual attack is fantastic - a sweeping motion causes three surrounding targets (which also hits on big monsters with multiple points) to get hit twice, and then a hop strike to the ground hits the same targets again, and causes small enemies to bounce/knockup!

    Using acrofighter, it's practically a neat replacement for any of the surround attack PAs, like Renkai Byou-Zan and Tornado Break. I'll have to get a decent single claw now. Sad panda :(

  16. So, is anyone up for some PA runs over at Mad Creatures S2?

    Naturally, for speed, it would be better to bring weapons that make widescale or rapid damage, but not weapons that cause blowback - for example, Dus Majarra is fine up until you blast everything all over the shop with the last combo.

    Also, in other news:



  17. Great find, although when it came to Har/Quick I went the lazy route - bought one from a player shop :angry: You can borrow it if you want Donk, I was using it for Wartecher - but then the news about Friday's update came along and now I'm back to Fortefighter ;p

    Had a look at what drops are coming for Electric Brain - finally getting 11* sabers and twin sabers, meaning *gasp* that we'll actually get elements that we want instead of Fire! that'll be handy for the new Cross Hurricane PA.

    Gudda Skela boards drop from Seed-Ardite, and Fraudukes drop at Boss Boxes. or alternatively, have a look here!



    - New PAs are out - Ikk Hikk, Cross Hurricane, Renga Chuujin-shou, Choutou Kantsu-jin, Chuuei Jitotsu-shin, Bukuu Saien-zan, Absolute Dance, and Vivi Danga.

    - 'Electronic Brain' Mission is released, located at the AMF Central Base (aka. AMF hive). It's a Co-Op mission apparently, but so was... something else that I can't remember, but could be solo'd anyway.

    - New Decorations at the Clyez Shop, and new items are added to the Casino.

    - RUMOUR: The Photon Gacha text has been fixed.

    ...WHO WANTS TO PA RUN? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG HOT DELI MEAT ^_^_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^_^_^

    ...Well, after SWOS, anyway >_>

  19. Ah, That's fair enough then, my bad.

    Sold my Viper, and bought a cheap Ebrozike with a third of the cash to test said theory on the photon charges - although I had some idea that it affects firing rate, what I didn't know was that depending on the type of R-Mag, it effects the firing type and the SE inflicted! following PSO-World's advice, I went for the ground type - Stun SE2 in the form of a laser cannon shot?

    ...with my mind?

    ...while I'm blasting stuff in the face with Chiki?

    ...and fully benefiting from Giga/Skill Save and full photon charges?

    OH BABY!

  20. I was just about to offer my Ranged PM's services, but I guess you should heed this warning first:

    I have a new failure record! Making some Vulcans for Albert, the first one failed - with a 97% chance of success.

    It gave me a Vestaline :D

    Speaking of which, I was taking a look at your PM when you made that Viper for me - are you sure that your PM is completely topped out? my Melee one has one red bar stretched to max even after hitting 100 pure. I'll buy a couple of bullet disks for the purpose of trying it out.

    I just don't see why a 100 pure range bot would be dealing out 90-odd percent success rate on 10-star ranged weapons, while a 100 pure striking bot deals out 100 percent rates on 10-star gear, bar kubara.

  21. given the hit on the graphics (compared to the PS2 version), here's hoping that the actual framerate has improved - I remember getting hold of the PS2 version of PSU after playing through the 360 Beta, and I gave up after the first chapter - it was like playing through treacle. naturally, it looked rubbish compared to the PC/360 version, but hey.

    ...If it was PSO Portable, on the other hand, I would be super chuffed and buy it in an instant!

    EDIT: Blimey, I think something clicked when it came to the use of R-Mags/Shadoogs. if they have an unlimited PP pool and are simply ruled out of the palette, how does photon charges work when you use it on a Shadoog/Slicer combo?

    If it works as I'm thinking, it will fully charge the striking weapon from just selecting the charge from the palette, just like it would when you don't have a gun equipped. Slicers get a convenient full charge, while Shadoogs still provide some minor covering fire.

    ...Could do with making those Ebrozike R-Mags now.

  22. just a warning guys, there might be a rollback later on after the update - it seems that there's a GM test level that's out on the public servers :(

    Go to the Flyer Dock in clyez, and you'll get the level 'Rareenemycheck', ranging from levels 1 to 70 in increments of 10. it seems to be a level where GMs can check the drop rate of rare items - there's literally only Rappies, Darlebans and Jaggos there, and includes the usual drops (ank dedda boards, Giga units, Serafi stuff, and other bits and pieces). literally an unlimited amount of spawns between two rooms.

    You can't exactly ban people, either - hundreds of people would have done the mission by now, and the mission is public anyway. maybe we'll get another couple of weeks of 1-UP rewards to make up for the cock-up ;D

  23. Also, I'm on the scrounge - anyone got any spare Note Seeds? They've only gone and released ELEVEN new bells :( I've got five, I think someone may be coming up with two but that still leaves a defecit of four. Will happily trade for stuff what's in my shops like too.

    I'll have some for ya. I'm also willing to do a few runs of De Rol, providing I'm allowed some of t3h r4rz.

  24. off the top of my head, both mission enemies are light (Rappies, Rappy Gugg, Kakwanes) and fire (annoying shagreece clones, Ollakas).

    Boomas/Go Boomas also spawn, but the chance of seeing them are relatively slim compared to the droves of rappies and kakwanes you'll be giving beatdowns to.

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