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  1. Just a little update regarding the update on the 28th - according to that chillaura fella, We should be getting the easter lobbies, as well as Her Hero Is A Thief, the party mission on Parum. and the party lobbies as well, so there's a quick shopping outlet in the East District. If they've got any sense, they will release the S rank alongside it - not only does it provide an alternative to bruce for smaller parties (maximum is 4 players, and it's only a level 80 entry limit to S, which has lvl140 monsters), but there's also the bonus of decent Kubara Weaponry - De Ragan Slayic, Tyrant Spadac and Apocalypsic. All of which feature reasonable stats! Edit: Hmm, I just found this rather handy site made by some random guy on PSO-World - it's a nice, very clean database that allows you to sift through the existing missions to see the drops, like an english Amesani. Except that Amesani doesn't exist any more, so this is the only (and luckily, best) mission list there is! http://www.psyou.info/ Most handy for figuring out where to solo next.
  2. Well, at least we're getting some good communication from Chillaura now, in the official PSU forums: - There's no new content this week. However, they are skipping maintenence for this week because of this. Probably because of good friday as well. - New content is planned for the 28th. - Maximum Attack G is coming soon - the estimated time will be before the end of April. Site integration by SEGA TEAM!!!!1111111 is currently in progress. Good to know, anyway. Might buy a Van Brella now (only a million for 0/9 VBs) and play some more COD4. Or whatever the hip, happening kids are playing these days. FORWARD THINKING! (and then polish off the level cap when Mr. Shirtrip gets to level 90-odd, oh ho!)
  3. seems like there's no update this week - JP site has only listed the usual maintenence times for friday. cunts, *knew* I should have rented KuF:Circle of Doom from blockbuster while I was down the town. Donk, are you taking the P-Wand board? I'm aching for money in-game, and those player shop prices are looking tempting! Is anyone going to have a mission drive for the Van Brella and (although not my cup of tea) Love Inferno? I wouldn't mind a Van Brella. ella. ella. eh. eh. eh.
  4. Got a Psycho Wand. No tech PM or materials = selling! lowest price in the player shops is 18 million, for you lot I'll part with it for 15-16 million, or a cash/items combination! there's not a lot I need in terms of items, though, so it will have to be something special!
  5. You work on weekends? That's just asking for a PRE-EMPTIVE! you know what's worse, though? We at GHZ-PSU had a small in-joke that might have some relevence today: Some of the old posts in that thread are great, though. Like when I bought my first ever pair of Gudda Gant knuckles (19% Ice, grinded twice - 190k) and finally bought Bogga Robado. good times, even without the Just Attack!
  6. MAC. Close the thread, I've won PSU. ...Actually, that will happen when I have Bruce's card, when I have made a satisfactory performance in his Sex Dungeon. Training facility? pfft, that's just a front. Edit: ...Second Iggac is in the oven. I need more money, I may even have to run some missions soon Edit 2: ...30% Light Iggac! And I've found a new purpose in PSU while idling for synths - started running Sleeping Warriors S2. it provides a decent challenge, has a nice length on a solo run (last run was 16 minutes, provided I saved the beast mode for the three Svaltuses at the end. if not, double that ;p) and gives nice EXP to boot. I need some southern fried chicken to celebrate. actually, I might order a pizza from papa johns with those chicken dippers on the side. then eat it all loudly while on the 360 mic. potentially driving Jonny to obesity, or suicide.
  7. hay guys hav u seen mah raikasobrac its pretty gr8 The Iggac came out - 18% fire, but still better than a slap in the face. Actual power is slap-bang in the middle of the Skela and the Hon, Accuracy is off the chart, and PP can be ground for or just use Just attacks. Looks totally awesome, as well. last night was a shambles - we only completed Bruce's Dungeon S once on an A-Rank, the rest of the runs featured either Bruce dying or yours truly dying (luckily, it was only the once, but still). and then there were white beast runs, resulting in massive levels of smack talking and a *ahem* general overview of the population of live players. I need more catilium, though. Gotta make that neutral Ank Deddac for great justice!!!!!!!!1111111111111
  8. For those in the Iggac market, about NOW is pretty good, with the latest boards coming in at 7 million. I guess it's helpful that when the reward is eventually handed out, up to six people get it at one time (probably 6 by default anyway - 12 minutes to S-rank the dungeon with level 140 monsters? lol, good luck with that in a two-man cell), meaning that there's going to be those profiteering types constantly having a price war in the first week, or until something new comes out. Meanwhile, I had a look at the KUBARA SPREAD STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111, and checked out things that are not Prestocs. Bought a Soda Hazzoc board in the end, as there was no information about it, and I was interested. First one just came out - 260-ish PP, 666-ish ATP, and 160-ish ATA. Which, thankfully, is a comparable product to the Soda Hazzo/Joggi, unlike the axes. I'll be grinding it to buggery later, when I can find some A-Rank Grinders. I also bought a Roc (lol) board, but I don't have enough speral. bastards
  9. I'll take either the Blackbullic or that Buccaneer - I'm not desparate for either, hence the option. In other news, I've gone a bit mad - the 50% Ragnus finally sold for 13 million, and then... I spent 10 million within ten minutes of today. on a Gudda Iggac. 7 fucking Catilium later (albeit 2 catilium that I had to hunt for), and it's in the oven. it'll be out at 8.10PM (5 hours cooking time), at 86% chance of success! on a bastard pure PM! I can see myself taking a fall here, 10 million down the plan? score ;/ still, the board atm is selling anywhere between 7 million - 12 million, so I guess I was lucky. I guess. Still, at least it's not a Ank Butic, half of the population on Universe 1 will be heard howling at the stats they got for 7 catilium ;p Apparently though, Catilium drops like nothing on Bruce S. Haven't tried it yet, as I want more of you bastards on for friendly runs. Still, I got the main part of the update over and done with - Maid outfits GET!
  10. Bad news, as well - for some bizarre reason, there will be no Gameplay update - because it's scheduled for 11/4. A month away until a fucking gameplay patch like it's some sort of special feature? fuck off! I'm going back to wasting enemies with Chikki and milk those rares, fucking spackers.
  11. Eh? All that's on PSO-World's front page is Bruce's Sexy Dungeon S. However, that's alright. That's ok. Because that means that YOU'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING RUN IT FOR GUDDA IGGAC BOARDS. And give them to me. all of them. Obviously. Hopefully, They will add the character balances as well in a stealth update. Also: Maid Costumes for the wimmenz. This means only one thing: everyone running a mission as french maids. either that, or a Benny Hill skit outside of the Moatoob GUARDIANS branch on universe 1 and confuse the resident plebs. HUGE FUCKING EDIT: WAIT, YOU CAN GET BRUCE'S CARD IN THE NEW MISSION? HOLY FUCKING SHIT, SEGA TEAM REDEEMED! EDIT 2: Although saying that, some of the rewards are total shit - Ank Butic is the biggest anti-climax since Gary Moody's return to PSU, and Mugunburgac loses out to the Gekitsnata on default stats except for Accuracy, while looking utter wank. Luckily, Iggac is actually comparable to the Igga, looks fantastic in gunmetal, and can be made into every element. And, y'know, Bruce Boyde's card.
  12. Tylor is rather good - The main good points about him: - His stats are seemingly higher than the usual NPC (He's classed as Fortefighter 1, compared to Leo and Tonnio's Hunter 1. He's also based 5 levels above the host player, I think Leo and/or Tonnio are only 3 levels or so above him) - Better equipment (main used weapon is a Blackheart, possibly Ice Armour?) - He actually uses both parts of his photon arts, something that even PMs can't do properly (I'm looking at you, Admiral). - He doesn't speak complete shit. Sometimes, he actually doesn't speak! - He has the Invincibility Badge. In other words, you don't have the usual Beast NPC problem where they nanoblast and die two seconds afterwards. Tylor is basically the best Melee NPC yet, at least until you get Ethan's card. I now have a lovely setup by using Richard as a Fortefighter, Tylor, and a GH452. Some good times to be had, including the 452 using Shifta and then watching several Golmoros fly across the room in a flurry of Rising Strike and Dus Majarra.
  13. I did it for the lolz. ...Allegedly. Oh, and I've finally trudged through the story campaign. just need to stamp on tylor's head one more time, and I'll have the fucker's card. Then I'll just wade through the latest mission, and *throw the fuck down* with LIGHT MASTER RUTSU. and just laugh at his Alterazgoug while providing a beatdown with Vishi Grudda.
  14. Well, even though a colony run will take about ten minutes (cuzitsezlol), I'd like to start early. six-ish, perhaps. Word of warning - Richard is now a Wartecher, mainly after being intrigued by a Wartecher guide over at PSO-World. It's got to be a better idea than that Beer + Curry Powder + Chilli Flakes concuction that I made last night. ....I shouldn't have reminded myself of that, actually. *feels queasy*
  15. I hope that when you say 'colony world tour', you mean 'Spam True Darkness S2 for rarz', Finally got Richard to level 15 Protranser, now he's back on Fighgunner. Mainly for Story Mode, as I want Tylor but I didn't realise that you have to complete ALL of Episode 2 beforehand for him to hand over his card, which I didn't realise when I went through the missions three times over. bitches. Oh, and THE ADMIRAL IS NO MORE - now have a force PM, mainly because it had 'support' on the EX Device tin. ...I'm going to make my Armour PM turn into THE ADMIRAL, instead. *flex*
  16. THIS WEEK ON PSU: Nothing. unless you count the removal of the Valentines Lobby (and Rappy Amures with it) and Three Star Luck given to PC/PS2 servers. So, instead, you will all recieve this. Enjoy, dear PSUers. Been logging on again from about thursday for a small burst of activity - Siri is now stuck in Voloyal so he can recieve chips easily, Richard's back on Protranser until he gets to 15, and Millia levelled NosDiga to 11. It's not that bad a tech, but I'm finding it rather situational - the targeting now ends up making the two plumes hit one enemy. not bad for big enemies of course, but when you're tech levelling against Badiras and the like, you find that you'll kill it in the first hit, and the second one hits the same monster anyway, making it a waste of that extra 10PP. Guess I'll use the weaker enemies as Gizonde fodder. put it on a Madoog and kill a group of about 10 million in fractions of a second. GOOD TIMES! Won't be on for any gatherings tonight, but I wouldn't mind a little trip around some place Sunday. Seeing as the world tours are polished up, maybe we can mix and match routes. Alternatively: bumflaps
  17. Can't say I have, although i've been keeping an eye on my backlog - load of balls! *throws toys out of pram* I'll be on PSU again, maybe even permanent on the Friday, knowing me - But I'd rather let you guys know that I'm shelving it for a week in case everyone goes 'LOL HAY WORLD TOUR' and then drops a Zagza board in my room that will never be used ;p I could do with a break from it all, really. hmm.. *looks at lastminute hotel deals to fit into his holiday time*
  18. ...I quit. I've had enough. No, you can't have my stuff. ...OK, not really. but it's come to a point where, to be frank, I'm getting rather bored. Even the latest run with Donk and Raff didn't have the usual funny chatter. didn't help that it was a sunday, but it was still all a bit... meh. Might be a case that I just don't feel I can progress any further without injecting obscene amounts of time. I'll be on during updates and full time when an event is out, but for now I shall be shelving it temporarily so I can concentrate on other stuff during the week. Must get MSN details, at least then I can make jokes about Laia without putting the disk in the tray.
  19. ...zomg, random Bil De Axe drop in my room I need more Morbinia though, and I'm sure as hell that I'm not paying the 100k a pop prices for it. I did, however, fork out for a De Colte Line. It's *very* good, even for a fighter - Don't be afraid of the 1 DFP, that actually translated to a difference of about 30 hp damage from Sendillian hits: With Orpa-Senba = 200 hp damage, With De Colte Line = 170-ish hp damage. In return, that DFP loss is converted into 20 Stamina, raising even Richard's STA to 32. The only time I died during a linear line run was from switching back to Orpa-Senba to test it out, and then got killed from the first Megid that hit him. The main issue would be that you would need more healing than normal, as that DFP does mount up when you're being hit by repeated attacks, get swarmed by mobs or just plain caught up in a 'Dam' Tech. Not tried the set bonus yet, should be hilarious toting six C-rank rifles.
  20. need a Spicia A > B Converter. Burning Spicia, changed up into 99 Spicia. and another 1 placed in your common box. Or in Yokus Melton's pretty mouth. ...IYKWIM.
  21. Yeah, just went through it on C - No Spicia, No Blackheart and no Tylor Card. first two because it was on C, and the last because I probably cocked up one question. bawwwwwww. Anyway, I won't be on for tonight's world tour, I'm out at 7. bumflaps.
  22. wait, they're to be found in the Episode 3 mission? No fucking wonder I couldn't find any - I was running Episode 2's second mission, funnily enough in Moatoob as well. That mission seems to hand out more Burning Spicia and Grilled Hot Dogs. best start on the NU SROTY MISZON5.
  23. Same way as getting to True Darkness - run through the entire HIVE mission line (Clyez, Fourth Floor, Flyer bay or whatever it is) to get to the Dallgun Viewing Plaza. from there, simply turn back and head through the door you came in from. In other news: COLLECTING SPICIA TAKES THE PISS. I swear, I'm having a harder time harvesting it than I do with Catilium. Can anyone recall if it drops from the rocks as well as the Containers? if it's just the containers, at least it narrows the hunt down. Can't I just pay Yokus for the frying pan with sexual favours? ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  24. *moatoob floats across the room* Laia Martinez: MURRH! Everyone else: *points and laughs* By the way, I'll take any Omega Acids going - I've decided that I'll start raising my Tech PM, kickstarting it with Techrolls. No Balance update this week, although the Story Mission and Rykross (official spelling) is now up. Rykross is alright, at least the C-Rank missions drop ready-made vish whips and ready-made Lumars (5* GRM Bow) drops from lowly galdeens. EDIT: actually, fuck the Omega Acids, I'll take any Spicia going - I thought three are needed for Frying Pans, turns out you need 5. need to build my truffle collection for Bio Panic as well, SO want a De Colte Line. De Colte + Grinded Sniper + new rifle bullet balances at default = LOL I'VE WON PSU! EDIT 2: Looks like Sega Team are going to take the piss with the Dengeki Cup - If you make an incorrect picture in the drawing mission, you'll get warped into a massive room filled with Polty, Kakwanes and Lapucha. With double HP. and horrible music. BEST/WORST ROOM EVER! *fucks up drawings on purpose, then leaves party*
  25. I don't see why they should be nerfed, to be honest - Melee users have the luxury of not spamming the X button and watching the same firing animation over and over, and as much as people whine about Chikki we still have a range of Brutal Photon Arts (sup Majarra?), So I personally consider interchangable, obscenely high elements to be a forgivable substitute. In fact, I was surprised that Rifles didn't get 50% element bullets instead of knockdown. After all, Rifles should be a bread and butter of a gunner instead of how it was before the update (read: killer-shot-me-do). Tomorrow sounds good, A wave of tiredness just came over me for some reason, so I have no idea if I'll be on tonight - Shame, I do want to level Siri up some more during Tokky and his missus' adventures on Moatoob, with added chat about longcat and Wheelbeds.
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